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  1. Had to dig deep to find this thread, but Jim Bowden just brought this guy up in article titled "11 minor leaguers who are ready to help their big-league teams now". It costs money to read, but you can go to his fangraphs page to see why he is talking about him. Brings a little bit of speed, power, and has a solid BB% and K%. This is the first time I've heard of this guy, so I'm curious what other people think, particularly those who had him on their radar way back when.
  2. Went 2/4 last night with a RBI and a stolen base. Is there a scenario where he could find his way into the lineup on a daily basis even when Bruce comes back. I've been eyeing him for years and I'm wondering if now might be the time to pounce.
  3. Called up with Dee Gordon going to the DL. 10 HR/24 SB with a .302 BA in AAA. Also has a 8.7 BB% and only a 16.9 K%, which is in line with what he did his entire MiLB career. Lastly, his Sprint Speed is above 6, which would put him in the top ten in the Show. Fangraphs just put this out today, but does anyone else have information on him?
  4. It's a goat, which is also the acronym for Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.).
  5. Just noticed he’s on my wire, so I looked at his fangraphs page. Love the K/9, K%, and SwStrk%, but since June 1st, he’s had a 47% FB % and a 50 % Hard % (the full season numbers aren’t much better either). And for the season, he has a .298 BABIP. Doesn’t give me hope that there’s any positive regression coming soon.
  6. Just looked st his numbers over the last month and I’m intrigued. 15.9% BB%, 19% K%, .288 ISO, 4 HR, 3 SB (0 CS). Hitting .250, but also has a .250 BABIP over that time. Still hitting a ton of ground balls, but he is hitting the ball hard and runs fast, so that should allow him to turn more of those GBs into hits. He’s also hitting a lot of fly balls (only a 7% LD%). Anyone else feel like he might be turning a corner?
  7. There isn’t much out there, but one beat writer on Twitter said it was supposed to be Naylor originally, but there was a miscommunication. If that’s true, I don’t think anyone is gonna talk about it since there’s no injury or trade.
  8. Yeah, I’m not worried yet. Just pointing out where his numbers differ from before he got hurt. Still hitting the ball hard. Still hitting an excellent percentage of line drives and fly balls. And he is also walking over 10% of the time. Just needs to get his K% and SwStrk % down.
  9. Since his return (about 10 days ago), his LD/GB/FB numbers and Hard% have been fantastic, but it’s come with a 30% K% and 14% SwStrk %, which is cause for concern if it holds. Again, small sample size, so not enough to draw anything conclusive, but before getting hurt, his K% was below 20 and his SwStrk% was below 10, which put him in elite territory when combined with all the batted ball and statcast data. Just gotta hope he can get back to those numbers or else he isn’t as special as he seemed prior to the injury.
  10. He’s on waivers until Thursday in espn.
  11. I took a chance a started him last night. Really liked what I saw. The question is is what is his fate with Smith on his way back. The ESPN blurb suggests he might be the one to get sent back down, but I have no reason to trust that. Any Marlins fan have a better read on the situation?
  12. Maybe they are just trying to showcase Renfroe in order to move him sooner rather than later? Trying to find an optimistic viewpoint.