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  1. 9, and feeling a little overwhelmed. Th past few years has been 5-6, and I had a few others ask this year and I couldn’t say no lol. I think I’m 7 straight years making a profit in FF so hopefully I can manage that and keep it up.
  2. I think they’re just calling games tighter...there’s legitimately a foul on every nfl play
  3. You think he pulls it off, but then give him less than a 50% chance? Lol if PPR I’d give you around a 30% chance, standard 15-20%.
  4. Who was the Wr he picked up? Guessing you lost, otherwise there wouldn’t be a post about it. Id say fair, considering it was done for regular season.
  5. PPR? I’ll say 20% hes bettered 30 4/14 times this year, although only 1 time with Ingram I think he has a solid game tonight, mid 20s or higher
  6. What is this nonsense? dynasty he’s a strong hold.
  7. If you’re banking on Kessler, you’re seasons already done lol Henry if he was dropped Pettis zenner conley
  8. That was a pass to Cook, right? Espn counted it as a rush. stat correction inbound possibly
  9. I’d stick with Sutton. Better matchup and a team that’s playing for something.
  10. I like zay. Clearer path to targets.
  11. I don’t know why, but I have a lot of confidence in Wilson Jr this week. He should see 20 touches, and Shanahan knows how to get RBs going. Nice team overall.