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  1. if that was their plan, they have no clue
  2. yep he was on my DND list, not cause I dont like him but I didnt think he was worthy of a top 15 pick fwiw I had a choice between him and Kelce and gladly took Kelce at no 11
  3. im concerned to start him next week if Brees doesn't play. How often can you say that
  4. if hes healthy hes in the RB1/2 conversation no matter what, hes a bell cow I mean if you want to trade me him straight up for Carlos Hyde, Ill take it in a heartbeat
  5. I am following you 100%, DHop is my no 3
  6. well I am glad that Hopkins is my WR3 I mean its a good thing I have Mclaurin and Fitzgerald as my WR1 and 2
  7. damn genius, I usually draft my flex in the 1st or 2nd round too
  8. The Obvious Jaylon Samuels, shouldn't be available but if he is get him Demarcus Robinson, uh yah DJ Chark/Terry Mclaurin (both guys were added in all my leagues, but if they weren't run dont walk) MacDonald in one league he was dropped this morning by a frustrated owner, Rookie(essentially) QB will lean on TE's usually Mostert, solid 2B/Flex guy while Coleman is out The Fliers Chase Edmonds, after the scare he needs to be rostered Jeff Wilson, if one of the above goes down hes next up in an offense that shows 2 RB's can produce Frank Gore, solid game, Singletary went down with a hammy
  9. 72 yard bomb to Hardman called back for holding on Shady
  10. garbage QB's on both sides this guy went no 2 overall Mahomes no 10 lol
  11. there is only one! well #11 big bid on Samuels small bid on Edmonds
  12. as someone who has 2 shares of Mostert and zero of Brieda, this is ridiculous hes a flex plug at best