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  2. C'mon, you can't expect us to believe you don't know what sarcasm is
  3. 14 rbi's in his past 7 games. Absurd numbers, especially from an NL lead-off man. Absolutely loving this guy.
  4. Yes, damn auto-correct mixing up names now
  5. His stuff has been filthy this year. High-velo, lots of spin, lots of break. His command just hasn't been there, so he's had some mixed results. I have zero concerns here, and he's now thrown 3 gems in 5 games. All though, on a sad note, he pitches against Cleveland next week.
  6. Andy McCullough‏Verified account @McCulloughTimes 3h3 hours ago Sounds like Alex Wood will stay in the rotation, at least until Rich Hill comes back from the DL. To me, the math isn't adding up. Someone else has to be taken out. Kershaw Maeda McCarthy Maeda Ryu Wood = 6. I think during the next turn in the rotation, something will get sorted out.
  7. Don't be surprised if he's headed back to the pen. Urias is set to take a rotation spot now. The only things that could save wood are a phantom DL for Maeda, a 6-man rotation, or Ryu gets lit up Saturday and the Dodgers decide to move him to the pen for a bit. Given the Giants don't seem ready to give Wood a big workload (yet to pass 80 pitches), my gut is telling me he's going back to a long relief role. Hope I'm wrong.
  8. As a Red Sox fan, I'm well aware of what he did there.
  9. Scalded that ball. The homer in this series was clocked too. Nice to see him driving the ball again. Next up a weekend at Camden Yards..
  10. YEAH, YOU JERK! My bad, saw the Mattingly icon and noticed the post 2 seconds after the Kimbrel BS and thought you were calling me out, for whatever reason. I'd like to use my weekly mulligan here.
  11. Wilson has been getting progressively filthier throughout the years, he could easily be a sub-3.00 ERA guy. Not a ton of lefty closers out there, but Wilson has actually been a reverse splits guy, with lefties hitting him much better than righties. Keeping a very, very close eye on him.
  12. Could've even stole home if he wanted, they had an extreme shift on Moreland and he was halfway to home.
  13. Don't be THAT guy
  14. One thing to consider about ROS: his value will almost certainly be hurt when Braun gets dealt. I'm guessing he moves to 3rd or 4th (hoping for 4), but his run scoring pace should significantly drop. Currently, really loving the run scoring (driven in 8 times by teammates in 12 games), but that + his quality of pitches seen is likely far better hitting in front of Braun as opposed to whoever else.
  15. There are a few books and studies out there (one example: that say 2nd or 4th is where you should hit your two best players. As far as the power, this is something that has been building since the end of 2015. Mike's been a bit streaky in his career, and let's factor in that he missed 80% of last year. However, since August 11th, 2015: 348 PA's 8.3 BB%, 14.7 k% 24 homers, 23 doubles .285/.349/.585 triple slash, 151 wRC+ 20.7% hr/fb rate (likely regresses from that), but a 36.5% hard hit rate .274 BABIP (in line with his career norms, just good to note he hasn't been BABIP lucky) 8% swinging strike rate (very good for a guy hitting for that much power), 82% contact rate That's one heck of a hot stretch. So as far being something like a 30 homer, 35 double guy.. that's very possible if he keeps up whatever adjustments he made.