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  1. I am assuming you start 2 RBs? Sanders/Golladay/Howard vs Gordon/Tate (or Sanders)/Henry I am guessing. I would probably do it unless you have faith in Melvin.
  2. I definitely would not just take the L. Id drop AB for a QB (Flacco if those are your only two options). Put Sutton in for Moore. I assume all the questionables will play and would sit tight unless one of them gets ruled out.
  3. I woulda been okay if he had the same production he had in like every other game this year but of course he drops the ball vs Washington when byes/injuries come up and people actually need him. Oh well, not sure I will hold through waivers this week.
  4. Didn't watch but based off the blurb I guess he was doubled all game. Hopefully this offense can get back into the swing of things and allow for some better games I suppose.
  5. Gets Giants next week and hopefully Kirk back soon. Hopefully we can keep the good times rolling.
  6. To be fair, I play in half PPR and since Brees has gotten hurt, he has finished RB41, RB26, RB18, and RB22 in 4 of the 5 weeks. While he certainly is not unplayable, he is a far cry from the RB2 I drafted him to be. Brees cannot get back soon enough.
  7. Unless you are just loaded with options, I think it is pretty obvious what you do. If DJ is active, you play him. If he happens to get hurt again on the first drive and finishes with 0 pts then so be it.
  8. Might have to finally fire this guy up this week. Obviously the matchup cannot get any better. Wilson missing would help, but I think Williams should be a decent play for people with byes and injuries this week.
  9. Why is this thread hidden in the assistant coach forum? How are we suppose to be have any sort of meaningful conversation here? There has been like 5 posts in the past week lol. Anyways, I do not much about IDP, but do you guys take weigh matchups on a weekly basis when playing IDP? If I see a team that "has given up 4th most fantasy points to LB this season" does that carry more weight than a talented linebacker? For example I read Shaq Thompson is a good play this matchup vs the Jags (who have given up the 4th most pts to LBs). Would he be a better play than people Schobert and Vander Esch?
  10. 8 catches on 11 targets for 99 yards 11 rushes for 40 yards About 18 pts in 1/2 PPR As usual his rushing yards leave a lot to be desired, but the targets and volume seem to make it irrelevant. The lack of rushing yards will probably prevent him from being in the very top Tier of RBs, but it seems like he should more or less or return value. If the Cardinals stop being so terrible, it will only be a bonus.
  11. Pretty ugly again but still finished as QB12 this week in my league 🤐
  12. Yeah I mean his snap percentage of those plays listed above are 86%, 60%, and 87%. For DJ that specifically breaks down to: Week 1: 76 plays Week 2: 34 plays Week 3: 65 plays So yea imo I think Week 2 will be the outlier.
  13. Like others have said, I would definitely not regret sending the offer, but I doubt he accepts. It would leave him with Kerryon and like 4 or 5 mediocre backups RBs as his other backs. Singletary/Brown for Mack would probably be more realistic. You could also try JuJu for Mack/Gordon or something. I don't think you guys are really a good match tbh. With Barkley hurt, he has pretty much no RB depth. You might be better off looking at a team with more quality RBs to spare.