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  1. D.J. Augustin - 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    oh yeah, NOW I remember why he can't make it as an NBA starter... I dropped him.
  2. 9 cat h2h. My only center after losing Porzingis is Draymond Green, so I really need another. Should I give up Curry for Towns?
  3. Dirk and brook Lopez for Jj reddick

    i don't trust brook. I would rather have JJ.
  4. KD vs AD!!!

    I have AD. was offered KD for him. 8 cat h2h. thoughts?
  5. Which side? Whir

    I like the Butler side.
  6. I would prob drop Ish Smith for Simmons. If you have an IL slot then grab Rivers 1st.
  7. 8 cat h2h, punting assists. Whiteside's dip in minutes concerns me. I have Anthony Davis and Embiid as my main bigs...Need an idea of who to target if I offer up Whiteside. Otto Porter? (seems a little less valuable in 8 cat) Aaron Gordon?
  8. Harden vs Kawhi. WHIR

    Like the Kawhi side but not if punting blocks. That’s where Porzingis’ value is.

    No. Save the waiver.
  10. 8 Cath h2h. give Embiid. get Gobert and Markkanen. Thoughts? I do have an IL slot for Gobert.
  11. I don't think Jabari will justify the risk or the wait. But I would rather have Rivers or Wright than Portis.
  12. I need another center. This move make sense? 9 cat h2h.
  13. nuggets just need jokic more than rockets need cp3, so he will get more rest later in the season. jokic side for me. but close.
  14. Horford/Dunn for AD/Turner

    myles turner? that's a no brainer for you, and might even get vetoed.