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  1. Did Johnny Football ever come over?
  2. Odell is a lock for 150+ targets. Only two other receivers will get the same volume in their offense; Julio and Brown. TDs and yards are variable from year to year, anyone's guess. Last year wasn't his best, but his role remains unchanged. Targets, usage, ego (don't laugh, i'm serious) are better indicators of future performance.
  3. I can also argue against the point i made by questioning the durability of their running backs. If they aim for 500 rushing attempts, are Lacy and Rawls capable of lasting 16 games? Lacy is already out of shape, his career heading on a downward spiral. Rawls is an excellent back, but he is incapable of playing a full season. Their offensive line remains beat up. Sidenote: the back-up RBs in Seattle - Alex Collins, CJ Prosice - are definitely worth keeping an eye on; potential waiver wire saviors. That said, Baldwin has displayed impressive year over year improvement (much like his QB) and you can't question his quality and character - he is definitely no fluke. Whether he steps it up to top 5 WR numbers is debatable, but with question-marks over the run-game, its extremely easy to conceive of a realistic scenario in which he does. It all comes down to whether you think Baldwin is a bigger part of the offense than the running backs. I still think Seattle, and Wilson, play their best ball with a good run game. Hugely polarizing player, but i'd think real hard about taking him in that late 3rd, 4th round. He can outplay his ADP and as the leading WR on his team, he is a lot less likely to be a bust. Also a nice value in auctions ($15 or less) if you miss on the more famous WRs.
  4. The Seahawks had 400 rushing attempts last season; a huge drop from the average of 500 they had in the previous 3. I'd say it's safe to assume that Baldwin won't touch 90 receptions if Lacy/Rawls play 16 games. More depth at RB essentially means a return to a run-based game.
  5. Not giving up on a WR with elite attributes. Especially one playing on a pass-first, fantasy friendly offense. My impression of him is exactly the same as it was the same time last year. That said, this is a big year for Moncrief. He needs to stay healthy and prove he can actually be productive. His inconsistent performances in fantasy also coincide with Andrew Luck's up-and-down form. Both of those players need to be fully healthy going into 2016. This also happens to be Pagano's last chance, it's either playoffs or bust - time to improve that squad and win games. Good thing is, he will be undervalued in drafts. I can't think of too many players around his ADP that are more likely to outperform last year's numbers. He could easily be this year's Davante Adams.
  6. Netflix and chill? nah. David Johnson highlights and chill.
  8. That's a dream scenario for Pats fans. We'll never know. Only Belichick and his coaches know how good Garoppolo really is. If Garoppolo is good enough, they will keep him. Either way, his price will be steep. It all comes down to whether other teams are bold enough to risk trading for an unknown QB. Brady will keep playing until his arm falls off, so there is no chance of him ever 'stepping aside'.
  9. even if you ignore the obvious physical differences, Edelman isn't better than Cooks at anything. I owned both in dynasty and redraft leagues. Cooks has fewer drops in 3 NFL seasons than Edelman had in 2015 alone, and i'd argue Cooks has some of the safest hands in the entire league. Cooks makes contested catches, he can beat double coverage, he gets yards after contact, he is tougher. He gets effortless separation and can play almost anywhere. Edelman can't make the plays that Cooks does every week, It's not even a contest. Edelman is a replaceable player, a very good one, but nothing more. The Patriots know this. I'm not sure why you mention the first point. He won't be drafted ahead of those players.
  10. Relatively speaking. He isn't capable of doing half the things that Cooks can.
  11. I'll never agree with the 'too many mouths to feed' argument. Mentioning him as 'one of 8 guys' completely ignores the quality of his game. Gronk is 'one of 8 guys', you know he is getting the ball. Similarly, Cooks is one of the best receivers in the league, you know he'll get the ball...he is in a different league compared to Edelman and those replaceable scrubs. This argument is valid only if the 'guys' you mention are comparable in terms of talent; like in the case of the Patriots RBs. BTW, i doubt NE is any more of a lottery than NO was; in fact, no QB spreads the ball around as much as Brees. Brady is more match-up oriented, and more likely to lock onto targets. Cooks could potentially have much bigger games than he ever did in NO. Worst case scenario, Cooks would still be as productive as he was in NO; and a top 10 fantasy WR. And this is before even discussing his 'role' on the offense. With that said, your point of view is very common. I like getting a feel for what the 'crowd' is thinking, and opinions are as divided as ever on twitter and elsewhere. I can't imagine him being anything more than a 3rd rounder, and i doubt any of the fantasy 'experts' will push his case with any real confidence.
  12. Can't see it. Not unless he has a big pre-season. Too much skepticism surrounding a player that already divided opinions. I'd say he is a solid third rounder.
  13. Gilmore can take away one side of the field, he is a shutdown corner. It doesn't matter, they aren't choosing between one or the other. They are treating Butler like any other player; allowing him to test free agency. Butler returning for one more year is the most likely outcome, there aren't too many teams keen on paying him as a #1 corner.
  14. Hoping he goes to either Oakland or Green Bay. He would be seriously good on either team.
  15. In PPR. He was 7th in standard. 5 pts behind Julio Jones and 9 behind Hilton.