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  1. Taurean Prince 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Prince is set up for a pretty nice season. Some clear cut negatives are the Hawks are bad (blowouts will hurt his minutes at times), he spent a good 5-6 weeks last year playing horrendous basketball so it's not a 100% lock he's good all year, and for 9-cat his turnovers might not be pretty. Some clear cut positives are he has the absolute green light on offense and he'll be their go-to player. He should be able to at least match his post-ASB 15 shots per game from last year. I think he can be somewhere in the 18/5/3.5 range with 2.5+ threes, 1.2+ steals, and 0.5+ blocks while shooting a great ft% and below average fg%. Looks like a top 50 player with top 40 possiblities.
  2. Cedi Osman 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Did most of this work with Butler on him. Shoots alot, shoots with confidence. Demands the ball, passes well. Cavs stink, anyone with any type of talent is bound to get stats. Long ways to go, but there's no doubting that Cedi has legit potential.
  3. Cedi Osman 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Do people really care about likes? If 99 out of 100 people think a player sucks but I think he's great, then guess what I'll keep that guy. I have my own thoughts. Give me as many confused, angry, thumbs down as you'd like. You really shouldn't care what others think. Value your own thoughts and opinions. If you think Cedi is great, then awesome. I own him, I hope he's great. I'm just not going crazy off of one game. I keep sleeping on Cedi? Where are you pulling this from? I've had a grand total of ZERO posts on Cedi before yesterday. Lmao. I'm calling you out for patting yourself on the back after ONE game. ONE. That's 1.2% of the season. Give it a few weeks at least, sheesh.
  4. Either I'm a dummy or some people are completely overlooking him. I see a guy with the potential to go 14 & 7 with solid %'s and 2+ stocks. He's also headed into his 4th year and awaits a nice payday as an RFA if he can continue to build on last year. I grabbed him at pick 90 which is maybe too high given some people are looking at him on the WW. It may take two weeks for him to get up to stamina and knock off some rust, but I think he'll come around to being a pretty solid top 100 player with a bit of top 75 upside.
  5. Tobias Harris 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Pels will make the playoffs. I give them a decent shot at 3rd seed TBH. AD might win MVP this year. I was a Cousins fantasy owner and while he's obviously great, I think he held them back at times. There's a reason they took off after his injury. As far as the Clippers, maybe they don't tank but i have no idea how they compete for the playoffs. There's just not a ton of high-end talent. It's a bunch of solid role players who many teams would love to have, but no real star. That's part of the allure for Harris in fantasy. At the moment, this is basically his team. Whether they tank or not (I do think they're too good to be a tank level team) it shouldn't really affect a 26 year old that they want to re-sign and keep as a cornerstone.
  6. Tobias Harris 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    If the Clippers don't trade Tobias at the deadline, or trade for another high-usage player (i.e Butler), then we're looking at a career season. So many stars are ready to align. In a few bullets: - Doc Rivers has already told us that he will have a breakout year - He's in a contract year. He turned down $80 million. He wants to get PAID. - He averaged 34.5 mpg last year with the Clippers. As shown by the 41 last night as well, Doc will be playing him plenty - The Clippers broadcast last night eluded to the fact that the Clips made Tobias getting to the FT line more a priority. He's a career 81% FT shooter who went to the line 6 times last night. He averaged 3.6 to 4.1 per year in Orlando, but dropped down with the Pistons. If he's back at the 4.0 range this year, that's more free points. - DeAndre Jordan is gone. There will be rebounds to be had. - I think Doc trusts him more than any other player on this team. And this is a team that isn't exactly loaded with playmakers. I think Tobias stands a good shot at matching or exceeding his 3.1 apg average with the Clips last year. Add everything together, and it wouldn't surprise me to see Tobias in the top 30 range. I think that 20-7-3 with 2+ 3's, 1+ steals, 0.6+ blocks, 46%+ fg, and 80%+ ft on increased attempts are reasonable expectations. Looking forward to owning him this year, I have some pretty high hopes here.
