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  1. Yeah, I think you have to hope for something like 60 total yards, 3 catches, and a TD in the first half.
  2. woooooow that's why you handcuff going into the playoffs I guess. hoping it's not a collarbone or dislocated shoulder.
  3. DeVante Parker has quietly been a top-25 WR in PPR with double-digit points for each of the past 8 weeks. Not flashy, but he's been consistent.
  4. last RW update was "He'll be a FLEX play for a Week 12 matchup with the Titans". is it just me or is that a completely insane judgment to call him a FLEX guy at this point? dude is WR6 in PPR right now and clearly has chemistry with Foles.
  5. yep he's looking good as long as he stays healthy. Watson looking his way plenty
  6. man the two WRs with long hair gets me every time. was just about to have a stroke about Fuller scoring then realized it was Hopkins
  7. nah there's no turning back for him now. either less than 70 yards or more than 200 yards or the universe implodes. that's how he works
  8. yep he is over the hump now. there is simply no choice but to continue to 200+ yards
  9. Watson knows he has the matchup with Fuller and is going to hit him with another big one sooner or later, if game script allows for it
  10. Yeah, it's bizarre to watch Ballage now after reading his draft scouting report, where he's described with things like "instant acceleration", "quick and elusive", and "a natural receiver". Either Miami is just that bad, or he's unable to adapt to NFL speed.