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  1. Minshew. besides the AZ game, Allen hasn't put up any #'s. Minshew has been solid every week
  2. If you can get Adams instead then YES. But if its Green, I think I'd rather hold onto Godwin-Bell.
  3. I think I'd rather hold onto Chark. I like Fuller but prefer Chark. And I'm not high on Diggs
  4. I would do it. I expect Saquon back next week and I don't like Connor. Getting T.Hill back soon will help losing Thielen
  5. DJac. he's out this week again and who knows how long after.
  6. the only thing to consider is the WRs. I like Fitz-Ridley head to head vs each other's poor defenses, and I don't love Chark's matchup, but I still would put Chark in for one of them. I'd go with Chark & Ridley.
  7. Which Defense would you start this week? Chargers vs Steelers Cowboys at Jets Thanks, leave your link
  8. Def take the deal. You have Kittle and no need for Olsen. Plus he's old, injury-prone, and on bye next week. Getting anything for him is good, getting a RB on a good team committed to running like SF is an excellent deal.
  9. Gurley, Ekeler, Gordon. C.Thompson will be a decent fallback if Gurley ends up sitting out
  10. Yes. Drop either Tate or Mike Williams. You have good enough WR ahead of them so its worth handcuffing DJ.
  11. Def Golladay. Pretty close between the other two & I like both their matchups. I'd go McLuarin with Keenum back at the helm.
  12. Witten. Wouldn't risk waiting for Hockenson on Monday Night