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  1. Do I pick up any of these RP? **WHIR**

    Thanks for the help with mine. I agree with the post above. Any/all of hicks, Martinez and Yates would be upgrades over Hildenberger, Peralta and Dominguez.
  2. M. Minor: @Angels, @SD J. Barria: vs Rangers, vs Seattle H. Velasquez: vs Toronto, vs Mets Rank them 1, 2, 3. Leave a link and WHIR!
  3. Who do you prefer ROS? Leave a link and WHIR
  4. I could drop any of Peraza, Hicks or Zimmerman. Position eligibility not an issue.
  5. I would drop Sano and Bader for Kopech and Eloy. If you get to the playoffs and Eloy still isn’t up you can drop him for a hot bat in the OF.
  6. You’re getting the better pitcher and the better hitter. Go for it.
  7. Looks like a solid buy-low to me.
  8. Which SP ? WHIR

    I like Flaherty then Buehler then Rodon. If you are concerned about a potential innings limit, go with Rodon.
  9. Three hot bats. Which one do you prefer ROS? Leave a link and WHIR
  10. Who do you prefer rest of season?
  11. THANks for the help with mine. I would trade Rizzo or Abreu with a slight preference to move Abreu given that dumpster fire team could shut him down for any number of reasons. Much weaker supporting cast too
  12. Trade away Paxton ?! Whir

    I’m not against moving him, but don’t love that package. You your hitting has decent depth so try getting 2 good starters rather than one and two bats ( and who knows if Duffy qualifies as a “good” starter anymore).
  13. TRADE Help WHIR

    Go for the win this year. You will be okay next year with you other keepers.
  14. Freeman or Blackmon

    Go for it! Great deal for you.