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  1. When i read 'fantasy training program', i'm imagining the following scenes: 1. music from this Rocky 3 training montage starts playing in the background 2. guy sitting at his computer making notes on 394802348 papers and post-its in front of him 3. frantically playing 5 mock-drafts on 5 different laptops, camera gets a close-up of his intense face, he pumps his fist after getting the guy he wanted 4. intensely reading through print-outs of fantasyfootballcalculator rankings while walking his dog in the evening 5. sitting with tablet on his bed at night, the only light visible is from the ipad as he watches youtube highlight compilations 6. guy looks at his calendar; focuses on 20 different dates circled with red ink...he's ready. 7. end music
  2. It's a stupid strategy. A few injuries, and that's the end of your season. I wouldn't have paid more than $35 for a player. no waiver wire means Strength in depth is everything
  3. This crappy website couldn't even register me, on verification i got a message saying 'last name matching, first name wrong' or something or along those lines. referred me to a number, Called the number, got the machine...closed on sundays.
  4. stuck in traffic, running late.
  5. I'm not sure i'd believe a diagnosis coming from Gisele.
  6. Brown is a bust this year. Guaranteed.
  7. Davante Adams says that he has only seen 2 pretty girls in Green Bay. Thoughts, Packers fans?
  8. smh. 1. Eli has played 21 games more than Rivers, and although he accumulated more yards, he comfortably trails in yards PER GAME - averaging a rather puny 239.9 ypg vs Rivers' 254. 2. Despite playing 21 more games, he has just SIX TDs more than Rivers. Lame. 3. Both have an identical win %. 4. Eli has thrown a whopping 59 - FIFTY-NINE!!!!!!!!! - more interceptions in his career. This, while having superior OL play, as indicated by a lower sack total. 5. Rivers boasts of a QB rating of 94.7, Eli's QB rating is a far inferior 83.7. and last but not least, saving the best for last: 6. Eli'S COMPLETION PERCENTAGE ISN'T EVEN TOUCHING 60. Hall of fame, my a**. Here's a list of all time QBs ranked by completion %. Rivers is comfortably top 10, with an excellent completion % of 64. Your boy, Mr. Can't-even-complete-60%-of-his-passes, sits in the company of Mark Brunell, Kyle Orton, Ryan Blitzpatrick and hey...speaking of the original subject...Colin Kaepernick!! right there with him, what a coincidence. Together, we shall kneel to protest Eli's hall of fame ticket, because protesting glorification of mediocrity is always a just cause. And before you mention Dan Marino sub-60% rate, he played in a different era. sub-60 for a modern day QB is PITIFUL. It indicates a lack of mental fortitude and a propensity to make mistakes; which are the hall-marks of Eli's interception-filled career, bar the occasional fluke play which you myopic Giants fans insist on remembering. Eli is not better than Rivers, he is in the same tier as Joe Flacco. Accept it.
  9. Rivers > Eli. Fight me.
  10. That's not even how it was in 2012. Cobb got more playing time as a slot receiver once Jennings, and later Jordy, got injured. The washed up Jennings was eventually phased out. I have said it before, and i'm probably biased since i own him in dynasty, but Adams is the future of the Packers offense until he proves otherwise. He has no competition at this point.
  11. I think Adams is the real deal. 1. He gets separation almost effortlessly. Very quick off the line, easily wins 1x1 against most corners. 2. Clean route running. This was an issue in 2015, but he has developed a couple of go-to routes that he executes at a high level each week. He probably runs the best slant route in the league, almost uncoverable. 3. Two aforementioned reasons make him really good in the red zone. Almost Dez Bryant-like in terms of efficiency. Only negative is the drops. Not the safest hands. Another concern is whether he is a true WR1 or just a strong 2nd receiver. Jordy Nelson, as we found out, is indispensable. Even when accounting for his improvement, is he capable of being Rodgers' main man if Nelson gets injured? All those easy 1x1 lay-ups would disappear if Jordy isn't in the lineup. We saw how different the offense looked in 2015, but Adams spent most of the season struggling with injuries. He is clearly a better player now, but this is the question he will need to answer.
  12. Reading through this thread again. Good god, these are the worst dynasty picks i have ever seen.
  13. I'm just the messenger. Here's that theory, in their own words: I thought it was pretty funny.
  14. An interesting theory i heard about this: Jeff Janis is a country-boy, real, salt of the earth, tractor-driving, middle America. Aaron Rodgers is a pseudo-intellectual from California. Their personalities don't match in any way, and Rodgers probably thinks Janis is dumb as hell. Had Janis been playing in simpleton Brett Favre's era, he would have been a huge hit. They would get along really well and instead of running complex routes, Janis would be catching deep bombs all game.
  15. Tom is extending his career by eating all of Gisele's food. He is such a selfish guy. Look at what it's done to his wife: I wanna buy her a cheese-burger.