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  1. James, you answering emails? Anyone else if James doesn't want in?
  2. Are you interested in joining a $50 roto league. Its a 12 team League on ESPN named Rotisserie Addicts Here are the settings: Draft is TONIGHT @ 9:30pm ET, and just need one more person to join and pay email me, Let me know which league you would like to join as I have a few up on the message boards If you are interested in any other leagues, please visit
  3. Looking for managers to join my ESPN fantasy hockey league. The draft is Monday night at 8:30 PM eastern time. The league is head to head with a $20 buy in. Email me at if interested. Thanks 

  4. The Puck Hogs Local 242 is entering its 18th year! Last year we had 11 divisions, good for 165 teams total, and we're back for our biggest season ever! We have members from the US, Canada, France, Australia, Russia, and many other places. $100 to get in, huge prizes (More than 5K for the winner, yep, you read that right!) but mostly, mostly, a tremendous amount of fun! Each division has a full universe of NHL players so you won't need to fight over 4th liners. Everybody's welcome, whether you are a newbie or a spreadsheet monkey memorizing QMJHL scouting reports. Our motto is "commitment to stupidity more impressive than your fantasy skills". Winning it all won't be that easy though, and to me it's just the perfect combination of fun and competition. We have a ton of fun on our message board (clever trash-talk, insightful commentary on NHL ice girls, etc) and some of us get together for a somewhat annual event: Puckapalooza (past locations: Hartford, Seattle, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Toronto, Los Angeles and the Pond Hockey Tournament in Colorado). We also have cool trophies and awards including The Bucket, awarded annually to our league champion, that travels from country to country. Some vets in the league are after this since more than a decade. Note of importance, I won it my first year in the league, 8 years ago! Our beloved commish actually worked on Bucket 2.0, and there's even a mini trophy for every winner to keep now! A few links to help you get a better idea of what it's all about: The boards: Website: Rules and Payouts: Rule overview: One Year League, Regular Season Points Total, Playoffs H2H Points, 165 teams (maybe more), 11 divisions (maybe more), 15 teams in each division (individual drafts) Rosters: 4 Forwards 4 Dmen 2 Utilities 2 Goalies 5 Bench Scoring: (G, A, +/- , PIM, PPG, SHG, SHA, GWG, HAT, SOG, HITS, BLKS, and for goalies WIN, GA, SV, SO, OTL) If you have any questions, emailing me is best, I'll be very happy to answer them,but you can also just post here or pm me. Please note hockey in your email since I am trying to fill some football super leagues as well right now. We have 17 years of demonstrated prize payout legitimacy and use LeagueSafe for added transparency. We accept PayPal, Venmo, e-bank transfer as needed. WE HAVE ZERO RAKE – commish makes nothing for running this great league. See details here Hoping to see you around this year! · New Puck Hog FAQ: · Facebook page: · Twitter: