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  1. I would go with CJ and Dixon
  2. Gurley, Montgomery and Baldwin, GL
  3. Go with Hightower getting goal line looks 2 scores last week, GL
  4. Ryan, Rawls and Wallace for me GL
  5. So my WRs are not good, lots of options none really great, so I'm starting Meridith and Inman at WRs, flex I'm looking at S Smith, Marc Lee, Beasley, T Ginn, E Rodgers, or Robbie Anderson. WHIR
  6. Agree with Rush 😳Did I just say that 😄GL
  7. Agree go with Kelly, the O line in Seattle has been brutal, GL
  8. I would almost consider Wilson at home seeing what Brees did to Zona last week, I think finger is an issue for Carr, and maybe Monty over Julio but that would be tough, GL
  9. Not thrilled about either, but only other options are Dixon or Farrow, so was thinking Ware but he has done nothing, any help would be appreciated, WHIR
  10. Cam Meridith maybe in a flex
  11. Screw it, starting Inman, after Watkins and Theiland I'm done anyway