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  1. UPDATE: Still hot. 2 doubles and a longgggg home run
  2. Same. I wrote a pretty hateful post a few pages back, but changing my tone. Even in his bad game, he flashed some. The red flags are real, but so is the talent and he likely doesn't have much competition. I've also started finding red flags all over the place, as rb is literred with questions for me. Mr. 3.9 ypc and injured back-to-back years Melvin Gordon actually has the least red flags to me outside of the top-two rb's. So, I wouldn't fault anyone for taking Ajayi in the 12-15 range. I won't touch him before then (ppr - in non-ppr he gets a bump), but if he's there round 2 for me (pick 19 overall), I've warmed up to taking a stab at him.
  3. TD's and receptions could be an issue. TD's of course can be fluky but are you really going to bet on this offense? The QB situation has disaster written all over it. Defenses might as well just pay attention to Fournette and assume the QB's will over/under throw A-Rob. I still see him as a worthy pick at the back-end of the 2nd because hey, guys that you can expect to get 15+ carries per game for most of the season are going to be rare after the top 8-9 rb's. Plus, there is some upside here. Not crazy to think he's the Jags centerpiece, and finishes with something like 270 carries, 30 receptions. Maybe unlikely, but it's within his range of outcomes imo.
  4. You guys realize he's basically just saying he's got Allen as a DND, right? He doesn't actually think Allen will be there..
  5. Based on his personal performance, I agree that KB has never been too special. Sub-par infact. But fantasy wise, he has definite top 20 potential. He was 9 points away from being the wr23 in my league last year (finished wr31, so it was crazy close in that range). Benjamin can be hit or miss (a lot of that has to do with Newton as well), but there's not a whole lot stopping him from averaging 7 targets per game. He also has a realistic shot of double-digit td's. Don't be shocked if he does finish the year as a top 20 wr. He has opportunity, and that means a ton in fantasy.
  6. My 3rd round pick will be 30th overall. I'm not seeing slot of enticing options there. I think that my round 4/5 targets (Hill Bryant Diggs etc) will even out score my 3rd pick. Let's say at pick 30 you're looking at Allen, Jeffery, Hill, Crabtree as your top wr's, and the rookie running backs + Lynch and TyMont. Personally I see Allen as the most appealing. He's the only one who every week on the field you can consider a top 10 option at his position.
  7. I'll be happy if he just pitches like this in September
  8. Velo down, getting blasted. He's is so dang tied to velo this year.
  9. Beasted in the 2nd half last year. Even with the new additions, I'm more than willing to spend a 10th or 11th to see if him and Mariota are building some chemistry. He'll obviously lose some targets and td's, but I can see him finishing as Mariota's go-to guy and a top 30 wr
  10. Big Woodhead fan, but he's not costing a top 50 pick? Yikes. I like the guy but there's zero upside. It's not a lock he fully bounces back at 32 years old, and he's not going to have a big rushing role. He should be a guy who scores like a FLEX on most weeks, which plays as a safe RB2, but he's not offering any profit in the top 50 imo.
  11. Mixon is super talented, but there are clear red flags. Hill may not be great but he'll definitely take some goal line work. As the year goes on, I'd expect Gio to be more involved in the pass game. Also, the o-line isn't great. Mixon is a great upside pick, but I think he's going to be inconsistent and have a hard time getting big time usage. He can still play as a rb2 but I wouldn't trust him. For a re-draft, if I'm taking a chance on an rb2, I'd prefer Ware in that range. I think he'll end up keeping that job (just my gut feeling), and there's the upside to tack on a few more td's this year.
  12. For as bad as he was for what seems like 80% of the games he's played in, his massive hot streak has him at 18 homers and 50 rbi over 76 games. Basically exactly the homer/rbi pace you expected him to play at. Those that hung on are being rewarded and then some right now. When he's going his swing is as pretty as any right hander.
  13. I noticed this too, should've mentioned that in my post. Very quickly you get into either unproven or committee backs. There's a drop at wr too, but there's also more than enough wr's to still build a great core.
  14. Had the 4.7 ypc the 5 games before getting hurt. What if is actually good and the further away he got from microfracture surgery, the better he felt? People make such a big deal of his ypc. I can't say it's a good thing to look at a 3.9, but honestly it was really 2 games that torpedoed his ypc. Had 35 carries for 71 yards vs the Saints and Colts (I know, of all times to stink against). In his 11 other games, he was at 4.2. Still not a great number, but people would've be calling him a sure-fire bust or saying he's getting drafted to high. Yeah, he stunk as a rookie, but he made obvious strides last year. Matt Forte was at 3.9 and 3.6 his first two years. LeVeon 3.5 his. Hey David Johnson was only 4.2 last year. They all turned out/are turning out fine. So let's say Melvin does end up at 4.3. You know he's locked into 17 carries and about 3 catches per game. So let's say he ends up with 260-280 carries, 45-50 catches. He's going to finish with well over 1,300 yards. And he's the goal line back in what should be a high-powered offense. TD's can be fluky, but I think he can score at least 8. I think people are worrying too much at ypc, and not looking at the improvement he made, and the fact that he's a 3-down back in a big time offense. Opportunity alone will keep him afloat. I pick 6th in my draft, and I'm pretty much leaning towards taking a shot at him. I do think out of the 1st rounders he has one of the better chances of being a bust. I also think he has the highest ceiling outside of LeVeon/DJ. Worth a pick in mid-late 1st imo.
  15. My hero