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  1. Jahmai Jones- OF Angels
  2. Jordon "Jo" Adell - OF LAA

    Couldn't find a thread on him, but he comes in ranked 55 by Keith Law. Law specifically referenced plus speed and 80-grade raw power. He obviously has a ways to go, but with this kind of upside, I'm surprised no one has mentioned him here (possibly because they are trying to keep him a secret? If so, sorry). I also read one article that was written pre-draft comparing him to Melvin Upton (when he was good). What do people think?
  3. Demarcus Robinson 2017 Season Outlook

    Same, except I'm going back and forth between Robinson, Samuel, and Grant. Right now, my waiver claim order is: 1. Robinson first (opportunity - snap counts) 2. Samuel (upside) 3. Grant (High Floor)
  4. Matt Breida 2017 Season Outlook

    So the trade deadline has come and gone. Hyde is still on the team, but at the same time, Garcon is out for the year. How do people view Breida going forward?
  5. Week 6 - Waiver Wire Touts

    His O-line is looking stronger than in years past.
  6. My Corey Davis for His Jerrick McKinnon? WHIR

    I agree with you but right now, I’m trying to win the championship this season, so keepers aren’t necessarily a top priority. And who knows, if McKinnon beasts out, maybe some team will be willing to trade for him to be play an integral role in their offense. Anyways, the point is if I win it all this year, I’m fine not having great keepers next year. Question is: can McKinnon help get me there or could Corey? Or could Cotey net me something better after he plays? Lot of risk on both sides for sure (maybe Corey isn’t a stud).
  7. WSIS: Ingram or Abdullah...WHIR

    Agree with all the above posters: Ingram
  8. Hate to tie things up, but I'd go with Kamara. I love McKinnon, but Payton has a history with a player like Kamara. Harder to predict how McKinnon will be used with only one week to look at. Mine please?
  9. Is this trade fair? WHIR

    Yeah, I don't really see how this helps you. Your RBs are solid and if you own both Montgomery and Jones, you'll never know which one to start. Just doesn't seem like a necessary move on your part. Help with mine: ?
  10. FLEX Options? WHIR

    I'd also go Martin. Help with mine (below)?
  11. Should I drop anybody for Breida? WHIR

    If your league isn't ppr, Ellington's hard to trust. Help with mine: ?
  12. Pick 2 RB's

    Martin and Murray for sure.
  13. My Corey Davis for His Jerrick McKinnon? WHIR

    I'm taking one last stab at this since the deal is still on the table. I know everyone so far has said not to do this deal and if I'm being honest, I'm not in love with it (as I may be able to use Corey in a trade when more people start selling for keepers), but I'm still tempted as I've had a thing for McKinnon over the last few years and would hate to miss out if he is actually about to break out. Anyone disagree with the previous posters or is it pretty much a consensus that I should stand pat? Again, WHIR 100%
  14. My Corey Davis for His Jerrick McKinnon? WHIR

    I'm a dummy. I have Kareem. Thanks for pointing that out.
  15. My Corey Davis for His Jerrick McKinnon? WHIR

    One more bump, so I can make a decision before the end of today. Anyone?