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  1. Caris LeVert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Heart breaking. He's the heart of the team and he was playing so well.
  2. Poor guy lost a knee. Can we have a moment of silence?
  3. Vent & Rant Thread 2018-2019

    Ouch. I drafted Kanter, Allen, and Collins. Another ouch.
  4. Anyone starting him against TOR tonight? I sense a tough game.
  5. Imo Paul should get no less than 3, maybe 5, Ingram should get 2, and you'd have to give Rondo 1 - even though he did nothing wrong, a punch is a punch.
  6. Paul has always been a Little B****.
  7. Ben Simmons 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    This kid is a punt-team superstar for the next decade and a half.
  8. Carmelo Anthony 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I wouldn't draft him simply because seeing his name give me bad thoughts.
  9. Yahoo skipping Week 24 of H2H

    Typo? I would contact Yahoo.
  10. 2018 NBA Offseason and Free Agency Thread

    This is awful. Imagine the Jordan Bulls getting Bird and then two years later getting Hakeem. Double you tee eff. The NBA is becoming a trash exhibition league.
  11. Tomas Satoransky 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I like Tomas over Tim F., he's a more efficient scorer and takes care of the ball a bit better also. You team's needs will dictate of course. Curious to see how the minutes are spent.
  12. Jimmy Butler 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Is the "MRI" reporter high af or what?? lmao
  13. Hold on boys, here comes that strong second half we banked on, she's followed by a swelling tidal-wave of a final third.
  14. Caris LeVert 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Saw his bulb go to 100watts last year a few nights, but this year is like a coming out party. Thrilled.
  15. Dennis Smith Jr. 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I dropped his a**, and it feels sooo goooood...