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  1. Narvaez, and I don't think it's particularly close.
  2. Don't like that at all. Smells of a panic move to me. Hold tight. deGrom is a top 3 SP and Votto is a shell of his former self. Thoughts on mine?
  3. Pretty solid team. My only criticisms are that I'm not a Buxton fan at all and Miggy could definitely use an upgrade at 1B. What do you think?
  4. I lean toward doing the deal. Turner will inevitably spend a ton of time on the IL. I like Bauers, but he may get squeezed for PT or sent down for a while since they brought CarGo up. German is decent, but I always think you can find starters on the wire. You might be able to ask for a slightly better toss-in than Mullins in return. Good Luck.
  5. Standard 5x5 Roto Categories. You go with the solid veteran or the hot, young stud?
  6. This man has breakout written all over him. So glad I bought in early!
  7. Can't answer this question without knowing your stolen base situation. Ramirez and Meadows will steal about 45 bases this year, while Davis and Rendon will steal 5-8. If you're set for SBs elsewhere and need mostly power, then I'd side with Davis & Rendon.
  8. I don't think I'd do that. I like Chapman and Story is gold in Coors, but Rendon is my favorite out of that bunch. He is a legitimate top 3 MVP candidate this season. Throw in Mondesi's SBs, and I'd stay put.
  9. Steamer has him projected for 15 HR, 61 RBI, 70 Runs, 3 SBs and .284 average. I realize Steamer is conservative, but still, that's not exciting in the least.
  10. I'd suggest that "incredibly valuable" is overstating it. It depends on format. I'm in a 10 team, Mixed League, standard 5x5 Roto leaguewith only 4 OFs. 15 HRs and .300 avg is barely rosterable in that format.
  11. His entire minor league and professional track record shows a lack of power. He is a very good contact hitter who will hit for average. Very helpful in real life, but in Roto Fantasy Baseball? Mediocre.
  12. I've really never bought into the hype train on Winker. He's the classic guy who is a much better real life baseball player than a fantasy player. He won't hit for power. He won't get SBs. His upside is good batting average and possibly runs if he bats at the top of the lineup. That's it. What that amounts to for fantasy purposes is a back end filler bat who will help in average and is useful if you get him CHEAP.
  13. I've never really bought into the Winker hype. Doesn't have much power and doesn't get SBs. Seems upside is good avg and runs. Someone convince me otherwise?
  14. Maybe $38 to $49. It's very rare to have a guy of his caliber become available on the wire. Be aggressive.