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  1. Pardinho was the highest paid international pitcher back in June. He also is the highest paid player to ever sign out of Brazil for $1,400,000. This kid could be the gem in an overall weak international class and especially weak in terms of international pitchers. As a 16 year old his fastball already sits 90 - 93 and can touch 95. Supposedly already has been developing a curveball, slider, and changeup.
  2. From a fantasy perspective there's absolutely zero doubt that Keibert is the much higher upside player. I don't know a whole lot about their defense. But I will say this, there's no reports claiming Will Smith has incredible defense or anything like that... Does anyone have links describing how great his defense is? All reports I've read about Keibert do not speaking glowing of his defense but they all reassure that he will stick at catcher.
  3. Straily over his last 9 starts: 5 - 0 2.83 ERA .196 BAA 39 K / 14 BB This also includes 2 games where he didn't make it through the 5th inning.
  4. He's been more unlucky than bad. Other than his last two starts being off he was posting elite WHIPs along with very solid K/9s. Even after his last two starts being bad his WHIP and K% currently are far too good to support a 5.00 ERA. Right now is the time to buy low on Straily in keeper leagues. He should dominate The Cubs today. Straily will stick in the bigs because who else does Oakland have right now? Anderson is out for another month. Straily has too much talent. If he strings together a monster July he may just push Anderson into the pen.
  5. Wait until Colon gets blown up later this week. It'll probably take back to back bad starts out of Colon for this to happen after he was solid in his first one.
  6. Yeah, that's the tentative plan, I believe. Though I would imagine it won't be for too long. Straily is ready for the bigs. Where was this reported? Or is it just speculated as Colon comes off of the DL soon?
  7. Yeah, that's the tentative plan, I believe. Though I would imagine it won't be for too long. Straily is ready for the bigs. Where was this reported?
  8. Owned in 14% of Yahoo! leagues. Going up against Houston. Pick him up if you haven't already. This guy has ace potential.
  9. Was kind of an unknown... He dominated last year at the minor league level as well as was good at the MLB level. He certainly has ace potential.
  10. Why wouldn't you? You're acting like Bartolo stunk last year. He pitched 152 innings. He went 10-9 with a 3.43 era. Dan Straily pitched 39 innings. He went 2-1 with a 3.89 era. I've seen Bartolo dismissed as a joke in more than one thread around here. It's ridiculous. If a young guy did what Colon did it'd be great. Because he's at the end of his career it's...what, garbage? Stop being ridiculous, people. Bartolo's production last year is something every team in baseball could use. Straily will get his chance this year. Injuries and/or trades will happen. It just is unlikely to happen at the start of the season. That's fine - it gives you room to roster other sleepers. Colon was plenty productive last year. I never said he was garbage, but way to misquote me and misinterpret what I said because of a triggered emotional response due to previous conversations about your boy Colon. I clearly acknowledge that chances are Straily starts the season at AAA. Which in all honesty is more of a political money saving strategy and not because he is less skillful than Colon. But let's get some facts straight. Colon first off hasn't pitched a full season in the bigs since 2005. He will be 40 in May. His BABIP was below his career average and HR/FB below his career average. Now they weren't entirely out of line with his career averages but at the same time the guy is 40 and something is going to eventually give. Can Colon post a 3.43 ERA over a full season? Chances are extremely slim. Colon could very well be a disaster next year. A hardcore regression is the most likely scenario in this case. The guy is 40, by no means was he dominating, and has proven to be injury prone throughout his career. Straily is one of the most promising pitching prospects in baseball right now. You act like Straily doesn't have an elite ceiling.
  11. You don't hold back an MLB ready talent like Straily for Bartolo Colon. Maybe Straily starts the season in the minors and they run with Colon. As The A's may want to hold Straily back to get one more year before he's eligible for arbitration. But Straily will be up and in producing in the bigs before The All-Star Break.
  12. Did he even get taken in the mock draft?
  13. Dan Straily dominated the minors last year with insane strikeout rates at over 11 per 9. He is looking to be The A's 5th starter right now after a very solid 39.33 MLB innings where the 24 year old righty posted a 3.89 ERA, 1.32 WHIP, and a 7.32 K/9. He should crack the team out of spring. He comes with the risk of being young and unproven but he also has very good upside. He should be a late round sleeper and could end up being a nice draft day deal.