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  1. 11.06 John Ross, WR, Cincinnati Bengals @ToO_BaD otc
  2. 10.09 Jack Doyle, TE, Indianapolis Colts @DocJ OTC
  3. Have you read my tattoo thread? You should, its a good way to pass the time in between picks.
  4. I was never a fan or anything, but some of their songs are unforgettable. At least for people like me, who listened to their music in high school. Favorite song has to be this one, got me through a lot of workouts at the gym:
  5. I can't be the only one listening to linkin park songs today, right?
  6. Lol, what happened
  7. strongly considered enunwa, in fact, i was ready to select him last night. Took a quick look at the board this morning and saw Wallace. I have a bunch of reasons, but too lazy to type them out right now.
  8. At 9.06, I select mike Wallace, WR Baltimore Ravens @ToO_BaD otc
  9. Now listening to:
  10. Currently listening to...
  11. Where is this guy. I'd like to make my pick and go to bed
  12. Dunno, but it's safe to assume his ancestors might have.
  13. He said he lives in Australia. 9:55 in the morning over there.
  14. At 8.09, I select Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahags @DocJ