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  1. Waiver Wire Touts - Playoffs

    Greg Monroe. Theis injury gives him a few more mins per game and Bos is thin up front. Horford is also sick and DTD so I think at a minimum Monroe is looking at 25 min pg. I'll take 13/7/with 1.5 combined stocks per off the wire
  2. What's the word on tonight's status? There was supposed to be an update after morning shoot around
  3. Boston globe calling it a sprain still. Is it ridiculous to believe he can play with a sprain? *Wishful thinking*
  4. David Nwaba 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Interesting why they are going with Nwaba over Valentine who has had some success as a starter and is a year younger. I don't watch the Bulls so maybe for defense? Either way I don't think it's a lock Nwaba sees big minutes even as a starter.
  5. D'Angelo Russell 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Is it me or does he have really bad foot work for a PG? I think he needs a session with Olajuwon. His handle is not that good and he doesn't have a good first step or the quickness to get by a good defender unlike Dinwiddie. I don't know if it's being tentative after the injury or he's still not 100% but I haven't been that impressed lately as a Net fan.
  6. Team declined a team option on him for next year so he's not in their plans. I can't see him getting burn over the inconsistent Bender and Chriss if their goal is to tank and develop the Young guns.
  7. As has been said many times already the magic turned down a team option on him for next year. The odds of them retaining him are slim because other teams can offer more money than the magic so once they're fully healthy it seems unlikely he gets major burn because he's as good as gone after the year.
  8. Not starting at center. Latest report has Len starting. I'm holding on to Chriss and Bender with the hope that one guy would run with the job and now this..
  9. As much as I want to pick up Bellinelli coming has me skeptical TJ will get these kind of mins going fwd. Limited pick ups per week so have to use them wisely.
  10. Fyi the only reason Willy requested a trade was Bec he wasn't getting PT. He would rather stay if they play him..
  11. Kanter has played the 4 in the past so I don't see why they wouldn't experiment with that combo. Granted they'd give up a ton of points and get blown away by athletic bigs but they don't have that many good options.
  12. 2017-2018 Trade Deadline Thread

    Nature of the business to hold out for the best offer. Once the smoke clears and teams are faced with a shot clock violation literally at 3pm thu they decide if they want to take a shot or pass on the trade.
  13. Terrible news for the NBA and Knicks. I'm a Nets fan but It was good to see the buzz back at the garden with KP and a potential playoff birth. I think to keep the fans happy because they're not winning anything they should move Kanter to the 4 and play Willy and Frank at least 25 mins a piece. Nobody wants to see losing with vets. If you lose with kids, it's called development.
  14. As was said earlier in this thread the magic declined a team option on him next year so I don't think they have any incentive to showcase him for another team to sign him in the off-season. He's in the same boat as Len. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get traded to a team like Boston. This run also coincides with taking AG's minutes. He hasn't been consistent with AG and hasn't gotten this allotment of minutes so I don't see it continuing without a trade, either to another team or having other guys on the team get dealt.
  15. There's a rumor of Len to OKC for Abrines. He would back up Adams and would probably get about 20 mins a night so not the best for his value.