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  1. Way too early for that reaction. I won't trust his return until he is in the lineup and starts hitting again.
  2. I see there has been some talk about Knebel. I haven't seen him pitch, so I'm looking for more. The results are tough to argue, especially in holds leagues. He struck out the side to become the second reliever to reach 10 holds this season and his other numbers are excellent. Just wondering if he's the real deal.
  3. They send pitchers home to have their shoulders examined because they are washed up? Now he might be done, but it seems there is an actual injury, too.
  4. Seems way too early for that, if for no other reason than to protect the bullpen.
  5. Only threw 48 pitches. That seems a bit early to yank him unless there is an injury or some other issue. Maybe he was yanked for failing to cover home on the wild pitch?
  6. So when do we reach the moment when we stop waiting for reality to set in and realize it already has done so?
  7. Sorry guys. Didn't show up on the index of player threads. Seems like this guy inspires some bitterness.
  8. I was surprised there wasn't a thread for Moore, but I don't see one on the index. The number are ugly so far, but that includes stinkers in Arizona and Colorado. He had one strong start at home against the Diamondbacks. I'm trying to figure out if the hype was misplaced or if this is a decent pitcher off to a rough start. Thoughts?
  9. Actually, Braun appealed the initial positive test and won. That initial test result should have never been public, but MLB failed to keep the information private. His reputation took a hit due to MLB's failure. This was forgotten because people cared more about busting Braun than they did MLB's failure to live up to its obligations and that was further buried because Braun turned out to be guilty. That doesn't mean MLB wasn't also in the wrong.
  10. It is, but MLB dropped the ball in Braun's case.
  11. Lovely. So much for being able to make an informed decision before my weekly lineup locks 1 p.m. tomorrow.
  12. I disagree. From what I saw, command was the primary issue. Hernandez was off on his location far too many times tonight.
  13. Now can we panic?
  14. It wasn't a mysterious something that clicked. He went to the minor leagues and altered his mechanics. He returned with improved velocity and control. Now the question is if the new mechanics will help him stay healthy.
  15. Format isn't your problem. One of your three remaining teams was loaded with great keeper options when you figure in talent and price. The other two are dramatically weaker. (Sorry. I'm cranky after taking the time to look through your first post before realizing the good one is gone)