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  1. Thanks for the response. Yeah I think Seager/Lamb are very comparable just like Lamb better with Seager wrist injury. May just dump Gausman for Paddack now and when DL/IL spots open on Monday I can stash Seager and hope Ketel/Hiura is still there.
  2. Trying to finalize my roster by this weekend, Dynasty 40 man roster. I'd like to add Chris Paddack, and a 2B to backup Dozier.........either Ketel Marte or Keston Hiura. Leaning towards dropping Gausman for Paddack and probably K. Seager for 2B depth. Roster in signature. WHIR.......thanks!
  3. Yeah thought about dumping Minter......between Vizcaino and possibility of signing a true closer (Kimbrel) his upside seems limited.
  4. Thanks for the help, yeah good call I could try and Add Lamet once the season begins and we have DL spots and stash him I guess.
  5. Dynasty league, team in Signature. I need to cut 2 of these guys before I can even make any moves. We keep up to 40. Leaning towards dumping Jose Martinez and a SP. WHIR - Thanks
  6. Championship game, 10-teamer .5 PPR. Can start 3 of the following RB's. 2 at RB and 1 at Flex Ezekiel Elliott vs. TB Melvin Gordon vs. BAL Nick Chubb vs. CIN Philip Lindsay @ OAK Chris Carson vs. KC James Conner/Jaylen Samuels @ NO Will probably leave the Steelers RB's alone vs. a good Saints Run D. Even though everyone says Melvin is a must start I'm hesitant to roll him out vs. Ravens D with other solid options. I think Zeke is a must start obviously, so I'm thinking it comes down to 2 of 3 from Chubb, Lindsay, Carson............ Thoughts?
  7. Hopefully, barring another injury, he gets to 20 games played at 3B this season so he's eligible there next year. Flexibility is always nice. Sitting at 13 games played at 3B this year.
  8. I don't believe so. They're calling up Zach Davies to start Monday vs. Cubs.
  9. And he's off to AAA.......I'm sure he'll be back when rosters expand though.
  10. I'm throwing out Pannone @ BAL tonight and Johnson vs. MIA.........not sure if they are good or not but look ok on paper.
  11. Thanks all. Yeah went ahead and took it even with the latest Gordon news. Agree I prefer to start RB at the flex so would rather be deeper at RB than WR. Only start 2 WR so with Brown Thielen and Tyreek/Watkins should be ok.
  12. Agreed I think Henry is the safer player to roster. Just realized I have Gordon in an IR spot so I have to drop Chubb or Coleman.
  13. Was offered Henry for Gordon. My RB’s are Hunt, Mixon, Lynch, Burkhead, Coleman, Carson, & Chubb. WR’s are Brown, Thielen, Tyreek, Goodwin, Watkins, Gordon. 8 team league, .5 PPR, start 2 RB 2 WR 2 flex thanks
  14. Yeah I know that. Didn’t get a hold either. Have to record atleast 1 out.
  15. Well..........atleast he didn't take the Blown Save, left that for Soria. And I believe Knebel gets a hold!
  16. Looks like Sunday @ TOR he'd be due up again, no?
  17. Think I'm going to roll him out. Keep in mind the Mets don't score for DeGrom. Lucchesi eeked out a win against DeGrom a week or so ago. Also like Jacob Nix this weekend vs. PHI
  18. Minus those 3 and Gattis, Houston lineup is not real daunting. Starting with confidence.
  19. Looks like they're going to Chance Adams tomorrow. I suppose Sheffield could be groomed to go on the 5th day after Adams gets the spot start tomorrow, although Happ will be back by then most likely.
  20. From what I've seen he seems to be lacking an out pitch to put guys away. Pitches to contact a lot, seldom getting ahead in the count and then nibbling around the zone. Goes deep into a lot of counts and pitch count gets elevated and he hits a wall by the 5th or 6th. Although last night he didn't look good from the beginning so who knows. Definitely not the same guy.
  21. That's my fear also. I just read where he's in a logjam at 2B and has to hit to stay in lineup. Who knows with Roberts juggling the lineup every night, and being a west coast team it sucks to have to wait those lineups to come out in case he isn't in it.