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  1. Ratios were already shot for this week so didn’t matter, was just looking for Ks
  2. Wow nice start from Nola, Cole, and Touki, thanks
  3. I am, but losing era and whip for the week, looking for wins and Ks
  4. Since you can’t keep Trout I would be trying to move him, if Stanton was healthy I would consider, but would explore other options
  5. Agree with this, but would be hard to pass on Goldy, thanks for mine
  6. Agree with this, Abreu is a nice upgrade at first for you
  7. Would you trade Nola for Darvish and Kimbral. I’m sure everyone will say no. But Nola has me worried, WHIR
  8. He’s dealing again tonight, wish I had went with my gut and streamed him. Still thinking I should add.
  9. I wish I could get Yelich for Trout ☹️
  10. Got em, now hopefully he starts hitting
  11. Yes I would do this deal, would rather take a chance on Bryant and 3/4 year of Kimbral than Giles
  12. He has been pretty horrible so far. Should I put in a claim for him? Probably won’t get him with #8 claim, just wondering, WHIR
  13. I’m off this train, looking for better options
  14. I don’t know some of those prospects, but I would give them up to get X Bog, gl
  15. Who would you rather have: Brasier Strop Vizciano Holland only want to keep 3, thanks, WHIR
  16. Yes, glanced off his wrist and hand, stayed in initially, was flexing hand and didn’t look comfortable so they pulled him. I’m sure going for a X-ray
  17. After last nights melt down is he still a hold? I know he looked good in first 2 starts so I’m still on board. Just think he will be somewhere in the middle of his starts. Probably like 3.8-4.2, 1.25 whip kind of guy, any thoughts?
  18. Taylor is droppable, but I would would drop Lauer first
  19. I think your offense is fine, drop a couple of those bench bats and stream SPs, gl