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  1. Yahoo league question regarding Retro Stats: Let's say I want to have a draft this Saturday, so it would be completed in time for Sunday's games. Is there any way to run retro stats for this Thursday's Opening Night game only, so that all the team owners can enter lineups normally on Sunday aside from player from the Thursday game? Or would each team have to set their lineup all at the same time after this Sunday? Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. He was supposed to get a second opinion yesterday... any word?
  3. My new theory is that Andrews has been replacing ligaments, tendons, and muscles with Play-Doh this whole time.
  4. A.J. Griffin is expected to begin the season on the disabled list due to a right elbow issue. It's not clear when the problem came up, but it could explain Griffin's struggles this spring (he's allowed 10 runs on 19 hits over 8 2/3 innings). The right-hander will pay a visit to Dr. Douglas Freedberg on Saturday to get a clearer picture of his status. With Jarrod Parker (forearm) also bound for the DL, the A's are likely to use Jesse Chavez and Tommy Milone in their rotation. Mar 14 - 3:27 PM Is Dr. Douglas Freedburg a sleeper pick? Could he hurt Dr. JA's #1 overall value (across all fantasy sports)? Seriously, sucks that all these pitchers are needing second surgeries. Parker would be yet another one with a second TJ surgery. Maybe Andrews isn't all that good with the knife. That, or he's lucked into the most profitable surgery in sports because no one has proper mechanics, as poster above just mentioned.
  5. I consider AL and NL-only players to be sadists. They only want to enjoy half of the awesome game that is fantasy baseball. That being said, this will be my first year doing both an AL and an NL-only league! Yay!
  6. Any reason to think he might have turned a corner with tonight's start?
  7. You didn't speak too soon. This was mentioned on the previous page. We were just conjecturing that, since Anderson left the game last night with a flare-up of the ankle, if he's unable to make his start, Straily will be recalled without starting in AAA. Anderson would have to be DL'd for that to happen. Straily must stay in the minors for a minimum of 10 days unless he is recalled to replace someone who has been DL'd.
  8. Looks like they're exhausting all options before surgery.....Sort of like Jason Motte. I wish him luck but the reality is that there is still a very good chance he ends up under the knife, although I hope not. There's no structural damage with Bundy, though. With Motte there is definitive damage, just a matter of whether it heals properly with rest. Bundy's injury sounds like it's tricky, and it's definitely bad that he'll be out two months or more, but I don't think they're necessarily exhausting all options before surgery. And for now it's a better scenario than him needing Tommy John. He might eventually need some form of surgery if the rest doesn't work, but it won't necessarily have to be TJ surgery, either. In fact, it wouldn't be for sure as of now because it's pain in his forearm, not his elbow. He would have to get back on a mound and then have the forearm pain, or compensation for the discomfort, damage his elbow before needing TJ. At least that's my uneducated understanding of it.
  9. To be fair, Bundy has a pretty extreme workout routine. His brother got hurt as well. Could just as easily be something Bundy did as it was something the Orioles did. Or it could just be bad luck, every pitcher is an injury risk by nature.
  10. Major bummer. First MRI came back clean but I guess they miss things all the time.
  11. I would just say it's a stumble with the huge caveat of "unless he's injured" (dur). But his groundball rate is beyond elite, he usually doesnt give up hardly any homeruns, his velocity is fine (92ish), he has a great pitchers ballpark, and his pitching IQ is off the charts. If he's healthy he can be a top 20 pitcher. Maybe, but he's never healthy. I would never draft Anderson unless it was for a couple dollars in an auction or one of my final few picks in a snake draft. He's pitched 175, 112, 83, and 35 innings over his career. You can only expect maybe half a season from him, and that might be optimistic. He was being way overdrafted this season.
  12. How many games was the suspension for again? I can't seem to find/remember the info. Was it for PED's? Did he already start serving it?
  13. Unless there was a change in plans I haven't heard about, Bundy is being assigned to the instructional league after the minor league season ends, so he's not coming up to the majors. And Machado has acquitted himself nicely thus far, holding his own offensively and providing great defense at third, which was a glaring problem from the O's. So I pretty much disagree with your entire post. Bundy's not coming up, as he shouldn't because he's not ready, and Machado's development isn't going to be hurt facing major league pitching. What's the point of any major league team playing the game if you're not trying to make the playoffs? I'm glad the Orioles front office didn't share your pessimism and skepticism, otherwise Machado would never have been called up and the Orioles would be worse off (Machado almost single-handedly won the Orioles a couple of his first games with his first home runs, and his defense has been so much better than the butchers they had been playing at third all season) and not in a position to make the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. All the "experts" said that Orioles had no chance back in May/June, and they were dead wrong. There's still people hating and doubting them, none other than Bobby Valentine who attributed all of the team's success to luck - which tells me it's definitely not luck, since Bobby V is one of the stupidest minds in baseball. Saying that they "won't go anywhere" once getting to the playoffs is simply not true - no one knows for sure. But you have to try your hardest to get in, especially with the opportunity the Orioles have with the Red Sox in shambles and the Yankees and Rays with glaring weaknesses. Just look at the Cardinals last season. No one in the country outside of St. Louis thought they had a prayer of making the playoffs exactly a year ago on Sept. 1st, and even die-hard Cards fans thought they had little chance. Then after getting into the playoffs by the skins of their teeth, no one though they would make a run. Then, bam - World Series Championship. Honestly, if Bundy had shown better control at his current level of the minors, I would have been in support of calling him up if it was clear he could contribute. Right now, it's pretty clear that he would struggle, making it too risky. But I don't think anyone should fault a team for doing that they can to win, especially when the players in question are two of the best/most-talented prospects in baseball.
  14. I'm too lazy to look it up, but wasn't the AA All-Star game this week? Plus, I think he only pitches every 6 days to begin with.
  15. ETA?