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  1. Week 7 Trade Help

    Probably Colts.
  2. Gordon. Don't know how many catches he gets, but I see a TD coming.
  3. I would do this. You're talking about a bench spot anyway - might as well go for a big upside play. Foreman has more upside than Mack, I think. He may not realize it this season, but you won't be out much if he doesn't. Thanks for mine!
  4. If you need crazy upside, then I say Davis. He could flame out, but he's alao only one I see here that could also score twice. Thanks for mine!
  5. Need help ! (WHIR 100%)

    Ridley. Cooks. Boyd. Thanks for mine!
  6. I think I'd go Sanu. Thanks for mine!
  7. Lineup Help WHIR

    I think I'd also go Coutee and Alf. Collins has to get something going first before I'll trust him. Thanks for mine!
  8. M Thomas trade. Always whir.

    Return the favor?
  9. Brady or Ryan? WHIR

    Return the favor?
  10. 12 team PPR. Allison looks to be a GTD on Monday, so thinking maybe better to get him out of there. My options: Howard @ Mia (somewhat stout run D, Nagy's an a##clown) Brate @ Atl (great matchup, but Howard's back?) Funchess @ Wash (somewhat disappointing, good pass D, Olsen's back?) Enunwa vs Ind (great matchup, does he bounce back from goose egg?) Cole @ Dal (not a great matchup, who knows which Jax WR it'll be this week) Is it really as simple as Howard, and hope he doesn't get ignored again? Better to go with Funchess or Enunwa?
  11. No, because it's dumb. It's a very simple game: start the players you think will score the most points. Don't worry about your opponent's lineup. It's very much like wanting "the hookup" (I guess the current lingo is "stacking" - I'm an old codger). Again, you don't worry about having WRs and QBs from the same team. You just want the ones that'll score the most, regardless of their real teams.