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  1. Altuve is a beast and you can afford him based on your other keepers. Pull the trigger.
  2. 10 team, AL only, auction draft. We added holds years ago and used "saves + holds" as the relief category. I bought a ton of 8th inning guys for next to nothing, dominated the category and won the league. The next season we refined the relief category to "saves + holds/2". Still giving MR some value, but making closers worth more. Since then we've refined it even more to "saves - blown saves + holds/2". Now elite automatic closers go for premium, regular closers go for reasonable prices and MR still have value. Greatest category ever.
  3. 10 team, AL-only, auction, keeper. Our reliever category is: saves - blown saves + hold/2. Gives non-closers value at the draft.
  4. Thanks, Bog. I think his value is increased a little in AL only. I may still go after him as a potential keeper. Thanks again!
  5. I have the opportunity to obtain Niemann in an AL only roto and I was considering it. Why the negative review of him?