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  1. Colome's been a mess the last month. He's going to pitch himself out of a job if he doesn't get it together.....
  2. Okay guys, let's move along. If you don't understand the Holds rule, then please take it to the appropriate thread and someone can explain it to you. Some of you have beat this to death. Thanks.
  3. Jimmy Butler to Wolves for #7 pick, Zach Lavine, and Kris Dunn. Wolves get #16 back.
  4. They couldn't sign George in free agency without moving one of their bigger contracts so there is no adding Paul George with the status quo. Also, maybe they don't feel Russell is very good? He's super young so he has time, but who knows how his career will turn out. And I'm going to assume Ball goes to the Lakers..... may not end up that way but multiple reports have them taking Lonzo.
  5. Lonzo Ball, c'mon down...... Also, it gives them cap flexibility for the stellar 2018 class. I totally get it. They'll probably flip Randle and a couple of picks for Paul George and then you try and land at least 1 superstar in 18' and the core would be Superstar, PG, Ingram and Ball. Russell is very young but hasn't been impressive at all (Frankly, he's been lousy but again -- young). He could go either way....
  6. Only way the Spurs would entertain signing CP3 is if Parker retires and they move Aldridge or Paul takes less. Those things won't happen (small chance they move Aldridge), so the rumors you may see are more click bait. I'm sure Pop would love to have Paul and I'm sure Paul would enjoy playing for a franchise like the Spurs but the money doesn't make sense and Paul, as the NBAPA head, won't accept less than his full boat. This is more about enjoying some "what if" scenarios and Paul trying to leverage Jerry West and company to make some moves he approves of. Because of their salary situation, I think the Spurs will concentrate on signing some of their own and perhaps signing a UFA on the cheap. No major changes are expected this offseason with the small exception of possibly moving LMA, but it's a very small chance. Simmons needs to be a priority, even more than Mills. They're also expected to bring over Adam Hanga to join the roster..... He's an athletic wing who is considered to be one of the best international defenders and a guy who can dribble penetrate.
  7. Early reports are tight hamstring.... precautionary but obviously wait for post-game.
  8. Take with a grain of salt.....
  9. Nothing like ruining your closer for the rest of the week in the opener...... And then he blows it. Man, that's on Carpenter.
  10. Yankees with inauspicious start. Tanaka looks horrible. Bird should have had an error. Sanchez has one. Old guys looks old. OD, so no big deal, but certainly not the beginning they wanted.
  11. How so?