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  1. So almost every draft I've seen have gone Johnson, Bell, Brown. Would it be a mistake to consider OBJ, Julio, or Shady at 3. McCoy interests me the most because RBs are so thin. And Brown really struggles without Ben who seems to always be questionable. Probably will end up taking Brown just throwing it out there for discussion, WHIR
  2. Any chance Robertson would get a chance over Betances?
  3. I missed that chance, was offered Kneable or Osuna for him when he was pitching good, now forced to drop for nothing
  4. He's got to be dropped in H2H now, not much of anything on the wire at first but the injuries have sapped his power, just a singles hitter now, thanks for the memories Miggy
  5. This guy sucks
  6. Yes, get Lamb, stud for years to come
  7. I guess most will say definitely not but he has been below average for most of the year, should I add Alonso, need power, WHIR
  8. No posts in 8 days, anyone hear anything new, get well soon Trea
  9. My first 2 draft picks were Donaldson and Miggy, 😧
  10. Dropping R Zimmerman for Greg Bird, Streaming Alex Wood then dropping him, trading Grienke for Yelich and I'm sure there are many more.
  11. Faria, rookie, tough division, if you have to do one, he's the one
  12. Would you give Donaldson and Archer for Rendon? Donaldson is killing me, don't want to lose Archer but could just stream his spot and I have a lot of SP, WHIR
  13. Sorry bro, don't play dynasty, don't know who those guys are, gl
  14. 😳 ah yeah
  15. Zimmer, Reddick, or Herrera, need steals, points league, WHIR