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  1. There is no way Henry is back playing football in 4-6 weeks with the injury they are saying he has. Typically people are non weight bearing for that long or longer depending on severity. I’d be shocked if he is back this season. Source MD degree
  2. Wade Davis just got shredded again. Hold on to Oberg tight.
  3. What is playing time going to be like? Is he worth FAAB or just up until turner returns.
  4. Givens locks down his first save. Top 30 closer ROS?
  5. Bought low and started him. He’s gonna be fine.
  6. So i loveladies as much as the next guy but all this fanfare over lovelady seems eerily similar to the brief parade that quickly went by for Zimmer.
  7. Kennedy had good life and location on his pitches yesterday in the two clean innings. Even had a couple ks. He’s gotta be last man standing in kc.
  8. His strand rate lob% is 42.2%. This is a stat that will normalize back to mean which is closer to high 70s. His velo is up throwing 97mph and his gb% healthy 55% . Bought low.
  9. Isn’t this the same thing that was projected for last weekend. People were up in arms about him not starting over the weekend and all signs out of tb was that Yarborough would start in sf yet Yonny still ended up starting. I think tb likes to keep probable pitchers mystery to keep teams a little in the dark.
  10. No terrible. Bryce can command kings ransome right now.