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  1. Yea, they're right in the thick of the WC hunt..... Why sell off? I guess if the package is simply too good....
  2. Are the Rays going to price themselves right out of the deadline or will someone blink?
  3. Carlos Estevez with the clean save.....
  4. Robles saves Familia's line from getting much worse with a K of LeMahieu. Having watched Familia a bit this year, he seems to have a guardian angel at times he gets in trouble.
  5. I own him in a dynasty league and he's been great on an AB basis. I really have no idea where these SBs are coming from but happy to have him. He had shown good speed (29 steals one year in AA/AAA) but nothing like this. He'd be on pace for 40 steals with 600 PAs.
  6. And Familia is done..... leaves the bases juiced with 1 out.
  7. And a WP lets the winning run come home..... lol.
  8. Loney boots one but it was going to be a RBI ground out anyway most likely. Still having issues locating. Familia's been able to worm his way out of a lot situations this season but some of his command issues are coming back to bit him this week.
  9. Familia struggling again..... 2 on and no outs.
  10. And this is the conundrum. If dynasty, heavy keeper leagues, you have to be excited about his performance thus far. He's not overmatched and shows he has a plan at the plate. Is he going to be Arenado? Very doubtful, but having just watched 3 of his games and catching a few before, he's MLB ready. Whether or not that translates into fantasy success, we'll have to wait and see. That written, he's not really in a situation to be a fantasy impact guy. He's in Oakland on a rebuilding team, hitting 7-9 in the lineup on a poor offense and he's still a rookie. If you're in a shallow 10-12 team league especially in standard scoring, he's probably not going to be an impact bat. Someone to monitor and if he gets scorching then pounce. In deeper leagues or AL only leagues, he's probably a roster and has an opportunity to move up the lineup after the trade deadline. A's would love to move Reddick, Valencia, Coco, and Vogt.
  11. Swinging bunt that the 3b tried to barehand and whiffed on it. The SS wasn't backing up and overran the ball. It was scored a RBI single and it didn't leave the infield.
  12. I believe he was using this....
  13. I'm pretty much convinced he was the main target. Harrell is meh and hopefully he can be functional as the long man eventually, but I'm of the opinion that Alvarez was the primary trade target in this deal. Rangers are taking a big chance because of his sample size. May be a fluke, but they needed another lefty for the pen.
  14. He's probably the long/swing man. He may actually be in the rotation to begin with but I would assume if they ever get healthy and with perhaps another addition to the rotation, Harrell will find himself as the long man.