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  1. Yonny with a QS @NYY. Liking this dude.
  2. Yeah, I don't understand the logic of watching an underrated ace languish on the IL for two months only to have him return and be scared of a depleted Rangers lineup. To each their own, I guess.
  3. Starting and not even thinking twice about it. Pitching is a dumpster fire this year and there's nowhere to go but up for most. Welcome back, Clev!
  4. Go Clev. Go Yonny (yup, I'm riding the lightning).
  5. Not sure about other platforms, but Yandy Diaz is only owned in 37.8% (!) of ESPN leagues. He's been on a multi-hit heater for over a week now.
  6. Nearly had two HRs yesterday. Not worried at all.
  7. With the ASB coming up the Phillies might want to seriously consider a trip to the Inept List to try and get him straightened out in the hopes of a second half bounce back. He’s the Jose Ramirez of pitchers this year in that a drop off this steep is simply inexplicable. Also, I thought that article above about ace form was from The Onion.
  8. As a Voit owner I'm concerned until there's reason not to be. Stanton and Judge are both coming back from soft tissue injuries and I wouldn't be surprised if both are in the DH mix to start. The question is how much 1B Encarnacion plays.
  9. He's definitely entered "let him be someone else's problem" territory. His margin for error is very slim without an overpowering out pitch and he's getting straight demolished right now. Pair that with the Pirates being an incomprehensible mess and I don't see where all the improvement is going to come from.
  10. Ho hum, two more HRs last night, making for 15 on the year in 45 games in the minors. The Brewers sure look like geniuses here.
  11. On my team: Musgrove and Nola is getting really close.
  12. Paxton ruining everyone’s week. No evidence whatsoever to back this up, but my gut says he’s headed back to the IL for some reason.
  13. So he is starting against Cincy? ESPN has him starting against CIN 6/12, @DET 6/14, and @TEX 6/17.
  14. Multi-hit games in three of his last five. Looks to be heating back up if he's on your wire (based on the fact he's owned in an absurdly low 33% of ESPN leagues, I'm guessing he is.).
  15. Perhaps the Phillies could not put Nola out for the seventh when he’s had a nice start. The number of inherited runners that have helped crush his ERA is amazing.
  17. Out of the lineup 2 of the last 3. Not good.
  18. Nola, Paxton, Fried, and a suddenly very hittable Felipe Vazquez for me. I feel the pain.
  19. No one expected an ERA in the 2's again, but a 4.63 ERA, 1.53 (!!) WHIP, and 31 BB in 70 IP? That's a cliff-dive and well beyond normal regression.
  20. He's played nearly every game recently and played very well, so I'm not quite as bearish. Bellinger had last night off, too. Turner is always an injury waiting to happen, so we'll see how it goes this week.
  21. My brain cannot comprehend that this guy is un-startable. I find it just as perplexing as JoRam, honestly.
  22. I believe it was stated earlier that Aguilar doesn't have any options left. He's just a blob on the bench at this point. I don't know what Shaw's leash will be, but based on this move I'm guessing it's longer than anyone here would be expecting.