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  1. Trade Ingram for Julio?

    Heck yes, get Julio
  2. Whir.. drop Engram for Mariota?

    I would keep Engram
  3. Sammy Watkins 2017 Outlook

    For me now, I’m done
  4. Hold Snead or...WHIR

    I think I would also switch for C Davis,gl
  5. Reed v. 49ers Ingram v. Lions WHIR
  6. Agree, check Deseans status think he got hurt last week
  7. Skins RBs for Buck Allen - 100% WHIR

    I would take Allen, thanks for mine
  8. Wentz @ Panthers Rivers@ Raiders WHIR
  9. Trade help. WHIR

    I agree that you would be really to weak at RB by trading Gordon, I would pass unless you can do a 2 for 2 and get a decent RB also
  10. Gurley is the top ranked player in fantasy now, but his schedule and particularly his playoff schedule is brutal. What would good trade value? Would you consider Julio and Ajayi/McKinnon for Gurley and Diggs/Watkins be fair. WHIR