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  1. I'm curious as well. What are the odds he gets suspended? If he does, will he likely be out this week or will he appeal and play this week? I'm in a weekly lineup and can't decide whether or not to sit him.
  2. Yeah, it will depend a bit on the setup of the league. Depending on the value of closers in the league, you may want to hold out for a better offer. If it is a points league where it accumulates all season, you could hold all 6 to get a nice headstart in saves and then sell off later. Help with mine please:
  3. I'm struggling a bit to determine who I want to start between 1b, 3b and Util in my weekly lineup. Here are my options 3b Josh Donaldson 1b/3b Max Muncy 1b Luke Voit 3b Rafael Devers Obviously Muncy's position flexibility allows me multiple combinations here. Really it just boils down to which of these 4 do you leave out of the lineup and put on the bench. We are typical 5x5 weekly H2H (BA, HR, R, RBI, SB on offense). 12 teams. The rest of my lineup is C Ramos 1b ??? 2b Merrifield SS Tim Anderson 3b ??? OF1 Acuna OF2 Benintendi OF3 Puig UTIL ??? WHIR, leave link. Thanks!
  4. Does anybody know when he will officially be put on the Injured List? I would like to be able to move him over to my IL spot in my league to open up an extra bench spot, but can't do it until it is official.
  5. Looks like he'll be activated today. Do you guys think he plays all 6 games this week, or will they ease him back? Green light from the get go? Where do you think he slots back in with the lineup?
  6. Expectations ROS coming off of the injury? Was shocked he got dropped just a few days before returning from the injury and I was able to snag him. Now I have both Murphy and him coming back from the DL at similar times. Curious to know what people are expecting from Schoop moving forward.
  7. Two start week next week with Toronto at home and White Sox on the road. Worth starting in weekly leagues? His history makes me incredibly nervous, but reading through comments about his changes and the solid second half last year has me considering.
  8. 2 for 4 with a 2b and NO STRIKEOUTS so far today. Progress.....