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  1. I don't play standard leagues (I do points, so pitchers are favored more), but Fantasy Pros has his ADP's on Yahoo, CBS, and ESPN after 200. IMO he's one of my favorite types of players to draft in that range. He's a complete unknown with potentially massive upside who doesn't do much to hurt your team if he busts.
  2. He WILL break at some point, but it's an easy decision imo to ride him until he does.
  3. No. IMO spring training stats mean next to nothing. Across 164 innings last year (majors + minors) he had a 2.36 BB/9. Moving on...
  4. Fangraphs did a study on closers ( In general, only 40% of closers held their job all year long. This is why, Koda Glover is a great pick. In all honesty, I hadn't even heard of the kid until 5 days ago (I drafted him last night, right before this news of him looking like the closer came out). But he throws gas with a potentially great slider (judging solely off of Fangraphs pitch values). And the biggest plus is that he's the Nationals closer. They will win plenty of games. There will very likely be 40+ save opps on this team. As @brockpapersizer said, you probably aren't taking him in the top 20 relievers. But even outside of the top 10, how many guys close on a great team for a coach that doesn't use committees? There's no need to really analyze the kid, future drafters should just know that there's a potentially huge opportunity for profit here (if he indeed wins the job).
  5. Dusty Baker tends to ride one closer, he's not a committee guy. If Glover wins the job, he immediately has top 10 upside. How long he holds the job is questionable, but there will be ample opportunity.
  6. He was great in September when Girardi only used him for 4-5 innings while bringing in the bullpen at the first sign of trouble. Otherwise, Pineda was all over the map. His fastball was horrendous last year. He sorely needs a better change-up to help compliment it. I would still take a late flier because the secondary metrix are crazy, but I'm fully prepared for him to have a gem through 4 innings and then toss a meatball right down the middle to blow it.
  7. His hr/fb last year was a clear outlier in his career. He's a very good hitter who is indeed in his prime, but I simply don't see him repeating that 21.4% number. I think he'll be much closer to 20 homers. With Moustakas back and Soler + Moss on board, it stands to reason Hosmer's run total can rebound this year. I think he'll drop in homers, but gain in average and runs. Something around .275 with 20 homers, 90 rbi, 90 runs, and 5 steals sounds about right to me. Solid yet unsexy player.
  8. D-Backs had Segura last year. That is a major loss. Pollock needs to be healthy for Goldy to have a better shot at topping 100 rbi
  9. I hope he's good again, I enjoy the swag he had on the field. Absolute stud when it comes to unnecessarily pimping baseballs. He also Googles how to talk to rich people:
  10. Re: The two bolded. I used to thing VERY highly of the Cards organization. But the amount of injuries to home grown pitchers in recent history make me question how to look at their pitchers. Wainwright Lynn Gonzales Reyes all with TJ and Garcia always hurt (all though I don't think that one is on the Cards). Reminds me of the Oakland A's back in the day - tons of young pitching talent, at some point all of them get seriously injury. I get the risk in pitching, but I do wonder if the Cards are doing something wrong. Makes me worry even more about Wacha. But, as mentioned, it won't cost alot. That's the only saving grace here imo, can cut him in April at no worry if he's looking bad.
  11. I've heard a few Fangraphs podcasts where they've been in on getting Wacha. I don't get what I'm missing. Every year of his career his ERA, FIP, xFIP, SIERA, swinging strike, k-rate, and contact rates have all gotten worse. He's also a pretty big injury risk. What am I missing here?
  12. Ken Rosenthal saying the Red Sox are considering batting Benintendi 3rd, which might put Bogey in the 2-hole. Not really a fan of that move, but worth monitoring..
  13. The bullpen projects to be a mess, the offense will be hit or miss (they failed to give him run support PLENTY of times last year), and I believe he is coming off of brain surgery. That said, IF the injury doesn't change him and he keeps throwing that splitter, I like him to have an era in the 3.60-3.80 range with a very solid k/9. Solid buy for me as an SP4/5, who can put up SP3 numbers with some wins luck.
  14. I'd be surprised if anyone but Benintendi started out the season hitting 2nd vs righties. Vs lefties likely a different story. I also personally would rather see Hanley hit 4th instead of Bogey, but regardless Bogey should have a great opportunity to top last years RBI total.
  15. Astros Future‏ @AstrosFuture 1h1 hour ago More Charlie Morton's day is done: 3 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 4 K. Also had 4 groundouts to just 1 flyout. Hit 98 MPH in first inning #Astros