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  1. Gosh I dont know. I dont like this deal for you. I think you're giving up too much. Arenado is a better fantasy player than Judge. Khris Davis gives you 40+ homers every year. The same as Judge will give you. Tatis in a keeper could be moved later on for a bigger part. So even if you dont plan to keep Tatis - his value increases every home run and steal. It's close but given pitchers get injured more often I would stand pat. See if you can get Bauer for Davis & Tatis? Good luck! T PS - help with this?
  2. I would move Polanco for Musgrove. Musgrove is looking pretty great. That Pittsburgh pitching has a great impact on these players. Good luck! T PS - help with this? -
  3. If Khris qualifies for OF in your league then I would take KD and Inciarte side. I dont like the platoon Renfrow is in. Although the best player in the deal is Benny .....nobody hits homers like Khris Davis
  4. I wouldn't drop Buxton, Winkler or Peacock for Polanco. Maybe Winkler for Senzel mind you. I'm high on Senzel. I think your instincts are right re Senzel and what will happen to the Reds lineup. Good luck! T PS - help with this? -
  5. (1) Meadows. (2) Soler (3) Eaton and (4) Herrera The Padre OFers are splitting time and that keeps them off the top 4 for me Good luck! T PS - help with this? -
  6. I just googled Clevinger and did not read anything about 6-8 weeks out. They said minimum 10 days. Sounds like a precaution. Still - I wouldn't trade Sale for him and Alonso. You can get more for Sale. Good luck! T PS - help with this? -
  7. I would drop Woodruff or Keller for Darvish. I would also drop both for Skaggs. Darvish has so much more upside. Skaggs does too. Good luck! T PS - help with this? -
  8. Hi folks, I'm in a 12 team, 5x5 roto (OBP instead of Avg), 6 player keeper league. I currently have 2 saves thanks to Cody Allen, David Robertson, and Archie Bradly. I have Jeremey Jeffress on the IL. I have more than enough keepers for 2020 but have Fernando Tatis Jr. He would only cost me $6 to keep next year. I lost Trea so I have Tatis playing SS but also have Ketel Marte. I've been offered 3 trades for Tatis. Can you let me know (A) Should I accept any of them and (B) Rank the offers? TRADE #1 - Jose Alvarado, Will Smith, Kiki Hernandez for Fernando Tatis Jr and Christian Walker TRADE #2 - Blake Treinen for Tatis Jr TRADE #3 - Jose Alvarado and Kiki Hernandez for Tatis Jr And of course Tatis smokes another homer last night to bring him to 3 in 10 games. Maybe it's a collasal mistake to trade him for closers. My concern is that I'm 2nd overall (i know it's early) but I'm 12th in saves. It might be tough to make it up even when Jeffress returns. Or should I hold off and try to move another player for a closer. Outside 2-3 teams in my league most other teams have 1 closer or 2 shaky ones so it'll be tough to pry away. I was leaning toward the Treinen deal until he blew a save. I only have Ketel Marte at SS if I move Tatis so getting Kiki might be good. Post your Question link here and I'll reply T C - G Sanchez 1B - F. Freeman 2B - M Moustakas 3B - M. Carpenter SS - F. Tatis MI - K Marte CI - Y Diaz OF (4): JD Martinez, Khris Davis, R. Braun, J Bruce DH: R Cano Bench: C. Walker, Joc Pederson IL - Trea Turner P (8): T Bauer, Thor, Strasburg, C Paddack, C Allen, D Robertson, A Bradley, F Peralta B: Y Chirinos, Aaron Sanchez
  9. Thanks for th feedback. But.... Tatis with his 2nd homer in his first 8 games. 1 steal, nice runs. Only cost $6 to keep for 20’. All happening as a 20 yr old. I dunno.
  10. I think you're giving up too much for Amed Rosario. Castro and him are near identical except for speed. Robertson has been terrible but he'll right the ship a bit, and it's April 5th! See if he would do Castro and Rosario straight up or fish the wire for some speed. You could also try to trade Kimbrel for speed to an owner brave enough! Good luck! T PS - help with this? -
  11. I wouldn't move Andujar given his keeper price! DeJong isn't that great of a pick up. Very low sale. You could get move for Andujar closer to his return. Good luck! T PS - help with this? -
  12. I would go with Hosmer and Cruz. You're getting full starts. Not sure with Cruz. Good luck T PS - help with this? -
  13. It's April 5th - WAYYY too early to tell my friend. You could use an upgrade at Starter but even then you could stand pat. It's a solid roster and while some guys are struggling out of the gate (eloy) it's April 5th! Good luck T Ps - help with this? -
  14. I dont like that deal for you. You could get much more for Bellinger (and Lindor when healthy) than what you're getting. Eloy is unproven. Devers has not been good so far and wasnt good last year. Still really young. Stand pat! T PS - help with this? -
  15. I wouldn't add Gordon over any of those 3 players. Schwarber is the best of the 4. Then Choo. Then Desmond. Good luck T PS - help with this? -