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  1. Yeah, I was more bouncing off of your comment than agreeing or disagreeing with you, myself. I don't know if he's a huge power guy or gets a ton of stolen bases, which may limit his value in some leagues. I'd still estimate 15-20 HR's with a good number of doubles and triples and a high batting average.
  2. He definitely wasn't hyped but this is a textbook "launch angle breakout" in my book. He had a career K-rate in the minors under 10% and busted out in 2018 after two years of health issues and a swing change. I'm super-optimistic and think people are really late on him.
  3. A drop in spring velocity doesn't concern me here. He's 36 and as established of an ace as exists in baseball; he doesn't need to show that he can throw 100 in March. Sure, the age will catch up to him eventually, but he has room to decline and still be an excellent starter. His spring results look fine and there's a report that he's improved his changeup. I'm not anywhere remotely close to worried at this point. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/03/12/justin-verlander-houston-astros-changeup
  4. Yes... unless it's different than hockey, and I don't know why it would be. I'd anticipate roster changes on each Monday. You can actually check by moving the calendar ahead to each Monday in question and seeing if the roster is editable. Edit: Um, I may have misunderstood what "roster moves" was referring to. I think the add/drop limits reset after the matchup and not every Monday.
  5. I believe it's the opposite, actually. At least in Yahoo! hockey, where we have a weekly league, you can change rosters on Mondays during extended weeks. I double-checked.
  6. If we could say with certainty you'd get first half Severino, he'd be going much much higher.
  7. Rotowire has him at 4th overall in dynasty leagues. I have him in one and the list of guys I'd go 1-for-1 for Soto includes Trout, Betts, and Acuna; that's it. Anybody getting him in the 2nd round of a startup is getting a massive bargain. Letting him go three rounds in a startup OBP dynasty league is criminal.
  8. Is this the new flagship thread for over-reacting to spring training stats? I like the guy, too, but he hasn't proven he's ready yet and you don't rush a guy just because the guy holding his position in the majors isn't a world-beater.
  9. It's based on schedules; if the Angles have 5 games in a week, Mike Trout gets 5 games.
  10. It's also less a confession than a joke getting lost in translation.
  11. League's been going 12 years; the team being taken over needs some work. We're looking to start our Major and Minor League drafts within a week. Please let me know if you're interested and I'll fill you in on any more details, but this is a free league with active owners that's been running for ten years. See below a link to the team: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BdqrTD9_RV9PoPV0OAXMcUn3j2MqV93oNPieMOuGId4/edit?usp=sharing
  12. When I took over as commish in our league, we had a little-used rules document. I started updating it diligently and making clear to everybody that we have a couple documents that ARE a reflection of their roster. If I make an error and they don't notify me, anybody else acting on that information is within their rights. Mind you, if it's discovered quickly after an incident before much damage is done, we'll try to accommodate both. Missing a name on a document is an easy mistake; not noticing that you are missing a valuable player for months is not.
  13. You really have to reach to think that a Quality Start can be applied to somebody following an opener. In case there is any other confusion, Jalen Beeks, a regular second pitcher on opener days last year, had 1 "Games Started" in 2018 out of 15 "Games" per Fangraphs. That 1 "Games Started" was with the Red Sox. They most definitely need to start the game.
  14. Well above average hitter 2 of his 4 years in the Majors; still 25; had a major surgery going into 2018. I'm a dynasty owner and am optimistic about this year, though it's certainly make-or-break. I think he's as good of a bounceback candidate as you'll find for 2019.