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  1. Only way that happens is if they are just totally non-competitive without him and feel like they have to rush him back to salvage the season. Otherwise, it's almost certain you won't see him again until Week 13.
  2. Considering that I have not done this, your two statements go well together. And since I've apparently made this statement "multiple times," it should be easy enough for you to find. I'll wait.
  3. Fact: I have never said that the ankle caused the knee. I do not know that, and neither do you or any of the other message board doctors who claim to. Fact: Unlike you and the genius Andy Reid, I recognized that, given the health of Mahomes, it was a horrible call as soon as he ran the sneak, well before they pulled Mahomes and his broken knee from beneath the pile. This is not hindsight. Fact: Now Mahomes is out for very possibly the rest of the year. So, tell me, who has been proven right here, me or you, your message board doctor friends, and the genius Andy Reid?
  4. Message board doctors: "The ankle and the knee are two separate body parts, so an injury to one can in no way affect what happens with the other. We're smart. Leave the thinking to us."
  5. All I know is I was cringing and calling Andy Reid an idiot as soon as I saw Mahomes dive under that pile of 300 pounders with his bad ankle, long before they dug him out of the pile and carried him off for the season.
  6. If your ankle is weakened and you can't maneuver through a qb sneak the way you otherwise could, who knows what kind of damage you might suffer as a result. Bottom line: it was a stupid call on a night where everyone knew that Mahomes was at far less than 100%. Just ridiculously stupid.
  7. Yeah, run your franchise quarterback who is already hobbled under a pile of 300 pound men and see how it turns out. I mean, who could predict . . .
  8. Reid laughs, says he called the sneak, that no one gets hurt on that play, just a freak injury. Jackass.
  9. Schefter says best case is three weeks. Worst case is . . .
  10. Andy Reid needs to be raked over the coals for what he did tonight.