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  1. Anyone see a problem in dropping he's been just ok and only starting about 4 times weekly.
  2. Musgrove, Rondon, Phelps, Bundy, and Bauer
  3. Gausman or Walker Whir
  4. Currently have Bautista and Stanton on DL, now Mautz is DL bound, there is talk Stanton wants to play this year but injury sounded bad, thoughts, Whir
  5. On an 0-2 count you got to be f ing me
  6. To late grand salami
  7. Easy answer, no
  8. Paulo Orlando
  9. Fricking great, I just traded for him, he's not even on my team til tommorow.
  10. Thanks, J Turner qualifies for 1st in Yahoo, not really worried about position.
  11. This guy is hugh, numbers ROS, drop Carter for him? Whir
  12. If Price is a dumpster fire, Gray has been a towering inferno lately
  13. Yes drop Gray, keep Miller
  14. I think I would keep all 3 other choices over Freeman, no particular order