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  1. Peyton Barber 2018 Outlook

    And the game he stunk yardage-wise, he scored twice.
  2. If you ever actually have to use Montgomery, you have bigger problems to worry about. So, yes, use him to buy the Howard > Hunt upgrade. You need to avoid whatever it is you're smoking.....
  3. Keeper Help for two teams -- WHIR!

    Zeke and Hunt.
  4. Rate My Team WHIR

    Agree with the others that another WR would be good. Otherwise solid. Having a K but no TE? If anything, I'd want to reverse that.
  5. Rate my Draft - WHIR

    Not the biggest fan of Walker. And you will need a third QB for byes. But the backs and receivers are strong.
  6. I can see I'm going to have to start preparing for my annual tirades about "the hookup" being dumb. But not tonight. I wouldn't keep Hopkins over Brown because I think Brown's the better WR. So that's an easy call. And DJ/Brown/Watson would be a pretty sick trio. But it would also be pretty ridiculous having DJ and one of Gurley or Bell in your backfield in PPR. So whether you want the two stud RBs or RB/WR is up to your personal preference. But of the options you listed, Hopkins would be my last choice.
  7. #1 pick in PPR league

    I'd take Gurley or Bell. They both just catch so many passes.
  8. Trade Alshon Jeffery away?

    I wouldn't either, but it's probably a good area to start negotiations in.
  9. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Only two that I see.....
  10. Trade for McKinnon?

    I don't think I would. Minnesota didn't think enough of him to ever commit to him, and this IS a team that knows a thing or two about RBs.
  11. Trade For Fournette? WHIR

    He has another thread going. It's NOT a dynasty, just a keeper, and his RBs kinda blow. That's said, in a PPR I'm inclined to stand by Brown.
  12. Do this deal, then deal from your stupid RB depth to shore up your receivers.