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  1. Which side of trade do you like?

    Thanks guys. Yeah I went for the Lester side
  2. Lester,Gallo, yelich, O Herrera or Urena, Jose Abreu, Bennitendi, Ender I 5x5 roto redraft need to upgrade my pitcher.
  3. 2017 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    How do u guys feel the Tigers did on this trade? I know the JD trade didn't look to good for the Tigers. Just wondering what your guys thoughts were.
  4. S. Gray or Tanaka ROS WHIR

    Tough but I would go Tanaka help
  5. Which player would your rather have rest of season in 5X5 roto redraft ? As a utility justin Bour or Joey Gallo? Will help in return
  6. Eric Young Jr. 2017 Outlook

    Not much to see unless a very deep league.
  7. Chris Davis 2017 Outlook

    Homer tonight. It's all or nothing but I'll take it
  8. Thames or Conforto

    I actually like Conforto on this one. Has power and average. Thames will out homer him but conforto is no punk in the power department.
  9. Miguel Cabrera 2017 Outlook

    He is in lineup as of now.
  10. Trade Miggy for Darvish

    I would not settle for Darvish.
  11. Dude stop asking that question. It's a no brainer. Hope for your league not to veto it. Lol
  12. Trevor Story, Dee Gordon...

    I might stand pat. Your team has no speed with out Dee