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  1. Yes I would do that deal for sure getting Harper is a steal
  2. Would you trade Berrios for R Osuna, re draft, WHIR
  3. Not very funny
  4. What is this, are you serious
  5. Wow, no posts on this guy in June, has been on fire, thinking of picking him up
  6. Decided to pass on offer, was thinking of countering with Lynn for Kneble, any thoughts on that? WHIR
  7. Honestly I would do it, getting Murphy, Posey, and only losing Myers is worth it to me. If Cespedes was healthy I would think differently, thanks for mine
  8. So I gave up on saves awhile back, only have Betances at RP, was offered Kneble for Berrios, thinking I'm going to pass or counter with Santana, thoughts, is Berrios on a innings limit? WHIR
  9. Yes, I'm thinking of dropping him for Maeda or Ed Rod who should be back soon.
  10. Well there's that
  11. I'd take Zunino over him, 😳
  12. Well this is the trend for Noah Syndergaard?
  13. Anyone heard anything recently on him?
  14. Yes drop Trumbo, to many better options available, I'm considering dropping him in a 12 teamer for Morisson
  15. Judge really?