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  1. What are your thoughts on Ryan McMahon getting called up soon? He's having a similar hit streak to David Dahl which forced his promotion last year. Hitting .412 in 187 AB vs righties this season between AA and AAA. In the last 3 games, 11 for 14, 5 hr 2 2b. He is definitely blocked right now by a few players, but he has some flexibility and has been splitting time at 1b/2b/3b, does anyone think it's possible he gets called up into a utl role, taking some starts vs rhp? Other option is maybe the Rockies look to trade him for pitching at the deadline knowing they have Welker/Rodgers at 1b/2b long term.
  2. There's no benefit for the padres to call him up. Wouldn't surprise me to see a full season in AA and full season in AAA next year. He will still only be 21-22 in 2019
  3. Better question..when is Jose Berrios getting called up?