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  1. Definitely didn't get the fastball far enough inside on the game-tying hit tonight, though I didn't like the pitch selection. No way he should be throwing a strike with a 1-2 count there.
  2. So much for the brilliance of playing Sogard over Villar. Sogard went 0-for-5 while everybody else was teeing off on the Phillies tonight.
  3. Wasn't it a grand slam? That truly was ugly. And to clarify, I wasn't saying you dump the guy or even sit him. All I was saying is that a stinker by Wood doesn't mean the same thing as a stinker by Scherzer. Scherzer is a heck of a lot more trustworthy.
  4. Villar seems to be coming around of late and Sogard was fading back to his usual level of suck. I wonder if perhaps Villar would be part of a trade for Kinsler.
  5. He had plenty of great starts the first half of the season. The problem is he mixed in too many horrible starts with them. That seems to be the real key for Lester, finding more consistency and minimizing the damage on his bad days. He failed to do either during the first half.
  6. That isn't the only thing. Other concerns include not being that good and the likelihood that he will simply get hurt again next time he seems like he's putting it all together.
  7. It wasn't just last year and the start of this year,. He was good the last two full seasons and he even had value in 2012 and 2013. Smoke and mirrors don't last that long, but clearly he's lost whatever he had.
  8. I'm sure it is just a blip for Scherzer. Given Wood's history of injuries and issues with his mechanics, I'm not quite so optimistic. The correction was coming. I didn't expect it to come all in one start. Hopefully, he rights the ship next week at home against the Twins.
  9. Given that Cooper and Headley are splitting first base, yes, I think they would still like to add a first baseman, but I think starting pitcher will be a higher priority.
  10. http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/pirates/2017/07/17/dodgers-trade-rumors-mlb-felipe-rivero-pirates-trading-deadline-alex-verdugo-willie-calhoun/stories/201707170158 The rumors of Rivero to the Dodgers don't make any sense for the Pirates. He is under team control through 2022. More importantly, the Pirates just finished a four-game sweep of the Brewers to move within three games of first place in the NL Central. It would be one hell of a middle finger to the fans to trade Rivero away for prospects at this point.
  11. Oh did nothing to show he should be put back in the closer role, giving up an unearned run on two singles and an error. He struck out one, but the other two runs came on a fly ball to the warning track and a hard-hit grounder to third.
  12. I'm holding, but mostly because injuries have left my infield very thin. I don't think the addition of Martinez hurts. It just makes the lineup stronger. Marte's arrival is what concerns me. If he starts hitting, Owings could find himself back in a part-time role. At that point, he would become useless. That would be a killer for me with Turner out another three weeks at least an the wire quite empty at shortstop.
  13. I missed it, but obviously I agree with him.
  14. Oh isn't great, but he still may be the Cardinals' best option. Every time Rosenthal seems to be getting himself back in position to close games, he struggles like today.
  15. It does help to have Goldschmidt batting behind him. Nice to see Lamb hitting after the All-Star break this time around. Perhaps he can keep it up.