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  1. I'm wondering same thing, in re draft he's wasting a spot, I'm waiting til next weeks home series then moving on, not sure of his playing time either
  2. No to injury prone, in a 8 team league I'm sure there are more upside players
  3. Might be time to move on guys in re draft, outside of the occasional bomb not much happening
  4. This guy has been terrible, Twins are not good, thinking of adding M Saunders or R Davis over him, thoughts, WHIR
  5. It's one start we'll see
  6. Unbelievable, 5 straight terrible starts, I cut him, then he throws a gem, story of my season.
  7. Would love to help, but I've never heard of half of those players, only play re draft good luck
  8. Anybody? Whir
  9. Sorry meant to put this in bench help
  10. Redraft, thoughts? Whir
  11. No way keep Thor
  12. Paxton 👎🏻
  13. Thanks I dropped Giolito for now but have 4 bench bats will probably hold Bell Friday and Saturday to see if he gets a start if not will cut for pitching.
  14. Over J Baez, J Bell or Espinosa? Redraft, WHIR