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  1. That's reasonable. He's done it before. Tyrell played 100% of the snaps on MNF (55 of 55). Waller had 100% as well.
  2. When it comes to tyrell, the cynics (like me) will have to see it to believe it. But in the short term, its Derek Carr's composure and accuracy that makes Tyrell's outlook so encouraging. At least based on yesterday's game. Good QBs elevate receivers. If Carr and the offense continue to play at that level, Tyrell will put up the numbers.
  3. Watched the whole game, he wasn't as bad as the numbers suggest. I was a big time hater of his during the draft, my opinion of him was basically the same as this website put together by barstool: I came away somewhat impressed, he combines frat-boy confidence with untrained athletic instinct. Now clearly he'll never be the most accurate QB - he doesn't have it in him - but he can win you games. Case in point, yesterday's game-winning drive. When the team needed him most, he went 8 of 10 for 102 yards and a touchdown. That's all that matters. Unlike last season, he has a decent o-line blocking for him. If i'm not mistaken, he already has 3 or 4 game-winning drives in 10 starts. That's pretty damn good by most standards. If he was playing for the Giants, his real-life mediocrity (and occasional fantasy stud-liness) would be celebrated and we'd constantly hear fans and media calling him "clutch" and "physically gifted" while overlooking his obvious flaws. But unfortunately, he plays for the Bills, so he isn't taken seriously. Whatever happens, he'll always be better than Jameis Pinkston. In real life and fantasy.
  4. It's what he does best. After yesterday's performance, he's racked up a total of 61 INTs in 55 NFL starts.
  5. He gets to become a free agent at the end of the season, and he'll sign a bigger contract on the open market while he's still "in his prime". Plenty of teams have the cap space, and need a good WR. Had he stayed with Oakland, he couldn't have re-set his contract value. The Patriots give him a 1 year contract that adds up to almost the same amount (with "incentives"). There's too many dots connecting for this to be a 'conspiracy'. We saw something like this from Darrelle Revis, minus all the nonsensical drama. Revis got released from Tampa Bay to take a 1 year deal with NE, played well to win a superbowl and won big on free agency the following year. This is the same thing. His agent engineered his exit from Oakland. It feels like tampering, but it would be hard to prove. I'm no legal expert, but its the player's doing. Shorter, guaranteed contracts need to become the norm in the NFL. You'll see a lot more 1 year, fully guaranteed deals going forward. Otherwise we'll keep seeing more situations like Revis and Brown. If you're a good player who keeps putting up the numbers, wouldn't you want a chance to re-set the market year after year.
  6. The patriots should be banned from the NFL and all of their super bowl wins should be invalidated.
  7. By the way, Gruden kicked Keyshawn off the Bucs for a lot less.
  8. Lol. this is like a sportstalkbarry tweet.
  9. Just imagine all the crap the Steelers must have put up with behind the scenes.
  10. So it turns out that I'm not allowed to add/drop players without taking Telvin Smith off IR. The only way for me to stash Telvin is by leaving him on the bench, and i'm not sure i want to burn a bench spot on a guy who won't play this year. So with that said... Telvin smith, stud linebacker, is available for trade. He'll be back next year, so if you wanna stash a top tier linebacker then feel free to send me a trade offer.
  11. I'm hoping there's a record being kept of 2020 picks. I know i traded my 2020 FA pick and i have Boudewijn's 2020 2nd. Can we have a list of all the others?
  12. 4.01´╗┐ This Team Is Blue - Hunter Renfrow WR OAK4.02 IronCocks - Jace Sternberger, TE - GB 4.03 Little Giants - Josh Reynolds, WR LAR4.04 Unemployed Sofa King @mbs44.05 Pack Attack4.06 CreamySteelers4.07 El Iguanodon4.08 Sexy ´╗┐Sacks Man4.09 SouthernSteeler´╗┐4.10 Brady's Forte 4.11 PackersFan´╗┐4.12 Grey Ghost of ´╗┐Gouda ´╗┐ ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐
  13. aaaaand just as i wrote that:
  15. It is? Not to side-track the discussion, but I don't think the NBA's popularity compares to MLB, let alone the NFL. The NFL is easily the most valuable sports league in the world. While i support players looking for a pay rise, the reality is that football remains a team sport, and players - franchise QBs aside - are expendable. It's only natural that the NBA, being less of a team sport, would rely more on individual stars to drive interest. This is why franchise-building icons like Andre and Calvin Johnson were treated unceremoniously, it's why running backs are often ignored, why other skill positions don't get the same recognition - they just don't matter that much to a team's success. Elliott is the latest in a long line of losers; he can put up a fight, but the house will still win.