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  1. Early reports are tight hamstring.... precautionary but obviously wait for post-game.
  2. Take with a grain of salt.....
  3. Nothing like ruining your closer for the rest of the week in the opener...... And then he blows it. Man, that's on Carpenter.
  4. Yankees with inauspicious start. Tanaka looks horrible. Bird should have had an error. Sanchez has one. Old guys looks old. OD, so no big deal, but certainly not the beginning they wanted.
  5. How so?
  6. And on cue.... gives up a rope to Longoria. Just a terrible start.
  7. Tanaka looks terrible..... getting behind almost every hitter. Can't locate.
  8. Let's please stay on topic and remember that politics, personal or otherwise, are not fodder for these forums. Trying to compare the sliding scale of criminal behavior is probably going to eventually spiral out of control. Please get back to the player, and only his actions that affect his baseball or fantasy value. Thank you.
  9. You sure..... And the idea is Romo massages his contract to mitigate injury risk for Dallas' trade partner by dividing his salary up into chunks of roster and maybe even game bonuses to get closer to pay for play type of contract. He'd still get some assurances and guarantees but a portion would only be paid if he were healthy enough to play.
  10. New Orleans didn't have an owner at the time......
  11. They need an IPS address. Is it the one which you used to post above? Thanks.
  12. So, I bubbled this up to IPS and they did massage our settings. Here is their feedback and next steps. Best of luck.
  13. Thank you for agreeing with me.....