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  1. What do you mean to look at schwarber?
  2. I’m currently two players above my roster limit and need to drop them before games start Monday. Keeper league 3 year contracts, here’s my shortlist of potential drops: Jorge Soler Jesse Winker Robinson Cano Gregory Polanco Franmil Reyes Michael Pineda (definitely one of my drops) Jeremy Jeffress (stashed Kimbrel in hopes of signing) At this point I’m really leaning towards Pineda/Jeffress since I’m waiting to see how Reyes/Winker continue to play out for another week. Thoughts? WHIR
  3. Team below in my sig, if I pick him up I can keep him for super cheap for an extra 2 seasons after this one. I would have to drop a hitter for him, shortlist options for me include: Dahl Buxton Candelario (rather not since I don't have as many INFs as OFs) Thoughts?
  4. The freak is trying to make a comeback and reports over the winter showed him to be in insanely good shape. Thoughts on whether or not you're buying the hype?!?!
  5. League settings and team in sig - would any of you dump one of my current SP's for Luke Weaver? I would obviously love to ditch Berrios but it's a keeper and I have him under cheap control for the next two years after this season. Thoughts? WHIR!
  6. Anything to see here now with Contreras on the shelf?
  7. Completely agree. Depends on your situation of course but I'm in a pretty deep league where rostering him isn't an issue for me now and I don't see anyone with his potential upside on the wire.
  8. Consistency certainly has its place in fantasy but man is this guy ever boring at this stage of his career.
  9. I'm keeping him just based on the 1st half that he had alone.