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  1. Machado Trade. Whir.

    You don't trade to "win". You trade to improve your team. Did you? Depends on who your 3B and OFs were.
  2. Trade: Albies for Gary Sanchez?

    I'd make that deal.
  3. ERod/Buehler WHIR

    Either get a better return or just hold and keep accumulating his numbers.
  4. Trade for Soto? WHIR

    Make it so.™
  5. Acuna/Bellinger Deal

    Joe DiMaggio would like to have a word with you. If you are well-positioned for the playoffs, this is a good deal for you. Marte should be healthy and Bellinger should be heated up. Return the favor?
  6. Who to drop? WHIR!!

    No one. Return the favor?
  7. Greg Bird or Juan Soto?

    Return the favor?
  8. Send away Harper??? Keeper....WHIR

    Return the favor?
  9. Donaldson for Gordon? WHIR

    Return the favor?
  10. Did I overpay for Goldy? WhIr

    Return the favor?
  11. Who to drop for Soto WHIR

    Clarification: if it's Michael Taylor, I drop him. If it's Chris Taylor, I drop Puig. Return the favor?
  12. Outlook on Clayton Kershaw? WHIR

    Return the favor?
  13. Trade offered

    Return the favor?
  14. Roster for those on mobile: Shallow 8 team Roto 7x7 Re-draft (R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, XBH, PA / W, Sv, K ERA, QS, IP, GIDP) 1450 max IP C- Grandal, 1B- Bellinger (1B/OF), 2B- Rizzo (1B/2B), SS-Turner, 3B- Donaldson, MI- Baez (2B/SS) CI- Shaw, (3)- Judge, Pham, Belt, U- Soto bench- Hoskins (1B/OF), Acuna, Inciarte, Moncada SP- Syndergaard, Corbin, Snell, Buehler RP- Jansen, Knebel, Diaz, Familia, DL- Bumgarner, Kershaw All of my first base-eligible guys have been ice cold (I JUST grabbed Cron the other day). Which of Cron/Reynolds would you rather have? Cron has had a great May, but Reynolds has had an amazing first week since returning (4HR, 6 RBI, .500 OBP) and is hitting behind Harper (and now in front of Soto). Leave your link!
  15. Trade offered

    Rizzo/Realmuto >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> McCullers/Cervelli