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  1. Freddy Peralta 2018 Outlook

    Since May 7th he's done a ton of dominating. Over 29.1 minor league innings he's given up only 17 hits and struck out 46 batters while pitching to a 1.23 ERA. And then we have our 15.2 major league innings where he has given up only 6 hits and owns a 14.36 k/9. Sheesh. I haven't watched him yet, but did start him yesterday since he's been red hot. Hoping to scout him out a bit Sunday. I'm very interested in seeing how a guy that throws a 92-94 mph fastball 84% of the time is absolutely overpowering hitters.
  2. Domingo German 2018 Outlook

    He's the Yankees new Pineda. Mixes brilliance with head scratching inconsistency. Amongst pitchers with 60+ innings he has the 4th best zone contact, 7th best out of zone contact, 2nd best overall contact (tucked right between Scherzer and Sale). He also has the 2nd best swinging strike rate, and 9th best outside the zone swing rate. So, he's as hard as any pitcher to hit in the zone, as hard as any to hit out of the zone, and batters constantly chase his pitches. His Fangraphs profile is basically fantasy baseball porn. But he also makes a few too many mistakes, and is prone to homers. Last night he limited the mistakes, and he can be very, very good if he's commanding his pitches like that.
  3. Domingo German 2018 Outlook

    I'm rolling with him. He has absolutely phenomenal swinging strike and contact rates. If he has command of his stuff, he'll dominate. If he's throwing a few meatballs, he'll give up a few homers. Hoping for the former.
  4. Trevor Bauer 2018 Outlook

    And a ton of breaking balls too. It'll be interesting to see how he holds up as he's never thrown more than 190 innings before (due to inefficiency, not really injury). He's bordering on ace territory right now though, so hoping he stays right.
  5. Domingo German 2018 Outlook

    Is he the Yankees new Pineda? A swing and miss monster that makes too many mistakes. If his hr/9 and LOB% were to fall more in line with league averages, he could easily be a high-k, high win, sub-4.00 ERA guy. He definitely has my attention.
  6. Mike Soroka 2018 Outlook

    I'm guessing it's McCarthy (who's been terrible since his hot start) or Sanchez. Soroka has an unusually high amount of innings for a guy of his age, so the spot is likely his all year if he pitches well.
  7. Miles Mikolas 2018 Outlook

    He was very good again last night. 2 infield singles in the 3rd helped lead to two runs. Otherwise he was dominant in all other innings. 2-start week upcoming.
  8. Jordan Hicks 2018 Outlook

    I never understood how he couldn't miss any bats whatsoever. What an immediate and massive turnaround. To put it into numbers (these are the numbers I tend to look at when evaluating a pitcher): April & May: 6.9% swinging strikes, 89.8% zone contact, 20.1% outside the zone swing %, 65.2% outside the zone contact 57.3% first pitch strikes June (small sample though): 17.9% swinging strikes, 70% zone contact, 34% outside the zone swing %, 43.8% outside the zone contact %, 77.3% first strike % So his first pitch strike % has sky-rocketed. The difference between at bats that start 1-0 vs 0-1 is an .826 OPS vs .605. With a refined slider to go along with monster heat that batters need to be geared up for, it makes sense that chase rate (outside zone swing %) would sky rocket. Tack on massive improvements in contact allowed and Hicks might be on his way to being the top-tier reliever people thought he could be.
  9. Carlos Carrasco 2018 Outlook

    The past two starts have normalized a lot of his secondary numbers to look like the past few years. The biggest reason for his shaky performances have had a lot to do with his change-up. From 2014 through 2017 he didn't allow more than a .382 slugging % on the pitch. This year: .488. Oddly enough, his whiffs per swing is as high as it's ever been for the pitch, but he's made far more mistakes with it (as seen in his increased zone-contact %). However, the past two games he's thrown 39 changeups, giving up 0 hits on the pitch while collecting a 38.4% swinging strike rate in that span. Facing the White Sox is going to help most pitchers, but they are 18th in wRC+ vs righties, so they aren't terrible. As noted by many, Carlos can be streaky and he does look off at times. But if he's got his big time change-up back, look out.
  10. Miles Mikolas 2018 Outlook

    Mikolas had 13 0-2 counts today (and 15 swinging strikes). League wide this year batters have an .829 OPS after starting an at bat up 1-0, vs a .605 OPS after starting a count 0-1. Even before today Mikolas led the majors in 1st pitch strikes. Just because he isn't racking up k's doesn't mean he's not making life tough on hitters. He's throwing the best pitch in baseball (strike one) more often than anyone. I feel like a broken record, but a guy getting ahead of hitters, with a minuscule walk rate, and 50%+ ground ball rate is extremely likely to be successful.
  11. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Davante Adams is the #1 wr for Aaron Rodgers. Concussions will be the only thing keeping him from being a top 10 wr. He should be good for 80+ catches, 1000+ yards, and 8+ td's, and there's a good chance he's closer to 90/1200/12. Major target for me in the pick 15-20 range.
  12. Carlos Carrasco 2018 Outlook

    He needs to start against the Brewers more often
  13. Teoscar Hernandez 2018 Outlook

    Guys like Teoscar (loud contact but low contact %) tend to straight up bash the ball when hot. At home vs 5 hittable righties the rest of this week, I think he's about to do some damage.
  14. Jalen Beeks 2018 Outlook

    Sale, Price, Porcello, E-Rod are locked into rotation spots if healthy. Pom stinks right now but he was fantastic the two years prior, so I don't think he's done making starts. And Wright has certainly earned himself a shot to win a spot (over Pom). In a perfect world for the Sox, one of Wright/Pomeranz earns that 5th spot and Beeks is used as a bullpen upgrade. The Sox farm stinks so their best bet at upgrading their pen is internally as opposed to a trade (Beeks/Workman/Thornburg/Durbin their best bets there). That's a long way of saying that Beeks is blocked from grabbing a rotation spot this year. Of course, if he flat out dominates (I don't think he will), then who knows what happens.
  15. Jake Arrieta 2018 Outlook

    He was scoreless through 5. Had a horrible 6th that started off with a bloop single and then an infield single. Given that 7 of his prior 9 games were 6+ ip, 2er or less, he gets a pass for a bad inning. He has the 4th lowest hard-hit rate in the league, sandwiched between Verlander and Nola. He's also a solid enough 27th in most soft contact given up. Batters aren't squaring up Jake too well. The k-rate is a concern, but he's managing contact very well.