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  1. I'd go with Moore. Thanks for mine
  2. I'd go w/AJ especially since walker and davis are out.
  3. Pick one in a full PPR J. Samules (pit) D. Johnson (arz) Dam. Williams (kc) WHIR
  4. Cede goal line rushes to Drake? Why would you suggests that? DJ isn't a small RB. Drake 6'1" 211. DJ 6'1" 224.
  5. I love Ekeler, had him the first few weeks, but no it is hard to trust him w/Gordon back. BVoted Brown
  6. I think Fells, Henderson and Jackson are interesting. Henderson less so of the group. Fells seems to be turning into a larger part of the Texans offense.
  7. I like Coleman. He would be tough to part with. Would the other team take White instead?
  8. I'd get rid of Parker and grab any of the first 3 WRs in the FA list. Also, why are you holding onto McKinnon? Drop him and grab another RB.
  9. I wouldn't. Ride those RBs until Adams is back. If you really feel a need to upgrade at WR, I'd ask for way more than Evans. I like him, but he is cold and cold and has Godwin as well.
  10. I don't think it is enough. If they came to you, they obviously want Edelman. You are strong at WR, but weak at RB. Counter by asking for more at RB - someone better. Ekeler and Gordon kind of cancel each other out.
  11. If Team A agrees, Team B would be living large.
  12. Are you saying those three are free agents? If so, damn. I'd go w/McCoy first because that is one of the best offenses in football and Mahones will be back soon. Then Singletary based on pure talent and Gore doesn't give much upside.
  13. Another for Adams and yes, I like the trade for both side.
  14. Which WR would you rather have rest of the season? Courtland Sutton (Den) Tyrell Williams (Oak) WHIR
  15. Was the owner who sent you that in an insane asylum? Seriously, that is a crazy offer and yes, go accept before his meds wear off.