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  1. I look at it this way, you are 3-3, are Diggs and Montgomery ( who you are not starting) going to carry you to the playoffs. I don’t think so. If Adams can come back in let’s say 3 weeks, he can be a difference maker. If he doesn’t come back til after the Packers week 11 bye, it might be to late. It’s a gamble, see if you can another little piece from the other owner that can help you now and go for it. JMO, gl
  2. That’s a nice upgrade go for it
  3. If you feel Gordon will find a good landing spot then go for it
  4. Would you trade Hunter Henry for Robert Woods, or Henry and Mclaurin for Thielen. WHIR
  5. Steelers D if available and you have a spot during their bye.
  6. I would try to get Tate in your lineup, think I would go with him over Mike Williams and if Hill returns would add Preston Williams and start over Hardman, just my 2 cents, gl
  7. Bench him for Sanu? I don’t think it’s right but Sanu has been playing good and getting targeted a lot. I think the Atl/Zona game will be higher scoring. Evans goose egg last week and bad history against Carolina has me worried. WHIR
  8. I’m in same boat, starting Kittle, I think if there was fear that he would injure worse they would not play him and risk losing for multiple weeks, at least I hope so
  9. Yeah I’m thinking about dropping him or Goff, but will probably hold Goff, don’t think Drew is back til after work their week 9 bye.
  10. Sorry just saw that, I would pass then
  11. Absolutely, Jones having a better year than Kamara plus Boyd is a stud.
  12. I’m probably to late but I would have went Everett first, fills an immediate need, Gallup second, and Coleman 3, just lost their fullback lead blocker and in a 3 way time share.
  13. Trade accepted Chubb and Sanders for Carson and Allen
  14. I offered Chubb and E Sanders for Allen and C Carson, will probably get rejected
  15. I’m desperate for WR help, would you trade Chubb for K Allen and J Mixon? WHIR
  16. Something is telling me to pick up Dalton and start him, just can’t pull the trigger
  17. Anyone worried about the weather in Pittsburgh and the Steelers D playing better, no one is benching but temper expectations
  18. Leaning Deboo since Beasley has a bye next week
  19. Thinking about adding Debo or Beasley since it’s PPR
  20. How about any of the other ones I listed?