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  1. Always pick the thicker hose, it will payoff in the long run.
  2. I never said he was, so no clue what you're talking about there. But commenting iN tHiS tYpE is the obnoxious portion of this thread.
  3. Haha, I think you're brain is "significantly" skewed at this point. But rash judgements based on small samples against stout defenses should work out great for you in the future. Best of luck.
  4. Yikes, ok I'm sending you a TV. Shoot me your address.
  5. Insane. Can't believe their front office didn't see this coming after the way he ended last year
  6. Significantly? Are we watching the same game? Other than his one long run he was getting stuffed the entire time. Then he had a whopping one catch for nine yards. Let's at least live in reality and assess from that point. The whole offense was stuffed by the Niners, the Rams overall were pathetic today. If Gurley misses the Falcons I think both RBs end up eating but Malcolm is getting more carries.
  7. Johnson averaging 2.9 on 10 carries, relax there champ
  8. 40 yards on first drive and then nothing. Didn't expect big numbers against the Niners but that quick 40 got the hopes up. He's still the guy to own. Henderson got extra run since they were down the whole second half.
  9. *how bad the Falcons are against OFFENSES
  10. No one on Miami will be a beast this year period
  11. Normally I would agree with you. With dumbnuts Callahan coming in and thinking rush attempts are the reason people win games, this may be 25 carries for AP and 3 carries and catches for Thompson. I hope I'm wrong. That dude should not be a head coach.
  12. Third down backs/receiving backs are going to look more dynamic and therefore more "talented" but I think all of us should be at the point where we realize trust of a coaching staff to be a well rounded back carries just as much weight as the skill of the player. Brown has that in spades and likely will for the forseeable future.
  13. Never trust a word the Rams are saying. They're basically the Colts now.