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  1. Here's the tweet in dispute so folks can make their own determinations. Remember, twitter and really the internet is fraught with bulls*&% so it's up to you if you trust this source. @gbill2004, you've been here long enough to know how this works. Cite your source with an embed or please don't post it until you can when it comes from off the radar users like this. Thank you.
  2. Sorry that happened but the forums are pretty autonomous from the RW site. The admins most likely won't read this and there's not anyone here who can help you. I'd continue to contact them at the help link.
  3. 35% I'd say. I think it's a distinct possibility he's not done. Depends on his body.
  4. A few tidbits: At that level, the game will wreck you...
  5. Please us this link to notify customer service of your issues. Thanks. The other thing you can do is clear your cache and history and try to re-enter the portal with your log-in. Otherwise, the forums don't support premium content. Sorry.
  6. I would continue to use the link to try and contact them every day or every other day until they respond. Let them know you're out of country and would prefer email contact. Good luck.
  7. How long have you given them to respond? If you purchased the draft guide, then should be getting back to you within 48 hours, if not before.
  8. You need to be using this link. If you haven't heard anything within 24-48 hours, I would re-send a message. The Admins don't really use the forums so they won't see any messages here.
  9. This thread is going to take a little break for awhile. Attempt to get some cooler heads in here to prevail. When it opens back up, let's hope folks can have a substantive conversation of the player instead of bickering personally like kids. It's okay to agree to disagree.
  10. Folks, this thread has become unreadable as it's turned into a place for personal bickering and internet small guy syndrome. Some of you need to agree to disagree or use the ignore function. We don't need endless pages of bickering and covering the same territory. Some of you won't be convincing the others, so just move along and we can all take stock then. In the meantime, it's probably best to let some new voices weigh in or I can see a few of you not participating in week one. Thanks.
  11. The rhetoric and vitriol in this thread needs to come way down. JFC, it's July. Some of you guys aren't going to last to week one at this pace. Let's have everyone slow their roll. We're here to exchange opinions, not to try to win biggest jerkoff of the season. Please get back to some respectful debates and exchange of ideas. Thanks.
  12. Just to follow up. I understand and empathize with your points. A best practice may be instead of giving an inning by inning recap in real time in the Player threads, track it and then give a recap of the entire start which you can do inning by inning. Example: Sale was starting at 97 mph in the first two innings 3rd inning started to wear and rely more on his slider. Still hitting 94. 5th inning he ran into trouble and was a high stress inning. Hitters started squaring him up more and velocity was more around 93 mph although did reach back and hit 96 to K <insert player>. 6th inning, blah, blah, blah. etc, etc. You can leave the inning responses in the GDT in real time and then recap for owners after he's done for the night. Does that make sense? I do know this approach is not only appreciated by posters and Mods alike but the best kind of information we can leave for our entire community. Thanks for the respectful feedback.
  13. They gave him every opportunity to win the job this spring and he didn't hit. He's in the best shape of his life, but he'll have to produce in AAA and await an injury or someone to fail for the big club. Could be 2-3 weeks, could be 2-3 months. This isn't about service time.