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  1. Alex Cobb 2018 Outlook

  2. Alex Cobb 2018 Outlook

  3. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    I think it's always a bit concerning when you see guy like this struggle early the next year. It's ST so probably not much to worry about but .195 currently with a 15/4 K/BB ratio is nasty. He struggled in ST last year too. I guess that's the good news although not to this level....
  4. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    Blake Parker..... Yikes.
  5. Justin Turner 2018 Outlook

    Forsythe to 3b....
  6. Justin Turner 2018 Outlook

    Broken wrist.....
  7. Amir Garrett 2018 Outlook

    The hip injury was the big game changer last year and it's been said he has some hip issues earlier in his career, but he said he feels stronger than ever (what do players don't) and his base is strong, therefore you see the FB velocity up 3-4 mph. He was working in the low 90's after the DL stint last year and he was far hittable. As far as his role, Cincinnati really needs starting pitching. Iglesias has already moved to the pen. So did Cingrani before flipped. I have a feeling Finnegan ends up there too and probably Stephenson as well if he can't clean up his control. They need to see if guys like Mahle, Cody Reed and Garrett can work their way into the future of their rotation. He may start in the pen early this year (after Finnegan and DeS return), but if he's effective and healthy, then probably needs to be tried out in the rotation....
  8. Amir Garrett 2018 Outlook

    FWIW, based on this performance, RR put him in the rotation as the 5th starter.....
  9. Amir Garrett 2018 Outlook

    Depends on Finnegan apparently...... Might begin as the 5th starter over Cody Reed as Mahle and Romano have been rumored to make the rotation. Still, Finnegan will be back eventually. Personally, I think the Reds are playing with fire and Finnegan should be made into a reliever but.... yea.
  10. Ryan McMahon 2018 Outlook

    Not looking like it.... Cargo signing had a lot of different impacts.....
  11. Folks, we are currently working with the parties involved to come to a sound resolution. In the meantime, please feel free to post and discuss players and rankings freely but please don’t live link at this time. Just sit tight and we’ll get the bottom of things directly. Thanks.
  12. It's fine as long as it conforms to usual non-BC protocol and doesn't involve live links back to those on a published site.
  13. Quick, if you had to pick a QB to play for your life, which one of these guys would go with??? Bortles or Tyrod? Post em' and good luck in DFS.
  14. Who needs some points to move on in their playoff brackets? Who needs a standout performance? Who needs a miracle? No Gronks out there tonight.... I wish you all well.... unless I'm playing you.