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  1. Boxberger getting hit again. Is Peralta really next option?
  2. Harper Martinez Ramirez in obp. Harper is gonna be .400 plus obp FWIW I play in obp league and drafted Harper at 6. Money where my mouth is.
  3. depends on what he needs. I don't think you are fooling anyone
  4. Bad ankle. The late night start is killer
  5. You know some poor SOB raged dropped him while he was on the cart leaving the field.
  6. No. Don’t listen to these Donkeys. Mack is worth much more than a silly second qb in a one qb league. Omg. Unreal
  7. Wr depth is pretty bad. Mistake taking A QB early then compounded with Gordon then Ingraham then Kerryon Johnson later was a string of follies that really hurt your wr core.
  8. Your wr are weak for a 2 wr league. Baldwin has inj questions and juju is on team with lots of mouths to feed. 2 dst ......