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  1. You can say that again.....
  2. Yea, without injury it's a terrible trade, but frankly this is a conversation for the AC forum so I'm going to ask we tie this up now.
  3. Get Elliott out of the game..... Get ALF in there.
  4. Certainly your prerogative, but I think it's a mistake. Not many backs will get the touches he's scheduled to...... Obviously injury will color everything, but folks that consistently chase TDs and not usage typically are lambs to the slaughter...
  5. Zach Miller winning some games for deep leaguers tonight..... huge game.
  6. Yea, almost 17 points in a PPR league. It's been his best game by far this season (opponent helps) and he'll continue to get better. He definitely left some meat on the bone.
  7. And back to an ankle injury..... lol. They don't know.
  8. There's Dez.....
  9. Okay, looks like an Achilles for Langford.... Damn, I wouldn't wish that on a snake...
  10. Couple of posters here are going to need a support group with this news....