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  1. Who needs some points to move on in their playoff brackets? Who needs a standout performance? Who needs a miracle? No Gronks out there tonight.... I wish you all well.... unless I'm playing you.
  2. Fantasy playoffs are here..... Is a championship within your grasp??? Last chance for the Falcons at home? Playoffs may be on the line for them. Good luck to all our RW posters and let's keep it clean in here. At the end of the day, we're all here to make each other better. And never forget..... Your grandparents or great-grandparents won't.... Post em'.
  3. The Philly offense vs the Legion of Boom? Legion of Boom? There is no Legion of Boom anymore..... they're gone. But the Hawks still got Russ. Will it be enough? I'm sure some fantasy playoff berths hang in the folds of tonight's performances.....
  4. Not a lot of history between these two franchises lately but at one time, this was a huge rivalry..... So while Mariota vs Big Ben or LeVeon Bell vs DeMarco Murray doesn't get many casual fans excited, back in the day, this was one of the AFC's biggest rivalries.... or so we've heard. LOL. Remember when.... Good luck to everyone!
  5. Long time AFC West matchup. If Denver loses, are they out of the Divisional race???
  6. 10.26.17 -- TNF: Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens Game Thread

    Half!!!! Smoke em', if you got em'.....
  7. 10.26.17 -- TNF: Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens Game Thread

    If they play Miami or SF every game, it's very repeatable.....
  8. 10.26.17 -- TNF: Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens Game Thread

    Kiko just killed Flacco.....
  9. What a barn burner!!!! Ugh..... what a terrible product. Let's hope both of these terrible teams can muster up some professional pride and give us an entertaining game. Is Joe Flacco elite? Remember when that was a thing??? Meanwhile....... somewhere.
  10. This is it...... Same basic personnel and they were very good last year. Basically the best offense in football by Points by Series. Now, they're pathetic. What's the new ingredient???
  11. Please stop...... Take it up with the NFL if you have an issue with it. You've taken up enough space with this tilting at windmills.....
  12. Freeman already signed an extension...... The real issue is hiring Steve Sarkasian. He's terrible and calls a poor game.
  13. Bailed out by a dumb mistake on the Falcons. It was a forward toss..... that's a pass by definition. Like a shovel pass.
  14. Pretty sure that was on Brady actually...... Or on Gronk.