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  1. Let's please stay on topic and remember that politics, personal or otherwise, are not fodder for these forums. Trying to compare the sliding scale of criminal behavior is probably going to eventually spiral out of control. Please get back to the player, and only his actions that affect his baseball or fantasy value. Thank you.
  2. You sure..... And the idea is Romo massages his contract to mitigate injury risk for Dallas' trade partner by dividing his salary up into chunks of roster and maybe even game bonuses to get closer to pay for play type of contract. He'd still get some assurances and guarantees but a portion would only be paid if he were healthy enough to play.
  3. New Orleans didn't have an owner at the time......
  4. They need an IPS address. Is it the one which you used to post above? Thanks.
  5. So, I bubbled this up to IPS and they did massage our settings. Here is their feedback and next steps. Best of luck.
  6. Thank you for agreeing with me.....
  7. His PAs and ABs have gone up each season too. So he's doing less with more in a sense..... Turned 30 a few days ago.
  8. Okay the tech team did investigate but couldn't really find anything specific. They've requested you take a screen shot next time you get the error message and post it here so we can forward up to them to try and isolate the issue. Thanks.
  9. We're sorry you had this experience, we're looking into the situation. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. This is confounding as we've only seen this type of feedback from you and @CL3VELANDBR0WNS so it's difficult to know if this is isolated to a few of you or prevalent. None of the Mods have had this specific issue. Also, I apologize you were ignored by the Help/Contact link. This has been reported. In the meantime, I'll try and bubble this up to the IPS team to see if they've encountered this issue but can't make any promises. I may try some thing with your profile around your warning points, so please don't be alarmed but do give feedback if there is any change, good or bad. Thanks. Have you deleted your cookies before?
  11. Trading up 5 spots (basically a 7th round pick) for David Johnson in 2015 or simply taking him instead of Randy Gregory was where they went wrong. They knew they needed a RB and instead took a bipolar addict. You take David Johnson then you can take Jalen Ramsey in the first in 2016. Spilled milk though.
  12. Well, the good news for those guys is they can get back to boating by tomorrow...... Get these guys some fishing rods!
  13. Bad news for Ty Montgomery. Knee bent back. Hopefully he avoided major injury.
  14. More like Bad Odell..... Still time though. Still only a 2 score game.