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  1. I definitely like Winker the best of those 3. Choo would be my 2nd choice
  2. Head to Head Points League. Which 2 would you start for week 1: Jake Arrieta, Julio Teheran, Rick Porcello? Extended opening week so each guy is expected to make 2 starts. Scoring is pretty standard with Wins getting a nice boost. Thanks
  3. I'm in a Playoff Fantasy league, cumulative scoring through the Super Bowl. Half Point PPR. Heavy QB Scoring: 1 pt per 10 yds. 6 per TD for everyone. You have to pick 1 player from each team and must fill a full lineup for the Wild Card Round. QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-TE-K-D. So the key is predict which teams are going to win so you have a strong lineup as the NFL playoffs proceed. With heavy QB scoring you need to have your QB on a team in the Super Bowl. At the same time, there are a lot people playing so you also need to win early rounds otherwise you get blocked by people with the same lineup. Anyway... just curious who would you go with? Or what strategy would you use? For example, pair Zeke & C.Carson to have 1 RB advance to pair with Gurley next week, etc.
  4. J.Williams, Sony, and CJA if no Gurley. If Gurley plays then go with McGuire.
  5. Cousins. Would have gone Winston until I read that Tampa might take a look at backup QB Ryan Griffin
  6. Standard Scoring. In a week 17 free-for-all game where highest score takes some money. Which RB & WR would you start? C.Carson vs Arizona D.Henry vs Indianapolis Julio at Tampa T.Y. at Tennessee Thanks, leave your link
  7. Vance. much more upside
  8. I'd ride or die with Rivers
  9. I'd stick with David Johnson. I don't trust the Packers to use Williams. Anderson is intriguing, boom or bust. I'd feel better with DJ in there