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  1. And the NFL continues the disgusting product on Thursday night..... Dozens of fans are excited. One last reminder. Please don't start the prime time GDT's. Thanks.
  2. Actually more Eli. He's been absolutely abysmal. I do agree Shepard is more of a tacitian and route runner. Quick in tight spaces more than crazy long speed. Regardless, the issue is Eli and if he continues to look cooked then this offense can only support OBJ and not multiple receivers. It's all Eli.
  3. How's it going be.... when you throw those interceptions? Homecoming Week continues. Didn't work out so well for Bradford. How's it going to be for the Hair?
  4. C'mon people..... the other thread is still on the first page.
  5. Underthrown too. Poor ball placement. Landry's not very good...... but never forget...... He's spry!!! High knees!!!!!
  6. 1. 2. If you have a question about this type of subject matter, then please PM us. Do NOT start a topic like this. It only makes more work for the Mods and publicizes your ignorance. Thanks.
  7. Why would you write this?
  8. Wow. No DPI on that? It was minimum hands to the face....
  9. Posting tweets and really any other media is easier than ever..... Simply copy and paste the web address bar (URL) and boom. Magic. A giant improvement in the upgrade.
  10. If I'm a Packers fan.... I'm extremely worried. They probably end up winning this game because the Bears are God awful, but the Packers offense and Rodgers specifically look shaky, if not, broken.
  11. Injured..... He's got em', so he's smoking em'.....
  12. Green Bay trying to get their groove back after getting crushed on Sunday...... Are we ready for their jelly? Meanwhile, the Bears are in hot pursuit of the the #1 pick in the draft. Tank! Tank! Tank! He's not playing, but he will forever be..... the Bears mascot for a generation of fans. He's...... oh yea..... The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Post em'.
  13. Two teams on the brink and desperately need a win........ Who's going to show up? Also a small reminder, please don't start prime time GDT's. Allow Mods to do so and manage. If we haven't started one 15 minutes before the game then please PM us or you can do so at that time. Thanks.
  14. Texans win!!! Texans win!!!! Texans win!!!!