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  1. This seems like it's the situation. Doesn't want to be left holding the bag when Lebron leaves..... It'd only be a year longer but that team could get ugly because all of "Lebron's guys" would leave too, just like when he went to Miami. I don't think he loves playing with Lebron but I think it's more about trying to set up his future now. Not necessarily a terrible idea. Can't hurt to ask, right....
  2. Rondo to the Cans..... 1 year deal.
  3. They didn't. From recent reports it appears his agent overplayed his hand but neither Simmons nor the Spurs were very broken up about parting ways. After signing Brandon Paul, Simmons became very expendable. Good luck to him in Orlando, he has a great story. From penny less to 20 million over 3 years.
  4. I'd like the stupidity in here to cease. Get back to discussing Mookie and less on the technicalities of the written word. Some of you need to learn when to say when and agree to disagree. Regardless, if we see anyone continue to discuss this rather boring argument of: they'll get an automatic vacation. Get it together folks and if someone is really tuning you up, either report them or learn to use the ignore feature. Thanks.
  5. I do like some of the Wolves' moves this year, but Crawford sucks now...... He's a below replacement level the last two years and it's not like you can point to his OTB defense. He can create his own shot, which is a skill, but he's in serious declination....
  6. Folks, let's get it together, please. Nobody cares about your personal slights nor how you may have done in a league 5 years ago without much point. Move along. Inane posts hidden.
  7. Welp, Kevin Durant and Otto Porter will make roughly the same amount..... so there's that.
  8. Now confirmed.... He simply wanted time to write something up for TPT.
  9. Colome's been a mess the last month. He's going to pitch himself out of a job if he doesn't get it together.....
  10. Okay guys, let's move along. If you don't understand the Holds rule, then please take it to the appropriate thread and someone can explain it to you. Some of you have beat this to death. Thanks.
  11. Jimmy Butler to Wolves for #7 pick, Zach Lavine, and Kris Dunn. Wolves get #16 back.
  12. They couldn't sign George in free agency without moving one of their bigger contracts so there is no adding Paul George with the status quo. Also, maybe they don't feel Russell is very good? He's super young so he has time, but who knows how his career will turn out. And I'm going to assume Ball goes to the Lakers..... may not end up that way but multiple reports have them taking Lonzo.
  13. Lonzo Ball, c'mon down...... Also, it gives them cap flexibility for the stellar 2018 class. I totally get it. They'll probably flip Randle and a couple of picks for Paul George and then you try and land at least 1 superstar in 18' and the core would be Superstar, PG, Ingram and Ball. Russell is very young but hasn't been impressive at all (Frankly, he's been lousy but again -- young). He could go either way....