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  1. What can we expect going forward, last week was epically bad, scary
  2. Murray, Ware, Rawls
  3. Oh your QB got a TD, really Brees
  4. Why? You don't like TDs
  5. I would add Ebron as insurance, GL
  6. So I think you go with Martin, Bennett, and Hill at flex, and Baltimore D. GL
  7. So I picked up Vance McDonald with Reed out and Walker on a bye, starting to think maybe should go with Vernon Davis, worried about snow in Chicago. Also considering dropping Kapernick to add Anquan Boldin with Marvin Jones doubtful. Might start him over Steve Smith, thoughts WHIR
  8. Agreed, the man may be injury prone, but his toughness should never be questioned.
  9. Pick up Kapernick and drop one of your bench WRs.
  10. If it's PPR, I would go with Hopkins, standard I like Dixon
  11. Looks good, not loving Cam this week, any QBs with better matchups on the wire? Thanks for mine
  12. So I have Brees also, Kapernick's schedule looks better ROS and I can't keep all 3 need to add a WR, WHIR
  13. So I think coming out of their bye it will be RG3 at QB. I think he is this years Hopkins, bad quarterback proof, but Bob Griffin scares me, anyone else have thoughts on this.
  14. He's married, he wasn't going to anyway 😝