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  1. They gave him every opportunity to win the job this spring and he didn't hit. He's in the best shape of his life, but he'll have to produce in AAA and await an injury or someone to fail for the big club. Could be 2-3 weeks, could be 2-3 months. This isn't about service time.
  2. They've already picked up those options for all of them (and why wouldn't they?). They're on the books.
  3. I don't necessarily disagree with you about Kyrie, who confuses being the most talented with the best leader. I don't think he's a bad guy, necessarily, I simply don't think he's a natural leader. All of that said, I don't think going back to Lebron is in the cards for him. He would get crushed for being weak unlike anything we've ever seen, KD and Lebron included. I think his plan is to team up with another superstar like KD or AD. Kemba feels that way now, but the Hornets are such a bad team and frankly, maxing out Kemba is probably a mistake. The Hornets actually need to blow it up and start over but a small market team like them always feel the pressure to hang on to all-stars. I think some of it will depend on if they can squeak into the playoffs. Otherwise, it's a tough market for LA. I don't believe KD wants LA or to play with Lebron. Klay will be a Warrior for life, IMO. Kawhi? Yea, I think they have a shot there although the Clippers are rumored to be the favorite but a lot can change. Jimmy Butler? Also think it's possible and no idea what he's looking for. After those guys or exploring a trade for Davis, then they probably check in on if Lillard is available or start talks with Cousins and Kemba. So again, it's like 6 free agents who will move the needle (KD, Kawhi, Butler, Klay, Kemba, Cousins), after it's the B list of UFA's like Middleton or maybe Big Al Horford, or Vucs. I'm sure there will be some trade scenarios we haven't thought of yet.
  4. That's incorrect. Under contract for next year are: L Ball, Ingram, Wagner, Kuzma, Hart, and Bonga. They also stretched Deng and so his 5 million can't go away. Also, it's nice there are so many free agents on the market, makes for an interesting summer, but let's face it, only about a half dozen matter to the Lakers. No one cares if they went out and signed Aaron Baynes (no idea if he's a UFA). Neither of those guys are strong odds. Klay almost certainly is stying with the Warriors. As discussed, Irving joining the Lakers/Lebron after forcing his way out of Lebron's shadow would be the ultimate beta move. I don't think he has the stomach for the criticism which would come his way. If I had to guess, it'll be Cousins and maybe Kemba IF they can't get Davis in a trade.
  5. I thought you were going to write..... Steve Nash. Kobe would have scored 50 and they still would have lost.
  6. 1. The idea which was pushed via the media was Magic, Ugly Rob Lowe, and others pushed a different idea on an aging Lebron. To acquire other guys who could shoulder the playmaking load so Lebron could play off the ball more and in the post. He wouldn't have to exert as much energy as a 34 year old in initiating offense and could pace himself better. This obviously turned out to be a terrible idea. Why? Because Lebron was never going to change his game until Father time dictates he does. He wants and actually needs the ball in his hands.... and frankly, who could blame him? He's maybe the best passer in the league and has been playing this way all of his life. It was an interesting idea Magic and ugly Rob Lowe had, but some ideas sound good in theory but can't be implemented. They should have loaded up with a couple more shooters instead of Lance or even Rondo, who has been inconsistent. But remember, they needed guys who would play on one year contracts. Reggie Bullock was a nice addition, just too late.... 2. I don't think there was ever confused priorities. The idea was always to play and develop the young core so they could be used as trade fodder..... lambs to be slaughtered if you will. Magic and Ugly Rob Lowe may have had misplaced ideas about developing their youngsters (although I doubt it), but Lebron never had any doubts. His idea has always been to go out and get a couple of other established stars to play with. When the Lakers were spurned by PG13, they turned to trying to leverage Kawhi Leonard to LA by media narratives. When that failed, they played out a few months and then tried to do the same thing with Anthony Davis. To date their ploys haven't bore any fruit, but the summer of 2019 was always their best chance to get a couple more superstars. It all rides on this summer. The roster was constructed to try and thread the eye of a needle by getting young and old to mesh.... it appears it's failed, although they have a couple more weeks to try and get it together. 3. Leadership from Magic and Lebron through the deadline has been embarrassing, especially Lebron. If/when they miss the playoffs, this will be a small part of his career narrative, but it's a blight nonetheless. Lebron likes to think of himself as the GOAT and as the best leader in basketball the last couple of decades. He's neither, but there's no shame in not being. He and Magic (and ugly Rob Lowe) simply misplayed their hand.... badly. And now they have to deal with the fallout. They make millions of dollars, they'll be okay, don't cry for them. Again, this summer is everything. If they swing and miss, then odds of a Lebron/Lakers championship reduce drastically. There are a lot of people to blame in this mess. Lebron, for his lack of leadership and inability (to date) to get any UFA of note to want to play with him, Magic for wiffing on PG13 and signing this motley crew. Klutch Sports (Lebron and Rich) for misplaying their hands on Kawhi and AD so extraordinarily. The young players for not playing hard all the time. Walton does deserve some blame, but everyone knows Lebron is a coach killer, he was really handed a losing hand. Jeannie Buss for insisting Lonzo Ball was taken over Tatum or Fox. A lot of blame to go around....
