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  1. Yahoo league question regarding Retro Stats: Let's say I want to have a draft this Saturday, so it would be completed in time for Sunday's games. Is there any way to run retro stats for this Thursday's Opening Night game only, so that all the team owners can enter lineups normally on Sunday aside from player from the Thursday game? Or would each team have to set their lineup all at the same time after this Sunday? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I just hope there's nothing broken. It doesn't sound good either way.
  3. 3/36 since he suffered the forearm cramp on a swing. Don't think that's a coincidence.
  4. Rays announcers just said it's "nothing more" than a forearm cramp.
  5. Yup, I'm watching. Didn't look good. He swung at strike 3, then immediately hunched over in pain in his right hand. Walked towards the dugout holding his hand waist high with the fingers curled not moving it or his fingers at all. He looked concerned.Maybe a bad cramp? My initial reaction was tore a tendon. Yeah I think a torn tendon is a possibility, unfortunately. So frustrating.
  6. Uggghhhhh. On a check swing or what? That's never good... Full swing. Immediately grabbed his hand in pain, immediately replaced. Looked very bad. Tendon strain or wrist sprain, or worse.
  7. Souza hurt his hand on a swing and left the game. Prepare for bad news.
  8. Stating the obvious, but... What a beast.
  9. They are locked into their playoff seed, they have no reason to play him if he's still hurting. Is that accurate? If Washington wins the next two, and Chicago loses the next two, wouldn't Washington have home court advantage instead of being the road team, as they currently are seeded? Same thing for the Raptors. If they lose two, Washington wins two, and Bulls split or win out, wouldn't Raptors and Wizards be the 4 and 5 seeds instead of Washington and Chicago? Any answers from anyone would be much appreciated.
  10. Um... does anyone have a clue how much longer he's going to be rested?
  11. Wall looks good, the rest of the Wizards look awful. They have been a garbage 3rd quarter/2nd half team for a few weeks now. They really need to add a second scoring option during the offseason. Beal is too injury-prone and not assertive enough. I thought Wall had a 4th steal in the 3rd quarter that was credited to Porter. Would like to see a replay of that because I need every steal in my matchup this week.
  12. OMG. His free throw shooting is pathetic.
  13. I just don't understand how/why he became such an awful free throw shooter. He's so brutal from the line.
  14. Deng gets hurt a lot and Wade is hurt all the time. Cole sucks. Chalmers will be inconsistent, but he should be able to provide top 75-90 value without a problem. Even more if Wade/Deng go down for long stretches.
  15. Make a damn free throw.