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  1. Welp should've gone with my initial thoughts to sell. Lance Lynn, meet regression. Hope he turns it around, but probably won't happen at Arizona
  2. He also releases the ball from the same plane. Dodgers broadcast said last year he was charted with the most consistent release point (I have no stats to back this up). Now you have a guy making it hard to find the ball AND he gives no clue as to which of his three plus-pitches he's throwing. And then added velo? Dude is a beast.
  3. 22 total swing and misses, 64% gb-rate. Threw 3 pitches (fastball change curve), 6+ swing and misses on each. Out of the 54 times Rockies hitters swung the bat, 41% of the time they made no contact whatsoever. I love looking at Wood's numbers. They're insane. Tonight he was as nasty as ever.
  4. In 8 starts Karns had a 49:11 k:bb in 44 innings. 3.43 ERA, 3.62 xFIP, 12.9 swstrk%, 72.7% contact, 31.6 o-swing %. Batters were chasing and missing his pitches, basically. Karns isn't close to reliable, but does have SP4/5 potential. Also worth a hold in case he pitches well, and gets dealt at the deadline to an NL contender.
  5. Disappointing finish, he was very close to another gem. Solid game considering the match-up, but would've liked to see him finish it off. Threw too many hittable pitches with 2-strikes. During the recent dominant run, he'd bury a slider or perfectly spot a change to get outs. Oh well, it happens. He'll be fine (maybe not in Houston though).
  6. If Iglesias doesn't lose a ball in the lights/wind, that inning is over. A bit salty about that one. His fastball was showing some serious late life through 5 innings, then every single one was fouled off in the 6th. Kudos to the Mariners for adjusting and then taking advantage of their breaks. Unfortunately for JV owners, just couldn't nail down that last out.
  7. What a fantastic teammate. The Braves acquire Adams for next to nothing. Adams gets hot, Freeman decides to completely put the team 1st and play a position unnatural to him (I don't care when he played 3B in his life, he's been a STUD 1B in the MLB). I don't own him, but was really impressed to read what's going on.
  8. Still walking the yard. It'll keep holding him back until he fixes that.
  9. I was looking at his stats over his 6 starts. 2.07 FIP, 13.5% swinging strike rate, 69% overall contact, 79% zone contact. Woa. The negatives have been the 4.45 bb/9, the 26.7% line drive rate, and 35% hard hit rate (both which have led to a .356 BABIP and inflated his era).
  10. Eh, not a concern to me. The investment in Peacock for 98% of owners is probably nothing, or next to nothing. Ride him until he breaks. He's busted as a starter throughout his career, and now he might finally be good. Ever since he started massively increasing his slider usage, he's been good. If you're Peacock and you have a shot to finally be a good starter, you do what you can imo. And extreme use of his best pitch has been the way to go.
  11. Yeah. Didn't mean to come off as a complaint. I'm thrilled. Was frustrated with how often a perfectly spotted low and away fastball/slider would be called a ball. He showed some real command tonight, and was ahead in the count most of the time.
  12. Ump just refused to give him the outside corner tonight...
  13. Mark Zuckerman‚ÄŹVerified account @MarkZuckerman 7m7 minutes ago More Rendon had a stinger in his neck. Dusty said he's day to day but hopeful of playing tomorrow. "Scared him and scared us."
  14. No way. He's gone over 5 innings ONCE. He's going to need a bunch of QS to have a shot when (if) everyone is healthy.
  15. Very intrigued here. I've used him all 3 starts and tried to watch as much as I could. He has this odd slider that is a lot more vertically moving than the traditional slider. Was able to throw the slider for strikes 62% of the time yesterday, and per Brooksbaseball he had a 20.6% whiff rate on the pitch. He is supposed to have a really good change-up, which he used more in his first two starts (and threw some nasty ones) but not a lot vs Detroit. He works his fastball up in the zone a lot and has been pretty mistake free with it. Hard to live up in the zone throwing 91-94 unless you are spotting it well, but the Rays are a great to make Faria's arsenal work very well. When Smyly was first traded to them and with Odorizzi/Cobb the Rays have had success getting pitchers without top velo to use their off-speed stuff to set up a high fastball. At the end of the day, he's a rookie. I owned Lamet and he looked amazing early before getting blasted back to back games. Faria is a completely different pitcher, but point being that it's too early to make a real determination on him. He had walk issues in the minors, so at some point do those issues pop up? Too early to tell. But I do know this much. The Rays have had a lot of success with guys that can pitch how Faria can. And if his slider is going to be a plus pitch to go along with a plus change-up and a good enough (maybe even plus) fastball, then we've got ourselves a rock solid pitcher. If the schedule holds up he'll be facing Baltimore his next two games. It'll be interesting to see how he fares against a team that'll be seeing him twice for the first time.