  7. Let's clarify something here because there is some mischaracterization of one part of Murray's physical nature. His hand size is fine, they aren't "ridiculously small", that's incorrect and shouldn't be trusted. His hands are 9.5. To give you some idea, here are some other quarterbacks of note: and: Baker Mayfield's are 9 1/4. So.... Anybody hear a lot of hand wringing about Mahomes hand size? Is the big knock on Aaron Rodgers that he has tiny hands? Philips Rivers hands not big enough? He has bigger hands than Mahomes, Darnold, Mayfield, Rodgers, Rivers and Winston. Same size as Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton and Trubisky. It's not that Murray has exceptionally small hands, it's guys like Wilson, Brees, Prescott and Wentz have exceptionally large hands. Michael Vick had 8.5 inch hands. Murray has issues around some size measurements, but hand size isn't one of them. Murray has a lot of concerns, no need to invent any.
  8. They play no defense so it'll generally come down to how they shoot. They're not a great shooting team from distance either. Bullock has really helped but still not great. They also are a really poor FT shooting team. It's really interesting to watch as Lebron really looks like he's starting the decline. He's still a great player but is he undoubtedly the best player? Really has become a lazy defensive player.
  9. It's really odd that he's supposedly pretty healthy and in the prime of his career and may not play 60 games in a full season....
  10. Wiggins was mediocre at best for a 20 year old. He's just a bad professional basketball player thus far. Probably the first pick at your local pickup game though. Ingram has a lot of holes in his game right now, but I do think he'll get better. On a bad team, he's probably a 20 point scorer. And that's what he would be if the Cans took or take the Lakers offer. A bad team unless they get a system change. As for Davis, I think he gets shut down within 15 games.....
  11. Good stuff and I don't think Tatum is the next Kobe or KD, those guys are all-time top 15ish players. Tatum would be lucky to approximate those guys in his best seasons. TMac is probably in a class right below those guys or maybe a couple of rungs lower and Melo, while a punch line right now and overrated most of his career, is still a HOF and at one time a top 5 scorer in the league at his apex. I don't really understand putting Andrew Wiggins in the example and then saying, Tatum will be somewhere b/w Wiggins and Melo. That's a gargantuan chasm b/w those two. Andrew Wiggins is a bad basketball player. Melo, as noted, is a HOF. That's like saying, I think xyz quarterback will end somewhere between Warren Moon and Matt Cassel. Tatum's already better than Wiggins (this season): Wiggins: 12.1 PER, .481 TS%, .014 WS/48, and -0.5 VORP (yes, that is negative) Tatum: 16.1 PER, .557 TS%, .120 WS/28 and 0.8 VORP Basically, you're saying he'll play professional basketball because Wiggins, while having athletic talent, is a lousy basketball player. But nonetheless, I think there is some credence to your thought process which is why the Pelicans were probably having a difficult time pulling the trigger on the Lakers deal. Look at Ingram's numbers at 21. They advanced overall metrics are way worse than Tatum's now or even at 19 and actually align more with Wiggins. Ingram: 12.5 PER, .538 TS%, .042 WS/48 and -0.5 VORP (yes, that is negative) So, while some folks are touting the Lakers package, when held up to scrutiny, the pieces are much more flawed than their lofty draft status. Ball's 2nd year advanced metrics are worse than Ingram's (marginally) Kuzma is a nice player and I think he can be a really good scorer in the league for a decade but he'll be 24 in the summer. What were Kobe or KD or Melo doing at 23 almost 24? For one thing, they were all at the All-Star game... and they weren't watching. I think a lot of evaluators think they Lakers' youngsters can and will get better, but what is their ceiling? How good can Brandon Ingram be? Maybe a Lamar Odom type career arc.... pretty good, but not a foundational piece and Odom coming into the league has put up far better numbers than Ingram has. I've read a lot of evaluators look at Tatum as a Paul George starter kit. The length and athleticism are very comparable by the eye test but the odds are against Tatum he even becomes that good. What was PG doing at 20? I think you bring up some good points and I do think Tatum needs to take his next step as a player next season.... wherever he plays, if he wants to ascend to perennial All-Star status. As do the young Lakers because right now, only Kuzma is showing his talent consistently in the league. The other two are potential (and a fair amount) at this stage. Ironically, Zubac had the best underlying metrics in the Lakers' package or 2nd to Kuzma. I think the Lakers will still pull out all the stops if/when the Pelicans start taking calls on AD again, but perhaps they need to read Windhorst's column about going out and getting assets better liked by the Pelicans by flipping their own players. Work the arbitrage.