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  1. Duke Johnson or Dede Westbrook? WHIR

    Dede over the Duke.. good luck !!
  2. Which d? whir

    Rams.. Pats are battered with injuries and back to the 'bend don't break' strategy.. good luck !!
  3. Hunt Kamara and Aghlolor.. good luck !!
  4. Who to start? WHIR

    I like Sanu.. hope Saints are all about Julio.. good luck !!
  5. Which DST? WHIR

    I have same decision and went with KC.. in Arrowhead, must win, Cutler, maybe Tyreek can break one.. good luck !!
  6. Bears or Chargers??

    Bears.. good luck !!
  7. Mike Davis or gillislee? PPR whir

    Davis will get more shots.. Gillislee may get GL carries has not been asked to catch passes for the Pats.. good luck !!
  8. TieBreaker? Foles or Bortles

    Bortles.. good luck !!
  9. Duke.. Gillislee back but hasn't dressed in nearly two months.. good luck !!
  10. Flex Help! WHIR (Leave Link)

    Some good options, I like Bryant and Shephard.. good luck !!
  11. Mike Thomas, AJ Green and Ty Hill are the options.. thanks !!!!
  12. FLEX help! Ertz/Diggs/McKinnon? WHIR

    Ertz all the way.. good luck and thanks for the help !!
  13. QB / WR Help whir!!

    Great point Savatage.. no brainer to bench Foles if Vikes win.. thanks all !!!!
  14. Two good options but can't deny Thielen's volume against rancid Pack secondary.. good luck !!