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  1. I dropped Dissley for Shepard, want to see what Thompson does this week.
  2. I would make the trade, when healthy Mixon is a mid to low RB1, the other 2 are not, thanks for mine.
  3. Mike Williams or Sterling Shepard, PPR. I have Williams and Shepard is a FA, I could also keep Williams and drop Melvin Gordon or Darwin Thompson, probably Gordon, WHIR
  4. Anyone think goes at least 4-5 innings tomorrow?
  5. Thanks Rush, any Cincy fans with any more info on possible return date
  6. I added TB for this week, they’ve been playing well, new D coordinator Bowles
  7. I was going to put in a claim for him but decided not to and now he’s free, his recent comments are definitely a negative. I wouldn’t need him now but if he’s back by week 6 might be worth the wait. Would be dropping A. Mattison for him. WHIR
  8. Make the deal, get Adams, drop Anderson, McCoy, and Coleman for Freeman, Jackson and Samuels. Start Freeman at RB2, he’s getting 50% of snaps in Denver. GL
  9. I would also have to pass, unless you can get another RB, you would have nothing after Barkley, which RBs are on your wire?
  10. I countered with Thielen and Chris Thompson for Mclaurin and Sanders and he rejected, oh well