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  1. The thing to remember is that arm was already injured before that slide. He'd had major surgery on it years prior and he missed time that spring because it was bothering him.
  2. If I was a Pollock owner, which I'm not for the first time since 2015, and you told me he will only be out 10 days right now I'd be happy, but concerned. My worry would be that he will play through it for a while and suck, then end up sitting out longer anyway.
  3. Regardless of why, Pollock has proven to be injury prone. Maybe the specific injury was not predictable, but it was absolutely a good bet that he would be hurt at some point this season. The guy has made it through an entire season healthy exactly once, in 2015. Injuries delayed his breakout before that and they derailed his seasons in 2016 and 2017. There are a number of factors that can be part of a player being injury prone. Some are made of glass, meaning they are easily injured. Some take risks in the field that lead to a high frequency of injuries. Some are slow to heal, often sitting out much longer than expected for each injury,. We've seen a bit of all three factors with Pollock. If you take Pollock, you know there is the chance he dominates like he had up until last night, but that skill comes with a significant injury risk.
  4. Rush, what exactly is the point of your shtick? We get it. Always trade away or cut every pitcher possible. Knowing how over-the-top you go, how exactly is that helpful? In this case, I am trading an arm for one of those guys, so I appreciate the feedback, but it gets a little difficult to take your contributions to the board seriously.
  5. Wow. I hadn't looked at the board for a while, but I see Rush is still relentlessly pushing his anti-pitcher agenda.
  6. That's what I'd do. I happen to own both in one league, but I'd drop Bour first. It's a tough call. When I have a tough call on an add/drop, I tend to hold.
  7. I like Suzuki. I think he figured some things out last season and it has carried over.
  8. With only three keepers, I don't think making the move for Bour could hurt, though I doubt it is a huge upgrade over the rest of the season. Consider this a lukewarm yes for grabbing Bour. I wouldn't do it for Cron. He's had opportunities before and always seems to play his way back into a bench role. Help with mine?
  9. I've got a trade offer. I can get either Eugenio Suarez or Justin Turner. Turner is expected back this week and he has clearly been the better player the last two seasons, but I am concerned that he injury will dampen his production the rest of the season. Suarez has fizzled after great starts before, though he tends to finish with strong Septembers, but maybe he is the safer bet for just this season? Thoughts? WHIR. Just leave a link.
  10. He's walking a lot more this year. He actually walked at a decent rate in the minors, but it has taken a while for that to show at the major league level. That should eventually translate to leaving Turner in the leadoff spot where he belongs and the stolen bases in bunches will follow.
  11. Profar was already playing regularly at second base, but they really are running out of viable options with all the injuries.
  12. Why bring the guy up to not play him at all? It doesn't make sense. I understand that Semien and Lowrie are good enough to be playing every day. What I don't understand is not finding at-bats for Barreto at all. Why not leave him in AAA if they are going to do that?
  13. Foot problems can be trouble. It is just so hard to rest a foot. I had foot surgery (something worse than Bird's last year), and ended up with a setback eight months after the procedure.