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  1. Trading up 5 spots (basically a 7th round pick) for David Johnson in 2015 or simply taking him instead of Randy Gregory was where they went wrong. They knew they needed a RB and instead took a bipolar addict. You take David Johnson then you can take Jalen Ramsey in the first in 2016. Spilled milk though.
  2. Well, the good news for those guys is they can get back to boating by tomorrow...... Get these guys some fishing rods!
  3. Bad news for Ty Montgomery. Knee bent back. Hopefully he avoided major injury.
  4. More like Bad Odell..... Still time though. Still only a 2 score game.
  5. They're biggest priority should be to upgrade the defense and then the interior of the O line. Drafting a RB late may be a good option if he's BPA, but even WR may be a bigger priority with them expected to lose DJax, Garcon being a UFA as well and Doctson being a question mark. Add in Reed's injuries and they actually need a lot of things before a RB, not that adding another back wouldn't be valued, it's simply nowhere near their top priority.
  6. Are folks banking on Richards being healthy this year? Opted not to have TJ surgery and will be on an innings and pitch count. I guess he could be like Tanaka but these situations tend to end up delaying the inevitable.....
  7. While it may or may not be true, Arians isn't one you want to put much stock in when it comes to injury information...... He's constantly underselling stuff.
  8. Get back on track guys. You want to have a silly debate over draft pick order selection, then do it the proper thread. Thanks.
  9. With championships on the line, one team has everything to play for while the other is trying not to get injured. Best of luck to everyone still alive out there. Post em'.
  10. He probably pockets about 50% of that or less. Still a nice sum..... but it's not like it's tax-free income.
  11. No apology needed. Just a reminder. Appreciate you starting the thread.
  12. When you start a GDT, please reference the date in the title so folks can easily search for it later. Thanks.
  13. A short time ago..... in a land far, far away.... A new hope was born for a flailing franchise. They rid themselves of a plague of mediocrity who allowed his rot erode an entire organization as he reaped unearned millions. Fish sticks is out and although his influence probably won't wash off until the offseason, tonight a team, a franchise, and a city will start anew..... but in Seattle. Post em'!
  14. Dan Reeves coached his teams to 4 Super Bowls. He's certainly a notch, probably 2, behind legends like Halas, Landry and Shula but he runs circles around Fisher who is probably legitimately the worst coach to ever coach over 15 years. He had 6 winning seasons in 22. That's disgusting ineptitude.