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  1. Agreed, I realized that after...was just looking into comparable players because it doesn't make sense why his numbers are this good. A lot of people look at him like 1st round value, but I'd still look at him for next year as a .230- 250 hitter with 25-35 hr. Wanted to know if I'm on my own or other people agree.
  2. How would you guys compare him to a 2007-2009 Jack Cust? So far this season Judge may finish with the highest hr/fly ball% in the past 15 years with 37%. For comparison, Giancarlo Stanton's career hr/fly ball is about 26%. If you take 11% from Judge and turn those fly balls into outs, he is down to about 26 home runs and a .263 avg at this point in the season For comparison Jack Cust 2007-2009 had a very similar k% of 30-32%, bb% and line drive/fly ball/ground ball % were also similar according to fangraphs. Jack Cust 2007-2009 '07 .256 avg 26 hr .355 babip 31.7%hr/fb '08 .231 avg 33 hr .306 babip 29.7%hr/fb '09 .240 avg 25 hr .319 babip 17.7%hr/fb So if Judge maintains a Jack Cust level k%, but drops down a more reasonable babip and hr/fly ball%, is a .230-.250 avg with 25-35 hr probable? Best case scenario would be if can have few Ryan Howard type seasons, with high ks/high babip/high hr/fb%, but just wanted to get a few thoughts on whether people are avoiding him next year because of the low floor.
  3. I thought position eligibility automatically transfers over to the next year. Rizzo should have 2b eligibility in yahoo for 2018? If that's wrong, can you explain?
  4. I've been trying to update a list of top prospects who should be available in yahoo in 2018. Are there any international FA signings from last month who are worth keeping an eye on? (Maitan/Vlad Jr. types)? Hunter Greene, SP Cin Kyle Wright, SP Atl MacKenzie Gore, SP SD Sixto Sanchez, SP Phi Corbin Burnes, SP Mil Alec Hansen, SP ChW Michel Baez, SP SD Mitchell White, SP LAD Keiburt Ruiz, C LAD Yordan Alvarez, 1b Hou Brendan McKay, 1b TB Colton Welker, 1b Col Paven Smith, 1b Arz Keston Hiura, 2b Mil Bo Bichette, SS Tor Royce Lewis, SS Min Luis Robert, OF ChW Estevan Florial, OF NYY Austin Hays, OF Bal Jordan Adell, OF LAA
  5. Haha, pitchers will hate him if he does stuff like this. Can't throw him inside.
  6. He's off to a good start in AA, but he just got his 20th hbp of the season...that gives him 88 in 1,358 plate appearances for his career. That means he is hit by a pitch in over 6% of his plate appearances. For comparison, the one guy who had a reputation for getting hit a lot and has the record for most hbp, Craig Biggio was hit 285 times in 12,504 plate appearances (2% of the time). If he stays healthy Robles will probably break that record by the time he is like 28. - Is anyone concerned though that his projected strong plate discipline and high obp is mainly due to an ability to getting hit by pitches? A lot of people think he has a safe floor because of his .395 career OBP...but you take away his hbp skill, his obp is only. 344. So maybe he's a bit overrated in regards to plate discipline.
  7. http://www.denverpost.com/2017/03/03/david-dahl-back-injury-rockies/ It sounds like he could be out a couple days or a week or 2, so I wouldn't worry too much. “We first said David would be out a couple of days, but it’s going to be longer than that, for sure,” Black said. “I don’t have a timetable on it, but it could be a week or two. There are some things going on with his back. David is undergoing some tests, and scans, and treatment to see what is going on." Oh wait...I just realized this article was back in March.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/cbseric?lang=en "David Dahl was removed from the game early last night, didn't play today. Triple - A manager Glenallen Hill on Dahl's status: "No Comment" "
  9. Yordan Alvarez was also scratched from the lineup today. Wouldn't be surprised if a major trade is announced tomorrow with a top starter going to Houston.
  10. I disagree with this. Based on last night's game, it looks like a closer by committee situation until Kela comes back with Claudio/Leclerc available in the 9th based on matchup. In my opinion, Bush looks more comfortable in a set-up role. This is a guy who has shown mental instability throughout his career, it does not seem smart to switch his role every few weeks. Just leave him in a set up role where he's shown consistency since last season and see if Kela can handle the closer job the rest of the season.
  11. Why is almost a sure thing? What did I miss?
  12. Wow, I really thought that was an actual quote and was about to drop him. Lol. I'm like wtf how is he pain free and hoping for a 2018-2019 return.
  13. Hasn't been in the GCL Braves' lineup yet through the team's 1st 2 games. Can anyone find any confirmation that he is on the GCL Braves roster?
  14. What are your thoughts on Ryan McMahon getting called up soon? He's having a similar hit streak to David Dahl which forced his promotion last year. Hitting .412 in 187 AB vs righties this season between AA and AAA. In the last 3 games, 11 for 14, 5 hr 2 2b. He is definitely blocked right now by a few players, but he has some flexibility and has been splitting time at 1b/2b/3b, does anyone think it's possible he gets called up into a utl role, taking some starts vs rhp? Other option is maybe the Rockies look to trade him for pitching at the deadline knowing they have Welker/Rodgers at 1b/2b long term.
  15. There's no benefit for the padres to call him up. Wouldn't surprise me to see a full season in AA and full season in AAA next year. He will still only be 21-22 in 2019