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  1. Ellington will prob get 20 minutes tops and average a couple 3's but no other stats. he has been around long enough to know what he brings. stick with Bog.
  2. dropping? no. I have Markkanen and was offered Collins for him.
  3. not loving harris' outlook with new team, but in a 9 team league which should have talent on the wire I would do it. I would not do it in a bigger league.
  4. i would drop harris. levert and crabbe will take minutes.
  5. I think he is worth it...
  6. nah. White is hurt and his foot issues might linger. Cousins might be as annoying as Kawhi as season goes on.
  7. 8 cat h2h. Who would u rather have for the rest of this season?
  8. 8 cat h2h. Who would u want for the rest of this season?
  9. been disappointed in Jarrett lately. Should i trade him for otto? I can put Otto in IL slot... 8 cat h2h.
  10. live in NJ and watched some Nets games. This kid is for real- definitely passes the eye test. Nets should trade away Crabbe and make this kid full time starter. plays with a great combination of passion and smarts.
  11. 8 cat h2h. my top big men are Towns, Adams, D Jordan, and Jarrett Allen.. my top guards are Kemba Walker, Jamal Murray, and Brogdon. what do you think of giving Tobias Harris for Bledsoe? or maybe Harris plus Jordan for Bledsoe and Millsap?
  12. I would feel much safer with Gary Harris. Kings are a headache.
  13. another vote for Derozan over JRich. The other 2 players don't matter.
  14. 8 cat h2h. I give Tobias HArris. I get Millsap and Danny Green. Thoughts?
  15. 8 cat h2h. who would you rather have rest of season, Tim Hardaway Jr or Klay Thompson?