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  1. Isnt gurley playing? If not then yes, if he is then no. thanks for the help with mine.
  2. Yikes. I guess i would go agohlor, ginn and stills if he plays. Is pettis avail? Id go murray and singletary above as well. thanks for the help with mine.
  3. ARob as well even though Lattimore has been lights out this year. I like pettis too (esp in DFS) but his targets are still inconsistent. Thanks for the help with mine.
  4. Half PPR. I drafted OJ Howard (sigh) and finally dropped him for Jimmy Graham, who is also mediocre at best. Herndon and Howard are both on waivers and I am thinking of picking one up before next week. Which one and why? Or stay put? Leave a link...whir. thanks.
  5. Thank you. I also have wayne gallman (vs minn). with saquon ruled out would you start him instead? At least hes at home and looked good last week.
  6. I know im in the minority here, and if you are going to make the trade I agree to make it for Thomas, but I would keep Jacobs. RB depth is so important and I think 1) he is a buy low right now so you are trading him at a very bad time and 2) now that Kupp is apparently the best WR in the league you have a very solid WR group (and WRs are always easier to find on the wire, esp in a 14 teamer). I would keep fournette and jacobs and only trade jacobs if you are packaging him in a 2-1 to get a better RB. I would try to get thomas or evans using a combination of AJ green and mccoy or hold until after jacobs bye (assuming you have a good record and arent in dire need of a win).
  7. Half PPR. Jacobs (in London vs. Chi) - terrible matchup and long trip but he SHOULD get touches Dame Will on SNF (vs. Indy) - no idea. great offense, good matchup but no clue how the touches will be distributed Courland Sutton (@ LAC) - hes good. he gets the targets and had a great week las week. But for some reason I'm still having trouble starting him! Maybe why im 0-4. Anyway - who would you flex? Leave a link..WHIR
  8. Niners all day. Their defense is good. Tough matchup, but coming off of a bye week and at home I like them a lot more than the rams in seattle. Thanks for the help with mine.
  9. I LOVE that trade. And you free up a bench spot. I would do it for sure. Hopkins is a huge buy low. Thanks for the help with mine.
  10. 10 team redraft 0.5 PPR My team has been....not good....they stink. I am up against it again this week, playing a tough opponent and have some difficult decisions to make. Below is my current starting lineup. Would you make any changes, esp around WR2 and Flex? QB: Rodgers (at Dal) RB: Leveon Bell (at Philly) RB: David Montgomery (London v. Oak) RB/WR: Damien Williams (home v. Indy) WR: Beckham (@ SF) WR: Sutton (@LAC) TE: Jimmy Graham (@ Dal) K: Matt Gay D/ST: Titans Bench: RB: Josh Jacobs (London vs. Chicago), Wayne Gallman (v. Minn), Tevin Coleman (v. Cle), Alexander Mattison (@NYG) WR: Will Fuller (v. Atl), Terry McLaurin (v. NE) TE: OJ Howard (@ NO) I have started Fuller every single week expecting the breakout which has not come (although its hard to hit someone on a deep route when your O line is so bad that the play has no time to develop). Still - he is getting the targets and its only a matter of time. I could sub him for sutton or flex him instead of Williams. The other big question mark is Josh Jacobs. Terrible matchup and travel from Oaktown to London is never good. But I also feel weird benching him given he will get the touches and no idea whats going on in KC. What do you all think? leave a link...WHIR
  11. Good idea about trading with the Saquon owner. I thought about that. They are in 1st - I am in last. They have a lot of players I would want - esp dalvin cook but no way he parts with him. I could try to trade gallman and a receiver for watkins maybe? But I agree with your concerns around the waiver and I have no way of gauging if this guy will be open to a trade at all. Here is his team: QB: Rivers RB: Barkley, Cook, Drake, Breida, Cohen WR: Cupp, Watkins, Robinson, Lockett, Kirk, Tyrell Williams TE: Kelce
  12. I dont like it. I think you should trade watson and im fine overpaying for a 2:1 but 1) i think that you are selling low on freeman and 2) overpaying a bit for cooper. I would hold off adn give freeman another game. Thanks for the help with mine.
  13. 10 team redraft. 0.5 PPR My team is NOT good....they stink. I'm 0-3 and reeling. I hate using my #1 waiver, but I need a win this week. Should I use it on Gallman? Starters: QB: Aaron Rodgers (both rookie QBs on the wire as well) RB: Josh Jacobs RB: Dave Montgomery RB/WR: Terry McLaughlin WR: Odell Beckham WR: DK Metcalf TE: OJ Howard Bench: RB: Leveon Bell (bye), Damien Williams (questionable), Alexander Mattison, Darwin Thompson (likely drop) WR: Courtland Sutton, Will Fuller QB: Jimmy Garroppolo (likely drop) Leave a link...WHIR! Thanks.
  14. Id keep penny as well. It sucks that apparently he hurt his hamstring today in practice but assuming its fine hes a great stash esp with carson fumbling twice last week and in games previously. Id also consider picking up darwin thompson just for this week if there are good QBs on waivers and you have a good starter (1 QB league?). Its a long shot with but with shady being 32 and not 100% and damien will's injury history if he does find a way to relevancy its the best possible situation for a RB being in that ridiculous offense.