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  1. Trea Turner 2018 Outlook

    He's walking a lot more this year. He actually walked at a decent rate in the minors, but it has taken a while for that to show at the major league level. That should eventually translate to leaving Turner in the leadoff spot where he belongs and the stolen bases in bunches will follow.
  2. Willie Calhoun - 2B TEX

    Profar was already playing regularly at second base, but they really are running out of viable options with all the injuries.
  3. Franklin Barreto - SS OAK

    Why bring the guy up to not play him at all? It doesn't make sense. I understand that Semien and Lowrie are good enough to be playing every day. What I don't understand is not finding at-bats for Barreto at all. Why not leave him in AAA if they are going to do that?
  4. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    Foot problems can be trouble. It is just so hard to rest a foot. I had foot surgery (something worse than Bird's last year), and ended up with a setback eight months after the procedure.
  5. Looks interesting. So the expansion draft will be on draft day in March? Also, are the expansion and regular drafts both snake? I'm signed up as Cecil Cantrell. (My team would be the Tampico Stogies. Just want to be sure about what I'm getting into before I commit. Thanks.
  6. Guess I'm too late to the party on this one. Lousy timing.
  7. I've got a dynasty league keeper list due Sunday. I've got two options for my final rookie-eligible spot, Justus Sheffield or Christin Stewart. It seems like Sheffield is a little farther along, but Stewart was the Tigers minor league hitter of the year in 2017. Thoughts? WHIR
  8. Thanks. Looks like I've found my new league. Much appreciated.
  9. I've been playing fantasy baseball since 1992 and I've always been an active owner. I'd love to find an auction league, but drafts are fine, too. I've played many styles and had success in most of them. My email is tampicostogies@yahoo.com.
  10. Need 1 Owner

    Guess I'm too late to the party. Just in case, I'm at tampicostogies@yahoo.com.
  11. Matt Olson 2017 Outlook

    And that is absolutely fine. Just as you thought the other side should be argued, I thought assertions should come with some support.
  12. Matt Olson 2017 Outlook

    What exactly do you base that upon? You made an argument, but did't really support it.
  13. James Paxton 2017 Outlook

    Just in time for me to be lucky if I get him back for one start in my league's playoffs. This is assuming my team survives long enough.