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  1. What FAs are available?
  2. Anyone else?Whir
  3. Hard to say, you have some good pieces but you are going to have to get lucky that your SP holds up. Why do many bench bats, maybe drop a few and add some sleepers from the wire, gl
  4. Napoli was dropped this week and I would like to add, I need some speed but not much on wire, I'm thinking Travis is probably my drop or Snell, I usually only carry 2 bench bats, any thoughts and how does team look, I know RP is weak but some teams took 6 closers in draft way to high and you can always find closers as year gets going, WHIR
  5. Sorry I don't know some of the prospects you referred to, but I Moncada will be very good if you can hold for a year, so I would try to get him, thanks for mine
  6. Honestly I would consider dropping Reed, I know he will probably be closer for first few weeks, but from everything I've read he has not been good this spring, thanks for mine
  7. So looking for some good upside pitching help at back end of rotation. These are the available FAs I'm looking at, D. Bundy, H. Iwakuma, R. Gsellman, J. Musgrove, C. McHugh, M. Leake to name a few. Would you replace either B.Snell, J. Eickoff, or E. Santana for any of them? I was considering Bundy, could also drop Nate Jones for him, was hoping Robertson would be traded, any thoughts, WHIR
  8. I would go with CJ and Dixon
  9. Gurley, Montgomery and Baldwin, GL
  10. Go with Hightower getting goal line looks 2 scores last week, GL
  11. Ryan, Rawls and Wallace for me GL
  12. So my WRs are not good, lots of options none really great, so I'm starting Meridith and Inman at WRs, flex I'm looking at S Smith, Marc Lee, Beasley, T Ginn, E Rodgers, or Robbie Anderson. WHIR