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  1. Feeling better about trading away Goff in dynasty.
  2. He was not good. Steve Grogan was damn good, though.
  3. You know what's funny. I actually used to be a Patriots fan. I still have a Tony Eason poster in my basement. Not even kidding.
  4. Okay. This absolutely has to be either Giselle or Donald Trump.
  5. Only thing I want to hear from McVay tonight: "We shouldn't have been here."
  6. When you have leprechauns living in your butthole, doesn't really matter whether you make the right coaching decision.
  7. You're talking to a guy who thinks TomBrady would have beaten the 85 Bears.
  8. You care far more about my posts than I do about the Patriots or this game.
  9. The league is breathing a sigh of relief after that touchdown.
  10. You're the most easily triggered TomBrady fanboy ever. And that's saying something.
  11. Don't care who wins. Just stating a fact.
  12. Rams hit Brady like that and it's 15 yards. Guaranteed.