  7. Taurean Prince 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I didn’t watch large stretches of the game since I was mainly focused on baseball, but every time I watched I saw Prince with that ball in his hands. He made a number of bad shots and ill-advised turnovers, but he basically had a green light and ran the offense at times. Hard to take too much away from a game against the Knicks, but it looks like his usage and shot attempts will be high this year.
  8. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Agreed, can’t belueve someone was upset with this guy lol. Jokic was dormant for large stretches and still put up 21-8-5 with a three block and steal + great ft%. He’s a fantasy machine.
  9. Willie Cauley-Stein 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Every year WCS has a few games where you think “wow, he’s going to be a top 50 player” and then he adds a few clunkers, plays 20 mins, and we’re brought back to earth. It’s encouraging that he dominated Gobert and that he “wants to get paid” this year, but I’ll need to see more before buying in to an actual breakout.
  10. Cedi Osman 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    It’s been one game lol. Opening night always leads to so much overreaction.. Who guarded him last night? Did he actually do all this against Kawhi?
  11. Jeff Teague 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Teague averaged 17 points 7 assists and a 3.3% higher usage rate during the 2nd half last year (when Butler was hurt). He will be a top 40 player if/when Butler is dealt.
  12. Basketball Monster Content

    The draft tracker tool is fantastic. The in-season content is very solid, it's the tools that are better though. The trade analysis and daily ease rankings are some of my faves. So, I'm a fan. It does depend how often you use it. The $50 price point can be considered steep, but personally since I'll use it daily for the next 5+ months I'm fine paying what equates to $10/month.
  13. George Hill 2018-2019 Outlook

    I don't have much faith in him, but he's shown in the past that he can chip in some points, 3's, a steals per game, and a couple of assists while having a solid fg% for a pg and around 80% ft. I expect him to get hurt at some point, lose his job, or just stink again, but given the minimal investment it's worth seeing if he can recapture his prior for for a month or two.
  14. Jeff Teague 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Made it a point to draft Teague this year. There is risk of him getting traded given his contract status, but you'd think wherever he'd go he'd still start and his usage shouldn't change. He already played on a team with Butler, Wiggins, and Towns last year. Not many point guard needy teams have a trio with more usage than those three. Now let's stay everything stays status quo. Butler plays his butt off. As a result, he's missed 15+ games in four out of the last five seasons. Can't bank on injuries, but I feel pretty safe saying Butler stands a better chance than most of missing double digit games. If Teague is healthy for those games, we're looking at some big nights as witnessed by the 2nd half last year. Even if Butler does stay healthy, Teague still will put up nice numbers. He's a high-ft% guy on pretty solid ft volume, and he should be somewhere in the 7 assist, 1.4-1.5 steal range. He isn't a big points or 3's guy, but he does chip in a bit there. Depending on what happens with trades/Butler, he offers the potential to be a 15+ ppg guy at some point. I find him to be a great value outside of the top 50. Once you get to that range, a lot of the pg's start to have a lot of question marks, whether it be lower assist upside of % issues. Teague is fairly safe to me, and there's the upside to be a top 40 player if everything breaks his way.
  15. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Took Jokic 7th in a h2h, 8-cat, 16 teamer last night. Not going to list my whole draft since this is the Jokic thread, but after running various scenarios in my mind I found that Jokic, Kemba, Harris was my ideal start. With that start I felt I'd be able to pivot multiple ways. Those 3 give a nice base in really all stats except blocks. With the ft% of those guys, I could afford a lower volume shot blocker or two, but I could still punt blocks. Personally, Kemba went a pick or two before me so I settled on Middleton. Also keep in mind mine is a 16 teamer so most of you can look at a better player or two, but making up some points while adding to Jokic's strong rebs, assists, and %'s was a goal of mine.