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  1. Allen Robinson 2018 Outlook

    Anyone optimistic on A-Rob for tomorrow?
  2. Safer play is probably Russ since he doesn't throw it much and the Cowboys will be minus Zack Martin
  3. Dak or Cousins?

    I would actually go with Dak here. He's been a different player since Cooper came on board and they're scheming Zeke into the pass game http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737972-wr-woes-robinson-or-anderson-whir/
  4. Which TE this week?

    I would go with Ian Thomas. Did well last week and Cam will be looking to get the ball out fast. Help me out?
  5. Pick 3- 100% WHIR

    The way you're leaning is exactly the way I would go with it
  6. Luck or Watson?

    I would go with Luck here as well
  7. Mixon or Fournette ~ WHIR

    110% Mixon for me, really excited about him this week. Help me out?
  8. With Tyreek not doing well and OBJ out, I need the best play possible. I'm starting Josh Gordon and need one more between Allen Robinson vs GB, Robby Anderson vs HOU, Demaryius Thomas vs NYJ, & Crabtree or Brown vs TB. Who's my best bet for a big game in a PPR league?
  9. Trubisky has been putting up tons of points and Stafford is ho-hum. Neither have a great schedule ros but Stafford's I would say is worse. Who is the better bet ROS?
  10. Pick a WR3 to start

    Agree with Crabtree.
  11. Defense Help! WHIR

    I think I'd go with the Bengals. They get Vontaze Burfict back today which will provide a big boost
  12. Te help whir

    Yeah, I have to agree with Hooper. Highest ceiling, best shot at a TD.
  13. Aaron Jones or Chris Carson. WHIR

    Jones and Ridley 100%
  14. PPR league and not sure who to start. The KC game sounds like there will be lots of rain for the whole game so that probably downgrades Tyreek. Buy does it impact him to the point that Sanders is the better start?