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  1. Running the ball early is fine, but running the clock out in the fourth quarter when you need points is asinine.
  2. I don't like Houston, but please spare the world having to watch this Colts offense in the playoffs.
  3. Yep. You're not gonna win a lot of games with that style of offense in this era.
  4. Straight up drop by Soft Tissue Hilton, and he finds it hilarious. So glad I moved on from that guy.
  5. Gotta start him because Mahomes is on a bye. Hoping for 200 yards passing and a TD, maybe two if we get lucky. That's probably his ceiling given the pass defense and weather conditions.
  6. Julio does sit out on Wednesdays a lot. That must be the day they work on red zone passing.
  7. Best matchup of the year, and . . . JULIO JONES: NOT PRACTICING WEDNESDAY PUBLISHED WED NOV 20 1:33:36 P.M. CT 2019 (RotoWire) Jones (undisclosed) wasn't active during the portion of Wednesday's practice open to the media, Vaughn McClure of reports. Analysis: Aside from stretching prior to the session -- per McClure -- Julio was merely an observer and even walked with a noticeable limp.
  8. Over/under on how long he plays before hyper-extending his taint is currently three quarters.
  9. Philip Rivers's favorite band is The Breeders.
  10. The guys running these teams are professionals. They're smarter than you and me.
  11. Should still be started over Julio in TD leagues.
  12. "Philip Rivers has almost as many picks as kids the last two weeks." -- Pro Football Talk
  13. Still a better start than Julio in touchdown leagues.
  14. Can I interest you in a Younghoe---->
  15. I don't think he's injured, but I do think he's more susceptible to a serious injury now, thanks to Smart Andy.
  16. Mahomes only threw for 446 and 3 at Tennessee last week. Ran for 60 yards last night, but he missed some throws after losing Hill while playing at 7000 feet above sea level, so, yeah, clearly hobbled.
  17. Any shootout is going to be entirely one-sided because NE's pathetic offense won't be able to keep up.
  18. KC has lost killer instinct. Reid ruined the season with idiot QB sneak against Denver.
  19. KC will be 7-4 if they win tonight. NE would be lucky to be that had they played the same schedule.