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  1. 12/17/17 - Jets @ Saints

    I have Lutz, Ingram, Thomas so of course the saints once again don't even get a FG due to a fumble
  2. Need to start 3 out of : AJ Green, Jordy, Josh Gordon, Marvin Jones Other info: Opponent starting A-Rod AJ Green seems like no brainer, I'm thinking Josh Gordon and Jordy for the other 2. Thoughts?
  3. Dion Lewis 2017 Season Outlook

    Not gonna lie, I thought the shoe flying was the ball and first thing I thought was "Oh no he's gonna get belichicked" haha
  4. Marvin Jones 2017 Season Outlook

    Beast tonight, no idea why Stafford kept trying to feed him a 3rd TD instead of running out the clock, but can't complain almost got me the win haha.
  5. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Was up 2 points after the last reception to Marvin Jones, was expecting Lions just run out the clock/ kick FG after that. Nope, keeps passing to Golden tate, lose :(. To be fair he kept trying to force feed Marvin Jones a 3rd TD for no damn reason after that lol.
  6. Anytime I watch Abdullah play, I'm reminded of a Barry Sanders who has the tackle breaking ability of Joey Harrington, I'm an Abdullah owner and have no idea why anyone would give him the ball in a goal line situation (ignoring the mass fumbling today)
  7. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Not expecting much to be honest, but when the opportunity cost is holding Gio Bernard or picking up Eric Decker, seems like a no brainer to me
  8. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Stashing Gordon, fully expecting gordon + ezekiel to give me a total of 5 points week 15 lol.
  9. Mark Ingram 2017 Season Outlook

    RBs have easily lost their starting job for similar actions in the past. Put in the fact that Payton loves Kamara and his usage of Ingram in the past...yeah definitely worried as an Ingram owner (in both my leagues).
  10. 10/15/2017 NY Giants @ Denver Broncos

    Man swear that was a pick before the TE celebrated, up by 1.9 points and he has the giants D left lol.
  11. Shohei Ohtani - Angels

    Yeah Texas, Seattle and the Yankees are the teams with 2-4 million left to spend for this IFA period...but if the guy is willing to give up over 100 million dollars, I doubt a measly 3 million stops him from signing where he wants.
  12. Julio Urias 2017 Outlook

    Yeah really sucks, #1 pitching prospect in the game at the age of 18, made his MLB debut at 19 and more than held his season career likely over.
  13. Julio Urias 2017 Outlook

    "The reported list of pitchers having surgery to repair a torn capsule in their pitching shoulder is very short (it includes Bret Saberhagen, Mark Prior, Chien-Ming Wang, Johan Santana, Dallas Braden, Chris Young, Dustin Moseley, Tim Byrdak and John Danks). And the list of a complete and lasting return remains zero." Danny Hultzen got the surgery relatively young and hasn't seemed to recovered from it. Bret Saberhagen looks like the only one to have the surgery and be a productive player afterwards (though that was only for 2 seasons before getting injured again, to be fair he was 35 at the time of the 2nd injury)
  14. Gary Sanchez 2017 Outlook

    Approach seems to have improved this year, swinging at only 16% of pitches out of the zone compared to 34% last year. His strikeout rate has declined noticeably as a result. Should be good news for his BA and OBP in general. I know people don't expect him to repeat his performance from last year power wise, but I could see him ending up with <20 HRs on the season total. He hits way too many groundballs (49% last year, 53% this year) to be an elite power hitter right now. Still an amazing C, but I wouldn't expect crazy power numbers from him. As a Yankees fan, pleasure to watch this guy play.
  15. Greg Bird 2017 Outlook

    I have no idea why pitchers bother to throw off speed stuff. He can't catch up to fastballs at all right now,