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  1. As a general rule, I would not do this. If you don't have an immediate need for the roster space, I guess it's fine. But the first time you're in a roster crunch, the second catcher would be my first choice to hit the road.
  2. Outstanding bats. Lots of upside with the pitching. I think you did great.
  3. Revenge by the Royals! That makes 2014 ok now!
  4. Personally, I never pick a SP before Round 3, and I prefer to wait to the 4th if I can. So I'd say at minimum get at least one bat.
  5. There are several upside guys there, but all things being equal, I'd rather have Flaherty as my SP3 than my SP1. At the very least I think you need one ace to anchor things. Return the favor?
  6. I think I'd also go Hampson. Return the favor?
  7. The last time you posted this, I voted for letting Bregman go. I'm voting that way again.
  8. Hampson is interesting, but if he really wants Cain, I'd see if I could squeeze him a little. Like see if you can keep your second round pick and return one a few rounds later. If not, I think this deal's okay. I guess it comes down to whether or not YOU wanted Cain. Thanks for mine!
  9. I have Rendon, JoRam and Muncy all with 3B-eligibility. I think I have 3B sufficiently covered.
  10. Is this supposed to be a compliment? Not to mention the fact that he'll be hurt any minute now......
  11. This. If you want to roll the dice as a FA pick up, fine, but I wouldn't use a waiver. And I'd also vote for Smith as odd man out. Return the favor?
  12. Didi and CMart were exactly the two I was thinking of. Jimmy Nelson, maybe? Return the favor?
  13. Teams don't have to declare until pretty much right up to their opener, so most don't. Return the favor?
  14. Yeah, I think Bryant AND Votto is a bit much for Lindor, much as I love him. I'd also pass. But it's fairly close. Return the favor?