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  1. ugh! I'm about to lose my semi-finals match due to a tie....I Won my last five weeks in a row and got into the semi finals but am gonna lose to the team that constantly offered me garbage trades cause they thought it would be a dignified ending for me(didn't think I'd make it this far) all because he finished the regular season in 1st and i finished at 6th i knocked off the 3rd place team to get into the semi-finals and then my team just crapped the bed only shot i have is if Bogaerts plays like a god(need to tie or win the runs category which currently stands 26-22)
  2. one downside i am now dealing with is due to the all star game this week is two weeks long instead of just one and the roster change limit doesn't change during that time so I've maxed out my 6 additions a week limit and can't make any changes until after July 29th.... i feel like an idiot now...
  3. this is a standard Yahoo H2H League(NO Redraft Or Keeper) categories are runs homers stolen bases rbi's avg wins saves k's whip era
  4. should i keep asking around until i get a trade offer that isn't one sided in favor of them? or do you think thriving off the wire is good enough for now.....i don't think it is but if i can't get any buyers soon then i don't got much choice
  5. but even if i make it at that mark....staying there will be difficult due to my team's wonky setup(trades aren't ideal as I've announced i was up for trades but the only one sent my way was a trade that wouldn't benefit me in anyway and if anything would hurt me...) this is my team in question (12 Team H2H 7th/12th Place) c: salvador perez 1b: jake bauers 2b: brian dozier 3b: yuli gurriel ss: xander bogaerts of: shin soo-choo of: stephen priscotty of: avisail garcia util: juan soto util: charlie blackmon bench: josh reddick jesse winker sp: justin verlander sp: mike mikolas rp: joakim soria rp: hector rondon p: tyler anderson p: collin mchugh p: kirby yates p: pedtro strop bench: kenta maeda freddy peralta zack godfrey dl: brandon morrow i know this team is crap but I've been trying to work with the string of bad luck that came my way ever since the season began and i thought maybe if i asked anyone i could spruce it up with trades but like i said no one in the league is interested so I'm basically stuck to using the wire for improvements it looks like....how screwed am i guys?
  6. currently rolling with tom brady as my qb and dak prescott as my backup but right now alex smith is on the free agent wire and i could dump prescott to scoop up smith but should i or am i fine staying put with prescott?