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  1. Yeah not looking for touch downs every week but expected more sacks and turnovers.
  2. Everyone still holding on Seattle D, they aren't scoring much, dare we say overrated, was thinking about dropping them and start streaming
  3. I can't tell you value without knowing who you are trying to trade for. Sanders and Coleman will not get you Antonio Brown, could maybe get you Brandon Marshall? I don't know your league only you know what other teams need.
  4. Maybe Howard for Henry but that's it.
  5. Howard and Parker and Williams for me
  6. Some good players but no super stars, you have 3 RBs that are or will be part of commitees, try to trade them plus Sanders or Benjamin for a starting RB or WR.
  7. Have #3 waiver so not a guarantee I would get him, could save it and probably get K Dixon or maybe Sproles after waivers clear, thoughts? Just don't want to miss out on a possible game changer. WHIR
  8. Need 2, B Marshall, Ty Williams, D Parker, or Q Enunwa. WHIR
  9. Because he's not elite, fourth option on his team, and has done nothing this year.
  10. I would add Washington and Cruz and drop Fozzy and Jerik
  11. Agree drop him for Washington, Seattles o line is a mess
  12. Bump. Also Dorsett or Enuenwa PPR
  13. Could also drop Enunwa who I just picked up WHIR
  14. I would take Ivory over AA.
  15. If you want him it's got to be Hogan or Thomas, I would pick Thomas