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  1. Zaza left the game with a shoulder injury and doubtful Fri night. Anything to see here? Any chance he holds the starting gig?
  2. With the TE position a total wasteland for some of us, we're forced to look ahead at some potential stashes who could help at the position. He should be coming off IR and activated in 2 weeks. He's a big target at 6'6 in a now dynamic offense but will be be sharing snaps with grifffin? Look in to your crystal ball and what do you see?
  3. Waiver Wire Pickups Week 1

    Dillon Brooks.. Anything to see here? Impressive debut
  4. Adam Humphries 2017 Outlook

    He held Hopkins under 70 yds without a score..
  5. So 1 more game and he gets the INJ tag?
  6. Add Portis?

    I'd make that switch. Plumlee is going to play backup C behind Jokic so I don't think you'll miss plums
  7. The cave got a small trade exception by making the deal. Sometimes they are valuable chips as it allows the team to acquire a player via trade and not have to match salaries as the salaries can be off by the exception amount +100k.
  8. Can't agree more. Ainge is that guy in your league that when asked about his Avery Bradley asks for your KAT in return. Funny thing is he actually found a GM that obliged in Billy King *cringe*. He probably leaked a story to the media about a bad workout to get Sanders on the cheap.
  9. Easily Willy. Uncertainty in Dallas when D will and barea eventally get back. Kills me the Nets were the ones that gave yogi an extended look and cut him loose. Could have used him in the worst way.
  10. Agree with above. I drafted turner and likeep his production but he'said not a big rebounder yet. I wouldn't trade him for klay because once the fantasy playoffs come in, GS will be resting guys so on the flip side I'd be OK with it
  11. That didn't take long...back to being Iman slumpert
  12. I'm saying I'm contemplating dropping him for another hot FA with higher upside. I can't disagree he's good for steals and a 3 or 2 but I wouldn't expect this ride to continue as he's not going to shoot this well. I said he's not as good a shooter as JR and shump is shump. I don't think he's all of a sudden going to be a top 50 player so temper expectations. Add in the fact Korver is being incorporated in to the offense and CLE is looking to deal so his role remains in question.
  13. I know he's been great lately but I would temper my expectations. JR is a much better shooter than Shump. On this team he's going to get open looks and now he's hitting them but if he reverts to old shump you just got a guy who's not getting yout much more than steals. For the record, I have shump but considering dropping him for a hot FA
  14. I'm a nets fan and I like Levert long term(not over middleton) but for this season i'd go with Middleton if I had the choice. He was a beast last year
  15. Which side wins? Whir

    Depends what you're picking up with the 3rd spot. I wouldn't rush to make a deal before hearing what's up with favors.