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  1. Wow we could be looking at a legit ace breakout here. Hes a monster. Makes the David Price trade from the Jays look bad, especially if Norris ever figures it out.
  2. Guy in my league has those 2 as well and its a 12 teamer. He has a sick team.
  3. Eickhoff just dealing so far. Curveball is just money.
  4. This aged like a fine wine.
  5. Yeah I had to move on, injuries are starting to pile up and time has run out for him on my squads. I'm sure theres a decent run in him at some point his season but with his poor platoon splits and loss of contact skills this season it's time to free up a roster spot, I'm not seeing the upside I did at the start of the year. I'm fairly certain he'll be on waivers until that hot streak so I'll be keeping an eye out for sure but yikes what a bust of a top 100 pick.
  6. Jeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz SPs are so fragile it's completely insane.
  7. You can't be serious. I don't have this guy in any league but would loooooove for him to be dropped anywhere. What a massive overreaction, hope you don't play for money.
  8. Yeah he started to gas at the end, couldn't bury it as well but the line is still solid. I imagine he's done for the night and I'm not in the business of complaining about 6 innings 2 ER 1.00 WHIP with 5 Ks. In line for the win too.
  9. Skaggs looks good, breaking ball on point. Commanding it to both sides of the plate and able to bury it in the dirt for whiffs. Hope he keeps it up.
  10. So much for the all star break. Looks like early August at the very minimum, if that timetable is confirmed tomorrow hes a drop for me in most formats. No guarantee he comes back and starts dealing either, I'd rather the roster spot for 3 months in most roto leagues.
  11. Probably looking at returning around the all star break.
  12. Honestly the way Caleb is pitching and his peripherals I'd hesitate to make that move as well. How much better is a bounceback Kluber compared to what Caleb is right now? But the risk is pretty big IMO.
  13. Bauer for Scherzer straight up doesnt seem so crazy all of a sudden..
  14. So this is just a hater post thinly veiled as actual analysis? First of all why would anyone care about opinions regarding increased babying of pitcher arms is the question? I do. I think the increasing percentage of bullpen usage is a fine trend in modern day baseball but I definitely find it more boring and prefer starters to go deeper into games. If analytics show that bullpen maximization wins more games then that is bound to happen and thus SPs will throw less pitches, that trend should be fairly evident by now. That doesn't suddenly mean a starting pitcher can't throw 110 pitches per outing, it just means that the analytics department on teams are getting way more sway and control over the management of teams in game. Some organizations more than others obviously. Starting pitchers are fragile beings by and large, always have been and most likely always will be no matter the workload. Nonetheless the onus of evidence is on the person making the argument, not the other way around. There is no evidence that a pitcher gets hurt more frequently when throwing more pitches, nor is throwing 90 pitches some magical number that prevents injuries cause if it were then every single organization would simply follow that. It is just disingenuous to suggest anything else, I mean I remember when Joel Zumaya got hurt playing guitar hero or Price playing fortnight. Again, fragile creatures. There are plenty of variables that define injury history and in my opinion some people just have generational arms like Johnson, Ryan, Pedro, Halladay, Verlander, Scherzer etc that can handle larger workloads while some people like Brandon Morrow (or whoever take your pick) would never be able to no matter how few pitches they ever threw. Stop presenting opinion as some sort of pseudo-fact, you have no idea and neither does most of the world. Also put me in on the Bauer is an untouchable bandwagon. I wouldn't trade him either, he's the only guy in the league with this kind of leash and in redrafts that is hugely valuable, especially if you use complete games as a category like 2 of my leagues do. I wouldn't move him straight up for those guys either cause in my non-scientific opinion they are more of a risk just because of age. If my boy here gets hurt, so be it, I expect plenty of injuries to my staff in any given season, but I am down to reap the benefits while he's performing. Anyways Bauer is gonna win the AL Cy Young this year just to prove this whole argument moot and that's that.