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  1. He'll finish #1 RB next year. Because that's just the way fantasy works.
  2. i saw this question on twitter and decided to ask the good people of our community: Knowing what you know now, would you rather have drafted: 1. Ezekiel Elliott in the first round 2. Jalen Ramsey in the first round & Derrick Henry in the second round
  3. Teams have had months to do their due diligence. At this point, they know whether or not they will draft him. I highly doubt that any team is sitting on the fence at this point. Mixon will fall to the 2nd because a bunch of teams have him crossed off their list. those GMs either can't take the PR hit or they are prioritizing other positions. I would imagine if they pass on him in the first, they pass in the 2nd or even in the 3rd; assuming he lasts that long. The teams that want him won't hesitate to pull the trigger.
  4. Nobody cares.
  5. There is a difference between fantasy viable and 'elite'.
  6. no s---, its a ******** hobby, not a profession. thanks for the advice though, bro, its not often that i'm blessed by enlightened experts
  7. LOL. I finished top 2 in the last 3 seasons in my 2 dynasty (14 & 16 team, IDP, ppr) leagues. Let me know if you have any vacancies.
  8. Our definition of stud must be completely different. For me, a stud is someone with elite athletic ability and an elite skill-set. A sure-thing. Only three guys fit the bill - Mixon, OJ Howard, Njoku. For fantasy purposes, two of those are at tight end so this class really doesn't leave a lot to be desired. The rest are all above average, but not elite in terms of athleticism and skill-set. I will say say one thing, a general comment as to not risk giving too much away, but the 2nd and 3rd round dynasty picks look a lot more valuable this year. lots of good small school talent.
  9. But he didn't get injured, did he? He played 15 games, but it was in an offense that didn't suit him. I'm not assuming these guys get injured. I'm simply saying that if these guys are 100% healthy and available at the time of the draft, i would rate them as being the safest players at their ADP since i know what they are capable of producing every single week. btw, David Johnson suffered a nasty, season-ending MCL sprain. No longer as safe as one might think if you insist on accounting for injury. If it wasn't for the convenient timing (week 17, when everyone stopped playing), he wouldn't be in this conversation.
  10. PS: Anchorage IS the nicest place to vacation. At least in America. I can make a good case for it. I mean come on, you got your sea otters, your bears, your elk. Your orcas. And this: Anchorage is the Jordy Nelson of vacation spots
  11. OK, so if you can come up with a way to quantify individual injury risk based on all those variables then i'll accept your argument. My view is the same as always - injuries are fluky and a part of the game. Even when you account for all those variables - it's still flukey, and your 'safer' player is still susceptible. We saw what happened with DeMarco Murray being undervalued last year: everyone bought into the argument that he was on his deathbed after a 400 carry season at Dallas, and he went on to have a great year. That's the kind of crystal-ball reading i'm not willing to buy into. The only exceptions are with concussions, which are in a league of their own in terms of severity; with symptoms that still hadn't been identified until a few years ago. Without accounting for injury, that was a good selection of 'safe' players; they have a long history of production, and they are on very stable offenses. My definition of 'safe' refers to track record, and those players have it.
  12. Took me a while to realize this, but its true. Not a knock on Cooper, he is a great player. Crabtree is just as good.
  13. I'll tell ya what fellas, i think Cooper Kupp might be the steaaaaal of the draft.