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  1. Don't really like that one either
  2. I say noooooo, if you want to trade Correa fine, just do it for a more established player.
  3. I would do trade 1 and drop Moore, pass on trade 2 and pass on trade 3
  4. Add Peralta for Margot
  5. He was dropped yesterday, not sure I would get him, wavier 9, just wondering if he's worth rostering right now, not hitting and not playing a lot, but history says he should be a lot better, thoughts? I have a lot of under achieving hitters right now Diaz, Trumbow, Frazier etc. WHIR
  6. I think it's a good return, worried about the constant back issues, do you have any other 1B til Hanley gets it going?
  7. I actually like getting Tomas, D Backs lineup is pretty stacked and losing Estrada is not a big deal, gl
  8. Either Pineda or Nova are your weakest starting SP IMO
  9. Drop Pineda for Devenski
  10. With would you rather have now, and would you consider dropping Piscotty or Trumbo for either? WHIR
  11. David Peralta is swinging it, think I'm buying in.
  12. He dropped him for Greg Bird? He also has T Cahill on his team, I figured something happened to Paxton but didn't see anything.
  13. Thanks guys, I saw he had a bad game Friday but figured his upside is worth getting.