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  1. Our ESPN league's waivers finally just went through. Hopefully it's back to overnight once the season starts.
  2. Haha you are allowed. I really thought ESPN would have some of the more glaring UI issues fixed by now (why are SP and RP filters listed twice for each?), but there's still a few days left! Ugh.
  3. Yeah, same problem here. Most of the DTD and IL labels are not working, either, as far as I can tell.
  4. I believe it was formally announced after the injury that he wouldn’t be in the rotation to start the year. However, I firmly believe the Astros prefer Peacock in the pen and James will move in to the rotation when he’s healthy and stretched out.
  5. Haha I love your confidence. I'm no Red Sox fan by any means, so I have no dog in the fight, but it's just surprising to see a championship-caliber team have so much uncertainty in this role. With under two weeks until Opening Day it's between a guy who's had an infected toe for all of Spring Training and a guy serving up more meatballs than Olive Garden.
  6. Still blows my mind that the Red Sox are going in to the season with these two jokers as their closing options.
  7. Is Bryon his twin brother who can actually hit?
  8. ^^^ Villar: Clevinger: Aguilar: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  9. Got him in round 8 of my supplemental contract league draft. I'm positive he would have gone rounds earlier without the injury, so the opportunity cost here is amazing. He's set for a Grapefruit League appearance on Saturday and I think he'll still make a lot of starts this season.
  10. I don't see why he's not primary 1B. I believe earlier in the thread a quote was posted from Roberts saying he'd be getting looks at 2B, as well. There's no logical reason for him to be in a heavy platoon of any kind. Of course the Dodgers tinker, but I don't think there's huge cause for concern here.
  11. Nelson has only thrown one inning this spring, so that stat doesn't matter. I'm not an apologist for the guy at all and labrum injuries are no joke, but as a free end-game gamble I think he's worth a look in deep leagues.
  12. Haha we should pin this since it will be asked about 10,000 times over the next few weeks. Most teams do not place players on the IL until right before the first game.
  13. Looks like ESPN made some updates overnight that have messed up the %ROST figures. And why do they list WHIP before ERA in the player detail cards? Who does that?
  14. Gotta have the juice to throw those knucklers...