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  1. From a purely statistical point of view.... I work in market research as an analyst, I look at numbers all day. The thing about numbers is.....they don't *mean* anything on their own. Numbers need to be anaylzed and interpreted....by people. Different people sometimes have different interpretations of the same data, simple as that. Sure, there are some stats no one will quibble over, but plenty of other "advanced" baseball metrics (on which I am not an expert) have their champions and detracters, it doesn't mean one player "sucks" or "I'm right and you're wrong" It means different people trust different stats or use other accumulated experience to make their own decisions. We should be concentrating on helping each other win (unless your league mates are posting here) or at least providing quality information to keep us all as informed as possible, along with spirited debate over, say, best FA pickup or most annoying owners in your league... My 2.5 cents.