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  1. Yeah might be hard to get Evans from him, try Ajayi
  2. Trade 2 for me
  3. Can you start Barnidge and Brate, that's what so would do.
  4. So wondering what to do with Reed back this week? Bench Walker for Reed, start Reed at flex, was going to start Pryor, or bench Reed? Thoughts? Whir
  5. Sorry, damn spell check sit Michaels
  6. Select, Ware and Rodgers, if Seahawks game turns into a shoot out Michael
  7. Tough one, think I would still try Fleener, his best games have been at home and Brees plays his best at home, gl
  8. I would pass on Martin
  9. So was offered Beasley and Cruz for D Walker, not doing it. Was thinking of countering with Walker for D Baldwin, I could use another good WR, I would still have Henry and J Reed at TE. Thoughts? WHIR
  10. I love trade for you, get Gronk
  11. I would do as Texans schedule gets better and Brock and Nuk have to get better, I hope.
  12. As much as I like Gronk, you are giving up alittle too much as trade stands.