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  1. I've been playing fantasy baseball since 1992 and I've always been an active owner. I'd love to find an auction league, but drafts are fine, too. I've played many styles and had success in most of them. My email is tampicostogies@yahoo.com.
  2. Need 1 Owner

    Guess I'm too late to the party. Just in case, I'm at tampicostogies@yahoo.com.
  3. Matt Olson 2017 Outlook

    And that is absolutely fine. Just as you thought the other side should be argued, I thought assertions should come with some support.
  4. Matt Olson 2017 Outlook

    What exactly do you base that upon? You made an argument, but did't really support it.
  5. James Paxton 2017 Outlook

    Just in time for me to be lucky if I get him back for one start in my league's playoffs. This is assuming my team survives long enough.
  6. Trea Turner 2017 Outlook

    Of course, this comes out a few hours after I set my lineup for the week. I'm not too torn up about it given how much he struggled during his rehab assignment. I'm guessing it will take Turner a little while to get going.
  7. Byron Buxton 2017 Outlook

    The scouting projections are relevant only because they show the type of upside Buxton possesses. A second half like this is more promising from somebody who was the top prospect in the game three years ago than it would be from a guy who wasn't highly regarded. Many fantasy owners tend to see it the other way around. If a prospect like Buxton struggles for three years before putting it together, they will dismiss it. If a lesser prospect suddenly starts hitting in his third season, they think they have found some great sleeper. The only difference is the reputation hen they arrived, yet they allow past disappointment to cloud their judgement an they favor the less talented player.
  8. Byron Buxton 2017 Outlook

    Yes, I'm aware that Upton was also a top prospect. So were a lot of other guys who failed and quite a few who turned out to be great players. That still doesn't add much to the evaluation of Buxton. It isn't about what I like. It is about what is relevant.
  9. To clarify, this isn't an add situation. All three are on my roster. I can only start one this week. Update: The Rangers' games against the Astros have been moved to Tampa, so a downgrade in ballpark for Choo.
  10. Byron Buxton 2017 Outlook

    I was having a little fun with you touting your expertise, but yes, owners like you who have become somewhat frustrated with a player who disappointed you in the past.
  11. I'd drop Greene so you can grab at least two off that list. Pham and Gennett would be my first choices. Choo and Santana are also upgrades. Help with mine?
  12. Bryce Harper vs Paul Goldschmidt **WHIR**

    I'd also go with Goldschmidt. On a side note, I assume Turner will be eligible at shortstop only next season, not second base. Help with mine?
  13. Playoffs: Who to Start?

    I'd plug Chacin in for Wood. Chacin has been great at home and it is very risky to assume Wood makes that start later in the week.
  14. OF Help

    I like Choo and Mancini better than Fowler and Harrison. Help with mine?
  15. My league's playoffs start this week. I need to choose one of three hitters for the week in a utility spot. Matt Carpenter for two in Milwaukee and four in San Francisco. Shin-Soo Choo for three in Houston and three at home against the Angels A.J. Pollock for three at home against the Dodgers and three at Colorado. Normally, I will go with the guy playing games in Coors, but Pollock has been terrible. He is likely to sit out one or two of those games. Carpenter is also struggling and he has been terrible against lefties this year. He faces two of them, Bumgarner and Moore. Choo has been the best of the three and the three games against the Astros could be moved to Arlington and Choo has better numbers at home. He does face three lefty starters, but Choo hits for a higher average against lefties while most of his homers come against right-handers. I don't think any of them is a slam dunk to start, so I put it to you. Who should be in there? WHIR.