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  1. Sean Newcomb 2018 Outlook

    I think folks were getting confused by your terminology. You typed his numbers don't back up this "start". I think you mean the beginning of his season and not his outing today, where he was dominant.
  2. 6/16 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Carrasco removed..... Twitter saying he got hit in the elbow by a comebacker. May be a saving grace.
  3. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    If they could easily trade Choo for anything of value, he'd be gone...... Daniels would help pack his bags. Choo's been pretty hot lately too. As far as playing the field, they had Joey Gallo play a game in CF so they wouldn't have to subject Choo or Mazara in center. Reportedly, Calhoun makes Mazara look like Willie Mays in the field. That lineup is probably not going to happen....
  4. June Closer Thread 2018

    Perhaps..... although Melancon chalked up a blown save today by giving up a run on 2 hits in a 1 run game......
  5. LeBron James 2018 Offseason Thread

    They can't really sign him as a UFA outright..... however, they could possibly trade for him and keep Capela, CP3 and Harden. It would need perfect timing and Cleveland would have to want guys like Gordon, PJ Tucker, etc but it's possible. Think about how Houston got Paul last year.
  6. Masahiro Tanaka 2018 Outlook

    May return by ASB..... may not though.
  7. Masahiro Tanaka 2018 Outlook

  8. Warriors Legacy?

    That's a silly opinion...... He amongst the handful of players to be considered top 5 players. He's easily the best of his generation and far better player than Malone, Barkley and the Admiral, who are all-time greats. If you want to delineate between someone like Jordan or KAJ and Lebron because of their championships, okay. There's at least a suitable argument but don't marginalize Lebron's amazing talent.
  9. Warriors Legacy?

    I always laugh at that meme. I mean I guess for the common or dumb fan, it makes sense but it's hilariously ignorant. Allen was almost 36 by the time the playoffs came around the next year. KG was 35. Both were in steep declination. Pierce was 33 so he still had a little in the tank but that team really had a tight window of 2 years and they had almost no salary cap room. It's a false equivalency fallacy for the ignorant..... Within 2 years, Allen had joined Lebron in Miami as a bench piece and the Celtics were a .500 team who were one and done in a terrible East. There was no future in Boston and frankly, he couldn't get the talent he needed there if he wasn't going to sign for the minimum (something he wasn't willing to do).... Miami with 2 other All-Stars in their prime (Wade on back end but still in his prime) was a much better choice than playing with 3 old guys past theirs...
  10. NBA Playoffs Talk

    They may be able to add one more but that player would have to want to go to Cleveland and force/convince their current team to want to trade them there. Example is PG. He'd have to tell OKC he's leaving and they can profit from his leaving by trading him to Cleveland or he'll go sign with Lakers and they'll get nothing. Then OKC would have to want to take on some of the Cavaliers assets after Cleveland shed some contracts or money. It would be slippery but possible. They have the 8th pick so it's an asset that could be used..... 2 new stars? Probably not, but nothing is impossible I guess.
  11. Warriors Legacy?

    Oh my..... You new to basketball? I mean, that's not a dig, it's a serious question. You've never heard of The Beautiful Game? My lord, educate yourself. Lakers? WTF? Those were great series but nothing like the basketball being played today.
  12. NBA Playoffs Talk

  13. Stephen Strasburg 2018 Outlook