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  1. Zona pen probably isn't worth speculating on..... The Killer B's only kill ratios.
  2. Not RRS? He's too young, right? They were terrifyingly bad. Couldn't even keep the score straight. It was a 2-1 ballgame for Christ's sake.
  3. My lord, who are the yokels that call the Mariners games? Some Aussie doing color. They are horrid. Just god awful.
  4. Vizcaino showing a lot of rust...... Ugly, ugly outing. Didn't get an out and left the bases juiced.
  5. Seems pretty obvious.... I mean you have to have Ryan Howard type seasonal production to get those precious those MoO ABs.... What a clown.
  6. This is correct. Giving up the lead was on Mitch Moreland more than anyone. How the A's lost was one of the most classic losses in bad management history. Dyson's looked better the last 2 weeks but before that he looked very tired. Bannister definitely overused him in beginning of the year.
  7. It's way dumber than that. First, all of this is happened with 1 out. So the game is tied and guys on 1st and 2nd with 1 out. Melvin takes out Axford. Okay, Axe was abysmal tonight, but he bring in Scrabble to face Beltre. Instead of going with a righty on righty or something, he orders Scrabble to IBB Beltre, thereby putting the winning run at 3rd base with only 1 out and loading the bases again. Why would anyone do this unless it was Barry Bonds up? I love Beltre more than anyone and he's been hot but putting the winning run at 3rd base with 1 out??? And why bring in Scrabble to IBB him first? Scrabble hits Odor with the first pitch..... Odor gets mad and rushes the mound and floors Scrabble with a right uppercut and knocks him out. Game over. Okay, that last part is untrue, but it might as well be.
  8. You have to reach the necessary minimum approved actions (posts) of 10 to post in the main forums. Both of you are currently under this criteria.
  9. Must of been reading RW. Having himself a day..... Let's all hope he gets hot.
  10. Because he's probably not a 1 or 2 starter?
  11. Cingrani had a nice 2 week run there but he's been, er, inconsistent otherwise. I think he gets another shot but Iglesias is the better arm...
  12. So since June 1st in almost 275 PAs, he's hitting about .218 with 10 HRs (pretty good) and 4 SBs w 2 CS and a OPS of around .720. Yikes. That's OF3/4 stuff.
  13. Or pyrite.....