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  1. Ivan Rabb 2019 Season Outlook

    Hold up on the celebrations..Jonas coming back
  2. Reports that Saric could be had in a trade too. You guys still holding if he's weakest player on squad and a hot FA pops up on the wire Bec of a trade?
  3. The east is wide open.. I don't think any of the big 4 out east is as locked in as you think. 3 of those teams outside of philly don't really have anchors down low and you can make the case that Brooklyn with AD would be a legit contender out east. BK has room for a max player In the off season too so they can add to the nucleus and then be legit title contenders.
  4. Brooklyn has the young pieces to make a deal too. A deal centered around D'Angelo, Kurucs and a 1st with Jared Dudley's contract thrown in would work. DLo can slide in next to Jrue and Kurucs is a stud in the making. Wishful thinking as a Nets fan but I think it's a competitive offer.
  5. Had a very good year last season but a combination of injuries early in the season and Atkinson's rotations have limited him. Even when he was healthy he would show flashes here and there and then disappear. Maybe that's bec the lineups were constantly changing and so did his minutes. Jared Dudley has no business playing more mins than him. I think Kurucs deserves to eat some of his minutes but the advantage RHJ has now is on defense. He's prob the best defender on the nets and will usually get the oppositions best at the 3/4. Definitely worth a flyer in a 14 team and you may have to wait a bit till he rounds back in to form. I'd like to see if he can get his efficiency close to last year's #'s otherwise he's replaceable.
  6. NBA Trade Season 2018-2019

    Total speculation on my part but I like Brooklyn and Orlando working on DLo and Jared Dudley for Vuc and Simmons. Each side upgrades a position of need. Orlando gets their PG of the future who still has a year left on the deal. Brooklyn gets an upgrade at PF to pair with Allen down low and gives them flexibility to either re-sign Vuc or use the cap room on another max FA this off-season
  7. Too many guys playing the same position in Brooklyn. What RHJ has on them is that he can play the 5 with a small ball lineup and he's their best defender. It just matters what side of the bed Atkinson wakes up in determining his mins
  8. The efficiency stats are starting to look ugly. Still has the ability to put up stats but won't be worth much if he shoots low 40's from field and low 70's from the line.
  9. I would say more game flow. I started watching from the third and they ran portis out there a lot and he was having success bullying the nets inside. When Mark checked back in he wasn't really looking for his shot and they were feeding Dunn a lot because he was hot. RHJ was on him towards the end and he's the Nets best defender so that might have contributed.
  10. Barton is due back in a week or two based on the timetable. I like Juancho but given the depth on that team and Barton likely unseating him, I think the classic RW line applies here.."feel free to pick him up as long as you won't miss whatever you're dropping."
  11. Austin Ekeler 2018 Outlook

    Drop city? Not getting nearly the amount of work he was getting early in the season. He's not short on talent but it doesn't seem like they're trying to keep him involved anymore which Kills his flex value.
  12. He's only about 5 points a game away from Myles Turner
  13. General question: do players not get credited with a steal if they block a shot and then get the ball? Mitch swatted Dwight's shot last night and traced it down which in my opinion should be credited a steal as well but he didn't get credit for a steal, only a block.
  14. Malone likes him. He will play some with Murray playing the 2... “Monte is a pure point guard, and Jamal Murray, go back to when he was at Kentucky, he was really effective as a catch-and-shoot player,” Malone said. “Monte’s just shown he’s a floor leader. He makes the right decision, he’s trustworthy, he’s shooting the ball well, 50 percent from the 3-point line. Those two guys together I think could be a pretty good tandem.” idk if that would push Gary Harris to the 3 but I think he's undersized as a 3.
  15. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Fair points and basically what's going on with Royce Freeman though Howard hasn't given up the majority of touches to Cohen as in Lindsay's case. AP and Michel though have been successful this year as strictly first 2 down runners with the defense expecting them. Zeke also to a certain extent, while he's out there on 3rd it's mostly marginal yardage. His one game against Indy skew his receiving stats but he's in a class of his own. What I'm trying to say is Howard has been effective in the past as a predictable 2 down runner, maybe he needs the cold to come soon to change game script.