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  1. Jokic is an OK defender. Some might like him more than me. He's smart but won't alter shots and can be backed down. Also time to time is late on help D. I didn't watch him TOO much, but owning Barton/Gallo last year made me watch a number of Nuggets games. As for WCS, very interested here. He has the upside to be a real solid fantasy player. His opportunity and role may be slightly in question, but he should clear 24-25 minutes at least. Even if he isn't a great rebounder, the Kings guards and small forwards don't rebound at all. Outside of Randolph, there's no reason Willie can't clean up the glass. He's growing as a scorer too, and in his 3rd year it's possible he recaptures some of his college block rate (I've mentioned this in this thread previously). Consider me cautiously optimistic that Willie is a top 100 player this year. I'm not banking on it, but I do think he gets there.
  2. Eric Bledsoe 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I may be biased because I love watching EB play (I go out of my way to get him on my team) but the upside here is easily top 20 player. He's a good rebounding guard and with the Suns likely playing faster and smaller, I think he'll add boards + a few extra assists as well. If he's able to keep his FTA gains from last year and go back to 45% fg, he would crack the 22ppg mark. He's a definite injury risk, and maybe trade one too (all though, given he makes a pretty penny, I doubt he goes to any team to not have a large role), but I'm definitely buying the upside. He may not ever fully put it all together, as he does have stretches of poor shooting, but the talent and fantasy game is there for 22 pts, 5 rebs, 6.5 dimes, 1.5 3pm, 1.5+ steals, 0.5+ blocks, 45% fg, and 80%+ ft. A true stat stuff who will play like a 1st rounder at times, but some cold streaks and injury risk makes him more top 30. Again, I'm higher on him than most, but it's undeniable that he has a high ceiling.
  3. J,J Redick 2017-18 Season Outlook

    He's a pretty darn good fit for them. The guys behind him stink imo (Stauskas was force fed 27.4 mpg last year because of how bad their guard depth was), and they need his floor spacing. Their pg doesn't appear to be a big threat (Fultz a giant ? mark right now), Simmons isn't a scorer either. Embiid will dominate when healthy, but this team will need guys like JJ & RoCo to hit their shots. Redick is obviously a very limited fantasy player, but should hit elite 3's, score a solid amount, and have a high-fg% for a 3 point specialist. Plus he'll hit his ft's (all though he doesn't take many).
  4. Thaddeus Young 2017-2018 outlook

    I think there's a pretty good chance he's traded to a contender at the deadline, but I expect him to come out the gates as a top-75 player. I'll be looking to move him around December/January, but until then I think he's a good bet for around 13 pts, 6.5 rebs, high fg%, 1.5+ steals per game.
  5. Markelle Fultz 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Didn't do enough prep on him and this shoulder injury. The fact that he's changing his motion and missing games left and right isn't too promising. Feels like I wasted a pick with him. Obviously talented, but probably will start very, very slow.
  6. Evan Fournier 2017 - 2018 Season Outlook

    He's probably underrated this year, but he's not oozing with upside. He'll be one of the worst g/f for boards + blocks. Not a steals monster either, and we'll see where his fg% ends up as he's shot 44% or lower 3 of the past 4 seasons. He'll definitely score in the mid-upper teens, hit a ton of 3's, and be a good ft shooter. Trickles in some dimes too. But he kind of is what he is. has his ADP at 82. I see zero profit at that point. In an auction maybe he's a bit post-hype and you can get him for $6-$8. I wouldn't be upset if I owned him, since he has some definite plusses, but he's not exactly a target.
  7. Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Poor comparison. So because of Westbrook we can apply that to all cases? The guy brings up a legitimate point. Now personally I disagree with him because I think Turner will add points, rebounds, and some 3's that should off-set and efficiency loss, but it's a very legit point that his fg% can drop and TO's get worse.
  8. Looking for: H2H, 12+ tm, 8-cat, $200-$300

    I do not like the turnovers cat, sorry.
  9. I know someone who will play and is ready to pay.
  10. Looking for: H2H, 12+ tm, 8-cat, $200-$300

    Drop that 9th cat and I'm back
  11. Prefer auction but can do snake. Will not do 9-cat, roto, or under 12 teams. If you fit the description, post details.
  12. I can vouch for this league being one of my favorite leagues. Very well run, very active. If that helps.
  13. In auctions I am more of a value guy rather than bid on a top tier guy (note: I play in a 16 teamer). I tend to lean towards punt fg%. I find blocks the hardest to get in a punt fg%, so Im going to make sure to try and get Porzingis or BroLo. I’ll be in on Turner as well (for his blocks). I want one of those 3. Then I have a tier of pg’s (Kemba/Conley/Lowry) that I want one of. All will get me 20+ pts, well over 2+ 3pm, steals, and ft’s, plus decent dimes. Getting Porzingis and one of those pg’s for a combined $65 or less ($200 budget) will be a big win in my book. I’ll keep building from there.
  14. Can't find a Horford thread so please move this to there if there is one. I think that Horford is going to be a value pick. Many will be down on him due to the additions. But really nothing changes offensively that hurts him imo. Here's why I like him: - He'll be 31 this year, but age isn't a big factor here. He's more of a finesse big man and jump shooter, so his game should age just fine. - Isaiah Thomas was a huge usage player last year, and Bradley/Crowder were huge pieces of the offense. Hayward's usage % is only about 5% more than Bradley's, and now Crowder is gone. Irving will take over what IT left behind, and Hayward largely what the other two did. Of course Brown, Tatum, Smart will expand their roles/have roles, but there's more than enough here for Horford to not only keep, but grow his offensive role. - With the new pieces, Horford all of a sudden becomes one of the constants on this team. They'll still heavily need his passing to help get the offense in the right places. Even with IT and Bradley, Horford still racked up 5 dimes per game last year. I don't see much change. - The Celtics number 2, 3, 4, and 5 rebounds are all gone this year. Baynes and Hayward (who I believe grabs a career high in rebounds) will get theirs, but so many bigs are gone that Horford is bound to play closer to the basket. I believe both his rebs and blocks rise as a result. - Irving and Hayward will be focus one and two for defenses, leaving Horford open for his jumpers and 3's. He's a great jump shooter, and should maintain his 3's and high fg%. Horford did drop his 3PA in the 2nd half/playoffs, so I'd expect his 3's to be closer to 1.0 as opposed to the 1.5 from the 1st half, but his fg% should also get back to 50%+ levels. With a few more shots, and better efficiency, he should get back to 15+ ppg. Add it all up and I'm viewing Horford as a clear buy in auctions. He has an unsexy name and I think people will overthink the additions this team made, and not realize how big the subtractions were. My predicted statline is 15 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 4.5 apg, 1.5 bpg, 0.8 spg, 1.1 3pm, 50% fg, 80% ft. Basically the Nic Batum of centers. He'll get you production across the board, but won't blow you away. I believe that he'll score enough to keep you out of the punt pt range, and thusly I believe he fits any type of build. I do think that the top 35 or so players are more talented than in years prior, and there's a lot of "sexy" names going afterwards, meaning you can prob get Horford after pick 40. And at that price, he should return profit. In auctions, anywhere below $30 is fair value in my eyes. The closer to $20-$25, the bigger the steal. I didn't think I'd be writing so much about a "boring" player, but he's truly getting overlooked in my eyes, and I think owners have a chance to get a potential top 30 player for a top 45-50 price.