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  1. good thing no one plays Week 17 fantasy
  2. Crappy part is that even despite his underwhelming year, next year he will probably be a buy low we will all be targeting. So see you here next year lol.
  3. Another RB20 week to cap off his miserable season. So he finished as an RB1 twice in 16 games this season, lol.
  4. Still upset I played Michel/DJ over Mixon in quarter finals to lose by 10 then watch my team score most points in league next two weeks
  5. Obviously, but him getting all his points on one drive is a red flag to his sustained production. As I stated, that is exactly what happened in his previous 3 games and he turned in mediocre scores of 6.1, 7.2, and 7.9.
  6. Standard points by drive excluding opening drive: INT (-.1 pts) PUNT (.6 pts) FUMBLE (.2 pts) PUNT (0 pts) PUNT (.4 pts) INT (0 pts) PUNT (1 pt) PUNT (1.3 pts) PUNT (0 pts) PUNT (.6 pts) Those were the 10 drives after the opening drive (which was basically where DJ got all his points). After that 10th drive, the starters got benched for most of the 4th quarter (the likely outcome again vs Rams tbh). On those 10 drives, the team accumulated 79 yards of total offense and crossed midfield once (which was on a personal foul and they promptly turned it over on the next play). The matchup vs Atlanta was suppose to be "the nuts." Obviously you said you do not have too many options which is what it basically comes down to. I think he should be on the bench for most teams this week unless you are literally deciding between DJ and timeshare RBs on bad teams or WRs projected to get like 5 targets. Like always, you are pretty much hoping on the 1 or 2 decent drives the Cardinals put together that cross midfield, it is all DJ or he is the one who falls into the end zone. I mean his standard scoring before this week was 6.1, 7.2, and 7.9.
  7. Yea and his ADP. A lot of people will be sour over this year so as crappy as it was this year owning him, next year would be the year to target him you would think.
  8. Yep. Roasted him on multiple occasions. Got tackled by White, got a PI called, and still caught the ball. Saftey (I think thats what this Wallace guy was) also intercepted a pass and KG ripped it out of his arms for another long catch.
  9. Coulda used that performance last week when my team was still in it but I am glad he was able to pop off for my fellow KG owners still in it.
  10. Well he scored 13 pts on the first drive then 4 pts for the rest of the game. I guess at this point of the season you just want results, and at the end of the day he got 17 pts in 1/2 ppr. It seems like the Cardinals have one good drive for every 30 bad drives. We shall see what he has in store next week for anyone still standing that owns him.
  11. Complained about DJ all year then started him over Kittle and Mixon respectively and lost both leagues by the difference. I suck . Of course, I had my Ridley & Robinson for Keenan Allen trade vetoed right before Allen blew up (during bye where he complained about not getting the ball) and sure enough it cost me a bye and then lose in 1st round during bye week. Worse than that, my own friend vetoed the trade with explanation "I wanted to be an a** and thought it was funny," lol. To add insult to misery, the guy I traded with had to play Allen and Sheperd on Thanksgiving week (over Ridley/Robinson he didn't get) and the difference cost him a win as well and he missed the playoffs by a game. Now we are both out, and the 4 people that vetoed it are the 4 teams left standing , too bad.
  12. I mean the spot couldn't be any better, but he has failed in juicy spots before. You will only have yourself to blame if you check in after the game and see him 8.5 pts. Of course he is still a starting RB that gets 20+ touches. Arizona could easily end up inside the 10 on a long pass, PI, turnover, long run (lol), etc and he could score a touchdown or two and you walk away pleased.
  13. I was being sarcastic. I spoke to how strong the Lions run D has been since they acquired Harrison and how he would probably suck again. Of course there were still DJ apologists saying “gonna have a monster game, Lions d sucks, they quit!” Unsurprisingly result. Don’t worry we still have 2 more weeks for DJ to drop a 20 rushes for 55 yards and 2 TDs so people can come back here and say “I told you so, RB1, stop complaining!”
  14. Another monster performance by DJ vs the terrible Lions run defense. Chunk play after chunk play. Can’t wait to fire him up next, that’s the sound of my playoffs circling the drain. Chubb and CMC did all they could but sometimes you need your former RB1, now flex play to show up and have a good game when you are playing good teams in the playoffs. I wish everyone good luck the next few weeks, I am sure DJ’s monster game is just around the corner. *8 catches for 12 yards lmao. At least now I understand why they never check it down to him; it’s the equivalent of throwing it away in this dumpsterfire offense.
  15. Live in Michigan so do not have a choice. I do get to watch DJ run into brick walls tho.