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  1. It wasn't a mysterious something that clicked. He went to the minor leagues and altered his mechanics. He returned with improved velocity and control. Now the question is if the new mechanics will help him stay healthy.
  2. Format isn't your problem. One of your three remaining teams was loaded with great keeper options when you figure in talent and price. The other two are dramatically weaker. (Sorry. I'm cranky after taking the time to look through your first post before realizing the good one is gone)
  3. What time is the draft? Where in the order does this team pick? (Is it based on standings last year?) Not a great team, but I'd be interested if I can make the draft time. tampicostogies@yahoo.com
  4. I've got him in a keeper. No way I would draft him at this point.
  5. Depends on what you need. Both have disappointed of late. All things being equal, I'd take Conforto, but the difference is small.
  6. If ability was all that matters, I'd agree that Moore is well behind the others. Moore has the advantages of the National League and a great pitcher's park. That said, others seem to agree, so Moore is more likely to fall to me in the second or third round.
  7. Agreed. Your need for strikeouts is a big factor. I'd go with Hendricks if you have some K's coming from elsewhere. Help with mine?
  8. Agreed. I don't love either of them at those values. I'd cut both. If you are dead set on keeping one, I'd got with Buxton for his superior upside. Help with mine?
  9. I'd also go with deGrom, then Verlander. If it was a keeper, I'd push Verlander down. Help with mine?
  10. I've got the third overall pick in a 10-team keeper league. Each time protects 14 players, so starting pitching is a bit thin. There is a decent chance I will have my pick of Paxton, Gausman and Moore. I'm leaning toward that order, with Paxton first. I had Gausman third, but he has been outstanding this spring. So, how would y'all rank them? WHIR
  11. As somebody else mentioned, Peralta had some useful seasons. Tulowitzki can still provide some power. He hit 23 home runs last year. He just isn't going to be the monster he was in Coors Field again.
  12. Just realized that was 8:45 p.m. Pacific. Good thing I'm a night owl.
  13. Still need league members?
  14. http://www.seattletimes.com/sports/mariners/mariners-ace-felix-hernandez-ive-got-to-prove-people-wrong/
  15. He definitely looks a lot better. I think the idea was to not only be in better shape, but to build strength that would allow him to get back some of that lost velocity. I read an article that quoted the trainer talking about his approach and it sounds promising, but there are still a lot of miles on that arm.