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  1. That’s what the Yankees did after they activated Urshela. Tomorrow will tell the tale.
  2. Anyone who gets Soto at 21 is winning their league.
  3. I’ll take it since I was stupid enough to put him in my lineup in a weekly with a 2nd place bye on the line for next week. 🍻
  4. Starting at DH tonight against Buchholz. Less go!
  5. 100% correct. I remember reading quotes from him along the lines that he didn’t think he deserved to be sent down this last time. Maybe there is something brewing behind the scenes. He has nothing left to prove at AAA and at this point I wonder why they called him back up at all.
  6. No way I'd trust him in the playoffs no matter the role. He's the master of the second inning exit.
  7. Out today, as well. Guess he was spotted one 0-fer before permanent benching.
  8. OMG there's 17 pages of this exact comment. We get it. He's been great since the ASB and had a badly timed poor start last night. Hopefully he rebounds for those whose playoffs begin next week.
  9. Not drastic at all. They have a 30 HR threat that can hit .270 and they’re choosing to bench him. F’em!
  10. All this dude does is hit and the Mets have sat him two of the last three. WTF.
  11. Yarbrough crumbles and misses a QS.
  12. Eaton’s muscles are constructed of papier-mâché. Come on, man.
  13. In at 1B today, batting 6th. Wondering if he’s worth a shot in weeklies.