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  1. Constellations and Messengers are good albums
  2. Whose Boston's daddy?? That's right, it's the Yankees! :)

  3. Just got most of the album Underground definately my favorite track so far.
  4. Can't stand them at all. It's just not my type. You might be the first person I've seen publicly approve of them. While there's nothing wrong with that, I'm still surprised
  5. Currently Listening To: The new All That Remains CD Overcome I know it hasn't come out yet.... Shhhhhh it's bomb btw
  6. Who do you have/like? I probably have some stuff you'd like.
  7. Greatest one liner ever! Snell for life!

  8. It makes me sick. Just about every album I was lookin forward to was a disappointment
  9. So... Jerry Seinfeld is doing mixtapes? nice
  10. The Caitiff Choir by It Dies Today