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  1. Javale is a fantastic fit for how this team plays. Easy target on pick and rolls offensively, erases a lot of the mistakes they make on defense. Chandler probably keeps him from getting minutes in the high-20s, but all Javale needs is 20-22 mins to put up 12 & 6 with 2 blocks. He won't be this consistent all year, but if we get 70+ more games of this guy getting 20+ mins, then he should end up as one of the bigger draft day steals.
  2. I hope Walton hangs on to his job. No telling what a guy like Kidd would do if he took over as coach. McGee is obviously quickly earning Walton's trust.
  3. As a Knicks fan I'm plenty pumped about this kid. He was a GREAT 2nd round pick. He costs next to nothing and we control him for (I think) four years. Given he was projected as a potential lottery pick out of high school, it's refreshing to see the Knicks finally get someone with upside. Fantasy wise, of the projections in here are wild. I'm sure I'm biased towards my own players as well, but sheesh. Ya'll expecting a guy who's hardly played competitive ball to somehow average 25-30 mins per game for an entire NBA season? He'll be gassed by January. He'll make some highlight reels, but there's probably a better chance he spends time in the G-league than there is he gets 25+ mpg the entire year. I get that it makes all the sense in the world for a team like the Knicks to give this guy burn, but there's no need to overwork him since they won't be competing anyways. Dynasty leagues he's a solid hold. In re-draft, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Short term he should be fine, but don't count on him to be on your roster by January (if I'm wrong, then good, it means the Knicks did something right finally).
  4. Tobias Harris is currently taking 15.8 shots and 5.3 free throws per game, while holding a 24.4% usage rate. All three would represent career highs. Gallo only helps imo, gives this team one other offensive threat. I'd personally be very happy with the role Tobias is playing, and I'd expect him to have a huge fantasy season if he stays healthy.
  5. . I never said he can't have his own opinions. Even BBM projects McGee to outproduce Turner the rest of the year. If Jay was in my league though, we'd trade lol. IMO it's recency bias to think McGee is a surer thing that Turner, who's been solid for multiple years whereas McGee rode the bench. One has a more stable history of production that the other. Even if Turner's overrated, he's likely good for 11 & 6 with 1.5-2.0 blocks. You might PROJECT that with McGee, but that might be more his ceiling area where Turner is likely locked into that as a baseline.
  6. Then I wish you were in my league. That's pure recency bias. It's been eight years since Javale played a full season of 20+ mpg. Even if projection wise you have them finishing in the same area, you have to take the surer thing. And that's Turner.
  7. It goes without saying that McGee has been a phenomenal fit for this team so far (outside of very questionable pick and roll defense). Given that this is now a LeBron led Lakers, I feel pretty confident saying that this team will be active at the trade deadline. If Javale can somehow hang on to a 20ish minute role the whole year, he should be able to post low-end points, solid enough rebounds, monster fg%, and elite blocks. I don't think it hurts to see if you can pair this guy with someone mediocre to pick up a Jarrett Allen or Myles Turner type, but McGee should be able to stick around the top 75 for at least the next 3-4 months.
  8. Where'd you go? How'd that back patting go after one game? Lol. This is why you don't do that. I figured you'd be the type to disappear when he had a bad game though. For those thinking of dropping Cedi.. what are you, nuts? Once he gets back on track he'll get 32+ mins per night, take over double digit shots, attempt a solid amount of 3's, and run the offense a decent amount. Through the ups and down that including shooting 38.7% from the field, he's averaging 12.4/5.6/3.8 per game with 1.8 3's and 1.2 steals. Ya'll really finding guys like that on the wire? I'll bet on that fg%(and ppg) rising as well. Please get me in those leagues lol.
  9. My biggest early season takeaway is that Budenholzer wanted him to take more 3's, and he's attempted 6+ in each game so far. He will hover in the 2.5 3PM range if that keeps up.
  10. Last year was ROUGH for Crowder. Lost his mom, traded twice (obviously the first part is several thousand times more impactful than anything else). I get people wanting to say he's not the same without Brad Stevens, but I think most would struggle given what happened to him. Now he's had a year to heal and he's had a full off-season with the same team. His PPG his currently over-inflated due to 7.7 FTA per game. That's just flat out not going to continue. He's averaging a meager 7 shots per game, but that is more likely to go up since he took 10.9 FG's per game with the Jazz last year (and 9.8 in the playoffs). If his fg% rebounds to 44% or so this year, he'll still cross double digit points, probably in the 12-13 range. He should also tack on 1.5-2.0 threes and 5+ rebs per game while likely contributing a solid ft% on however many attempts it is he gets. I play in a 16 teamer so I plan on rostering him for quite a bit. While he does fit the mold as a nice small ball PF and he'll also get good minutes, I think those in standard leagues can probably consider him a bench player at best.
  11. Very sad that my Knicks don't play him more. Not shocking that he finally gets minutes and puts up numbers. Took a few ill advised shots and his defense wasn't fantastic, but overall he looked like a playmaker and much needed scorer. I'm hoping he takes this opportunity and runs with it.
  12. Minutes up and usage up. Playing bully ball when smaller guys defend him, going right past bigger guys. Loving his role so far.
  13. Prince is set up for a pretty nice season. Some clear cut negatives are the Hawks are bad (blowouts will hurt his minutes at times), he spent a good 5-6 weeks last year playing horrendous basketball so it's not a 100% lock he's good all year, and for 9-cat his turnovers might not be pretty. Some clear cut positives are he has the absolute green light on offense and he'll be their go-to player. He should be able to at least match his post-ASB 15 shots per game from last year. I think he can be somewhere in the 18/5/3.5 range with 2.5+ threes, 1.2+ steals, and 0.5+ blocks while shooting a great ft% and below average fg%. Looks like a top 50 player with top 40 possiblities.
  14. Did most of this work with Butler on him. Shoots alot, shoots with confidence. Demands the ball, passes well. Cavs stink, anyone with any type of talent is bound to get stats. Long ways to go, but there's no doubting that Cedi has legit potential.
  15. Do people really care about likes? If 99 out of 100 people think a player sucks but I think he's great, then guess what I'll keep that guy. I have my own thoughts. Give me as many confused, angry, thumbs down as you'd like. You really shouldn't care what others think. Value your own thoughts and opinions. If you think Cedi is great, then awesome. I own him, I hope he's great. I'm just not going crazy off of one game. I keep sleeping on Cedi? Where are you pulling this from? I've had a grand total of ZERO posts on Cedi before yesterday. Lmao. I'm calling you out for patting yourself on the back after ONE game. ONE. That's 1.2% of the season. Give it a few weeks at least, sheesh.