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  1. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    You mean rushing yards. Ingram had 1100 total yards in each of his last 4 seasons.
  2. Marcus Williams 2018 Season Outlook

    I'd hope so, but this is the type of memory that can really screw with your mind. He'll forever be known by this one play. The fans will never forget it, he's gonna be a meme for the next month, a meme for eternity for all the Saints' haters (like the Falcons fans). I just hope he doesn't get too many death threats. Young guy too, just 21. Gonna need some real thick skin.
  3. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    Titans Steelers Eagles Vikings Titans are boring enough to contain the Patriots and keep them off the ball. Steelers offense will score just enough to scrape past the Jaguars. Eagles' defense will harass Matt Ryan, breaking through the weakened interior of the Falcons offensive line; creating a few turnovers. Vikings will force Drew Brees to throw 35-40 times, and their secondary will win the battle against the Saints receivers.
  4. NFL Wild Card Playoffs -- Picks

    Atlanta isnt bad enough to be +6.5. I'd take Atlanta all day at anything above +5 KC is good at -8.5 if they dominate possession, which they probably will.
  5. NFL Wild Card Playoffs -- Picks

    Its a historic mismatch if McCoy doesn't play.
  6. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    Lenwhale was not even half the player that Mark Ingram currently is.
  7. NFL Wild Card Playoffs -- Picks

    Dude, i'd take -12. That's how confident i am in the Jags. Biggest mismatch of the weekend for me. I'll even load up my free Yahoo DFS ticket with all Jags. Wish me luck.
  8. RW Forum Playoff Challenge 2016

    I'm confident that the Saints are playing at least 3 games. Very well rounded team, led by a great QB and the best run game in the league. My confidence in the Saints's chances led me to consider taking Kamara or Ingram over Bell, but Bell's big time upside was impossible to pass on. Luckily, i ended up with 2 Saints WRs, and this could be a good ploy since the Saints opponents will focus on stopping those hugely prolific RBs. Taking Foles later on was absolutely crucial, because it mitigates the impact of an early Saints elimination [at Philadelphia]. Points are locked in. I rate the Steelers as the best team in the AFC (and my Superbowl winners), so my team had to be Steelers heavy. Kickers score well in this format, so Boswell was a no brainer. Martavis Bryant could have a significant role if Brown fails to recover from his calf injury. My 2nd best team in the AFC are the Chiefs, and like Bartos, i'm expecting a strong showing from them. Their season got back on track, and they have a very decent chance of beating New England in Foxboro. I was impressed by their defense, as they put up 10 sacks, 7 INTs, and 5 fumble recoveries in their final 4 regular season games. Those are some serious numbers. They also have Tyreek Hill on special teams, always a threat to hit the homerun. Very happy with this pick.
  9. RW Forum Playoff Challenge 2016

    I wrote McDonald in as my TE, but I made the mistake of assuming he'd be there at the next pick. I was thinking about RBs, and it was between Clement and West. I have Kansas City playing 2 games, so West was the better option. I wanted to avoid the zero at RB. I honestly thought you or LV would take the more attractive Charles Clay [or Everett] and never thought McDonald would be on your radar. Bit presumptuous of me. It's still not that bad, as I can see West+Foles+Higbee outscoring McDonald+Foles+Touissant (or Ridley, whichever Steelers 2nd RB I would have picked). I'm expecting multiple games from 8 of my 9 players, and If Bell and one of the Saints WRs blow up, i should finish in the money. Best case scenario is a Steelers-Saints SB.
  10. NFL Wild Card Playoffs -- Picks

    Chiefs win 27-17. Easy win for the Chiefs, won't even get out of 2nd gear. just a bad match up for the Titans, who come into this game with very little momentum. rams win 28-23. Atlanta will show some fight, but the Rams defense is more than capable of containing Matt ryan and co. Jaguars win 31-6. Bills can't score against the Jaguars defense. I'm being generous with the margin, it could be bigger than predicted. Bortles will throw for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns against a mediocre bills defense. Saints win 36-27. Hoping for an entertaining contest, as it usually is between these two. Saints at home, with a confident run game will have no issues scoring touchdowns. it's on Carolina to make it interesting, and cam will have to produce some big yards out of the pocket. Saints could win by a huge margin if cam has a bad day.
  11. RW Forum Playoff Challenge 2016

    8.07 Nick Foles @Impreza178
  12. RW Forum Playoff Challenge 2016

    7.06 Charcandrick West @Packdog