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  1. Bryant/Albies for Machado WHIR

    Thanks for the help with mine. I would stick with what you have. Bryant has struggled so far this year but still projects better than Machado. I value Albies over Hernandez. Escobar is useful and I doubt you will get credit for Sano’s A ball stats. Don’t do it.
  2. Thanks for the help with mine. I actually like Freeman slightly more than Ramirez and Story slightly more than Segura, but Ramirez playing 2nd makes a big difference. Stick with what you have.
  3. Avg, Ops, R, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, Steals, Total bases 12 team league, H2H redraft Who do you prefer? Leave a link and WHIR
  4. I would trade either of those guys for Teoscar. I would rather trade Nunez provided you don’t need his position eligibility. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/704050-which-streamer-today-tropeano-vs-estrada/
  5. Pick up Inciarte? **WHIR**

    I would stand pat. Vlad could be a game-changer when he comes up and both Cespedes and Andrea will be back relatively soon.
  6. I like Pivetta here and it’s not really close.
  7. Rank them 1-2-3 and leave a link!
  8. Norris Vizcaino Middleton Leave a link and WHIR
  9. Thanks for the help with mine. Lopez is risky with his walks - but I have been saying that all year so who knows at this point. The Giants offense isn’t that bad, but I like Pivetta to bounce back as I’m a believer in his skills. Ultimately, Pivetta for sure and then maybe Lopez depending on how your week is going and if you need to chance it.
  10. Cano for Bauer? WHIR

    If you believe in the Bauer break out make he deal. Lemahieu has been great so no loss in hitting there
  11. I’ll answer you anyways, but I think you are mixing up your Luis Castillos...
  12. bump this up. Anyone? WHIR
  13. So after drafting Murphy and Turner for my 2 DL spots in a 10 team league, I’ve been hit with a few injuries I’ve also lost Beltre and Buxron to injury as well. I have currently been running with Candelario at third with Beltre on my bench and Turner on my DL. Eugenio Suarez is available and I would like to add him over Beltre (since right now I have no bench bats). is this a short-sighted decision? The other options are to drop Candelario instead and wait for Beltre to heal or to just stick with what I have. so...do I drop Beltre? WHIR