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  1. Trubisky has been putting up tons of points and Stafford is ho-hum. Neither have a great schedule ros but Stafford's I would say is worse. Who is the better bet ROS?
  2. Pick a WR3 to start

    Agree with Crabtree.
  3. Defense Help! WHIR

    I think I'd go with the Bengals. They get Vontaze Burfict back today which will provide a big boost
  4. Te help whir

    Yeah, I have to agree with Hooper. Highest ceiling, best shot at a TD.
  5. Aaron Jones or Chris Carson. WHIR

    Jones and Ridley 100%
  6. PPR league and not sure who to start. The KC game sounds like there will be lots of rain for the whole game so that probably downgrades Tyreek. Buy does it impact him to the point that Sanders is the better start?
  7. What to do? Whir

    John brown and it isn't close
  8. Neither is a great option bit I think gesicki has a slightly higher ceiling
  9. Team 2, though it's close
  10. Fitz or Gordon? WHIR

    Fitz scares me this week, I'd go Gordon
  11. We get -1 for sacks so that concerns me with him, still think Fitz?
  12. Ryan or Rivers? WHIR

    I'd still go Rivers, should be a solid day for him
  13. Pick 2 RB's!! (PPR) WHIR!

    Yeah, but he'll play and Beathard loves checkdowns
  14. Pick 2 RB's!! (PPR) WHIR!

    Collins and Breida, no doubt!
  15. Bumping because I still have no clue