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  1. I have no problem dropping Favors. I wouldn't drop White after his last game, which was great.
  2. if you can be patient I think Bogs will be very solid.
  3. Seems good for you. Your other bigs should be able to carry you in those stats.
  4. I am worried, maybe for no good reason, about Hardaway's minutes and rest days as the Knicks woeful season goes on. Would any of these players be worth trading him for? Markkanen (we have an IL) Teague Bledsoe W. Cauley-Stein
  5. Wilson Chandler 2018-2019 Season Thread

    I added him, but I fully expect to be dropping him pretty soon.
  6. PJ tucker or Justin Holiday? Whir

    Tucker. Lots of bulls returning.
  7. 8 cat. Who ya like better this year?
  8. I just traded him for Steven Adams. Gonna miss those 10 for 10 at the FT line games but too many people convinced me that there is no way he finishes the season.
  9. Who wins whir

    Trying with batum makes sense.
  10. Markieff Morris 2018-19 Season Outlook

    is he a drop candidate?
  11. which PG would you rather have for the rest of the season? 8 cat h2h.
  12. I might not give up my Kemba for that but yeah, it's a fair offer. Depends on how you feel about Barton, who I think will still have a great year.
  13. yeah, as long as there is anything at all on the wire to pick up, you gotta take Butler in that deal. When he starts playing again, you just added another 1st rounder to your squad, and probably gave up nothing higher than a 5th rounder (Prince?).
  14. AD vs JOKIC. WHIR!!!

    AD side for me. I still think Allen will get better this year and close the gap between him and Ayton. We have seen what he is capable of- just needs consistency. And AD is just so AD.
  15. One roster spot, who ya got? WHIR

    another vote for Isaac. he might not pan out, but none of the other guys are going to be difference makers that you cry over if you miss out on them.