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  1. I'd be shocked if he wasn't shut down for "reasons" towards the end of the season. Made up injury etc. I'd be selling pretty aggressively unless you're playing roto..
  2. Looking forward to seeing how they choke it away next year, becoming a yearly tradition.
  3. You're killing me HAHAHAHAHAHA Holy crap, thank you for having a bad arm Henry
  4. Haha, Titans using Henry better than the Cardinals can use David Johnson
  5. They haven't forgot, the gameflow just hasn't made him a factor after the first. He was basically the whole offense on the first drive.
  6. Anybody with a pulse wouldn't have been awesome with those Oregon teams in the Pac-Crap.
  7. Yea, depends on scoring. I see your points regarding points against, but if my D is just playing a game of "hold the fu** on" then I'm not happy. I usually start Ds based on sack potential and then cross my fingers on the other stuff.
  8. If they control the ball like that and keep it close, there won't be any potential for sacks/INTs
  9. Once a** Fumble was benched, people should have been fading the WAS matchup anyway.
  10. If Henry scores less than 20 PPR against me I'll be happy. Washingtons run D looks so.......smalll.......