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  1. My favorite post in this thread is the poster who advocated offering up Howard and guy like Davante Adams for Devonte Booker when Langford was scheduled to come back and Carey got some run in a blowout. D'oh. At least he didn't drop him like a number of owners. Howard reminds me of another RB John Fox had in his size and running style..... Stephen Davis.
  2. Rawls is running all over the Panther defense.....
  3. Man, both QBs playing extremely poor......
  4. Uhm..... Derek Anderson??? And he throws a pick (not really his fault) on his first pass.
  5. Eli is playing like a jag again..... And not necessarily like Bortles but that comparison may be apt.
  6. Terrible performance on Thursday night but we will accept all wins..... especially on the road. 10 days to heal up now....
  7. Minnesota was the best team in the NFC in the first-third of the season. The Cowboys were the best in the second-third of the season. Is either a legit threat now? Wait...... That's not right. vs Post em'.
  8. Guess this clears up whether Gronk was a first round value. Kick in the pants. Sucks.
  9. He was the best TE in fantasy (PPR) the last 10 weeks after he came back from injury in 2015. It was some hot stat going into this year's draft. He's leading the league in points per game played in PPR this year too. Obviously, the big risk with Reed is injury, which is similar to Gronk's risk now except Reed's issue is known, Gronk has a had a resume' of different injuries although I have concerns about guys with back injuries. Those can be exceptionally tricky especially for a guy who already had surgery, however benign. It'll be something to watch going forward.
  10. The issue is you tried to insert an evaluation of injury data of the entire NFL vs Gronk's injury data to paint a picture and this isn't an apples to apples comparison. Only if you discounted all of those injury related missed games in week 17 for the entire NFL would your data, and therefore comparison, carry water. I see where you were trying to go, but by failing to use equitable data, you tainted the analysis, even if it was simply a rough estimate. In a PPR league (and probably standard although too lazy to check), Gronk's not even the best TE on a per game basis the last 23 weeks (or close to a 1.5 seasons) of football. That would be Jordan Reed, by a couple of points actually, but Reed has some of the same drawbacks Gronk does. Most of the leagues I looked at this year, Gronk was going in the 2nd round, maybe at the turn dependent of size and time of draft. To those that are using qualifiers to try and paint a rosier picture of his production, it's not a very strong argument. First, you knew he was going to have some semblance of a backup for the first 3 games of the regular season so you can't just disqualify those games. Second, for a lot of folks (dependent on draft time), you also knew Gronk was injured coming into the season and therefore at risk to miss games, re-aggravation or limitation of said injury, or risk of cascade injuries. It's unfair to qualify for him and not others. It's fine to give context but it's not an objective analysis to cater and eliminate his known risks. I suspect owners who are in the playoffs will be fine with the roller coaster ride if he beasts in the playoffs. Gotta get healthy though.
  11. Settle down please. Thanks.
  12. Gronk's latest malady is a back injury. He missed most of his junior year in college because of back surgery. He's actually missed 24 games in 7 professional seasons according to mass live. Gronk is a ton of fun to own. Maybe the most fun and he's maybe the most unstoppable player in the league when fully healthy, something that's become less frequent these days. He's not a first round value anymore because of the best ability is availability, but still a difference maker when he's healthy.