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  1. Le'veon Bell 2018 Season Outlook

    Bell is about 2 years away from making podcasts and rap singles for a living. Well played, steelers.
  2. World Cup 2018

    That was ******** heroic from croatia. Think about this: - Croatia were drawn in a harder group, no easy games. Had to beat Argentina to win the group, which they did. - Croatia played two back to back 120 minute games against Denmark and Russia. - England had the easiest group - all they had to do was beat lowly Panama and Tunisia, which they did quite comfortably. - England rested most of their starting lineup in their third group game against Belgium. They won their QF in regulation time. So England essentially, in terms of total minutes - had played almost a match and a half less than Croatia to get this far. I checked the odds yesterday, England were 8/13 to win. Everyone expected the well-rested team to win this game, and rightly so. But the extra rest didn't count for s---. Why? Croatia played their a** off, they played like their lives depended on it. They never panicked after going 0-1 down in the first 5 minutes. They were brave enough to leave more players up front; never afraid to concede another goal. They trusted their defense, they were confident in 1x1 situations. Their midfielders chased down every ball, every loose ball was kept inside and played forward. Goalkeeper looked like he had ice in his veins, never looked like making a mistake. The game went to extra time, but Croatia never stopped attacking. They didn't want this to go to penalties. They kept pushing. And they finally broke England. They also broke the cameraman's equipment after scoring the winning goal, but repaid him with a sloppy kiss. Amusing. Croatia are warriors, they are heroes. Whatever happens in the final, they earned the world's respect and they'll always be seen as heroes.
  3. World Cup 2018

    Can you imagine how nervous those 2 teams are? They never play in games this big. Biggest day of their lives, i'd imagine.
  4. World Cup 2018

    I'm happy as long as England doesn't win. France haven't been great in this tournament, but they have the best team. Theirs for the taking.
  5. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    No doubt, he's definitely got a hype train running. Lots of optimism on twitter as well. We'll see where he finishes.
  6. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    I didn't assume that, i saw it on my TV. And the numbers bear it out. Do you really believe he's as good as Green, Julio, MT or Keenan?
  7. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Lol, i don't "hate" Adams. I just don't think he's worth a 2nd round pick in redraft. Not sure why the contract even matters here. It's not a very big contract; $18 million guaranteed puts him below Desean jackson and emmanuel sanders. He's a valuable player in real life, relatively young, and a good guy in the locker room, so he was always getting a new deal.
  8. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    That's where i disagree. I don't think he's anything more than that. His game can't get much better. Issue for me is that a lot of the optimism is based on what he 'could' be, rather than what he actually is. And that's fine, if you're drafting him in the late 3rd or 4th round. Not in the 2nd round over guys like AJ Green, Julio, Michael Thomas, etc.
  9. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Not all injuries are the same. According to your link, Adams has 3 concussions over the last 2 years. That's not good. If you've suffered multiple concussions, you're three times more likely to have another one: I didn't mention this in my earlier posts, because predicting injuries is a crap-shoot. But a concussion history definitely scares me more than other injuries.
  10. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Congratulations, sir. Your trophy is in the mail.
  11. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Why standard and why not PPR? And I'm not taking Marvin Jones over any of your highlighted names either.
  12. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    How can i bend the truth? 24 TDs in 28 starts IS a fact. I can't "bend" anything here, it is what it is. I never said Cobb will score more TDs than Adams.
  13. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Go cook some spaghetti, grandpa.
  14. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Nice, this was the response i was looking for. Glad we finally got here. 1. I mentioned that Hundley locked onto Adams in a way that Rodgers didn't. Adams' numbers with hundley are essentially meaningless in the context of this discussion. Does Rodgers have the same level of trust in Adams? Its a leap of faith to suggest that he does, since Adams has never shown he can be a number 1 receiver. All his stats so far are as a complementary WR. 2. I don't think so. The Adams i have seen drops passes and hasn't shown he can beat double coverage. It's a leap of faith to suggest that he suddenly changes. I'm sticking to the statement that he's nowhere near as reliable as jordy nelson was. 3. Touchdowns aren't as useful for predicting performance as yards or receptions. I like how people ignore the fact that he has under 5 receptions a game with Rodgers while pushing the TD stat. Saying he'll suddenly get 85+ receptions is a leap of faith. 4. Bad idea. I don't foresee GB suddenly abandoning 3 WR sets when that's what they've been doing for ages. Do you? 5. This is the only prediction that isn't a leap of faith, but to suggest Adams is an automatic beneficiary definitely is.
  15. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    You're not worried, but i definitely would be, if i was an Adams owner. Graham is a pretty big target himself. Maybe Graham will get injured? Not sure why starts is in quotes but I'm glad you learned something.
  16. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Me: 5 well explained points on why Adams isn't worth a 2nd round pick. You: "YEAH?!?!?! Well, you're STYOOOPID. And you're dumb!!! Adams will have 1100 yards....because i said so. So there." That's basically how you look right now. If they're "off-base", then tell me why. You can't have a debate if you're reacting like a kid from elementary school. I didn't call people disagreeing with me 'stupid', because i don't take it personally.
  17. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    From 2012-2014, 24 TDs in 28 starts. Not hard to look this up. I'm not sure this was entertaining as much as it was informative. joshua, i'll swear on your holy bible, that i'll be here in December to eat crow. I have been on this forum since 2009, if you haven't noticed. Don't worry, we're in this together. Adams isn't a WR1.
  18. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    I don't understand why people keep bringing up the TDs. Anyone that has played fantasy for more than 2 years will (or should) know that TDs are the most unpredictable of all the statistics. You don't count on TDs, but you can definitely count on receptions and yards. You saw Mike Evans go from 12 to 3, then 12 to 5, all in the space of 4 years. And Evans, unlike Adams, actually is a complete receiver. Could you have predicted that? Or Calvin Johnson going from 16 in 2011 to 6 in 2012? Counting TDs as an indicator of future performance is suicidal in fantasy football. Randall Cobb was Rodgers' favorite target in the red zone for about 3 years. We know what graham can do in the red zone, he practically lives there. Why is Adams considered a lock to get 10 TDs? Especially when we know he'll draw more attention from the opposing defense? And if you think Adams "isn't extremely talented", you're implicitly agreeing with my points, because that's exactly why i'd rather take "actually talented" receivers over him in the 2nd round.
  19. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    He's going ahead of AJ Green, so that's where the comparison starts. Yeah, he'll be a bust relative to his nonsensical ADP. Doesn't mean he can't be useful. I'd put him alongside guys like Diggs, Jeffrey, and Demariyus Thomas. That's a step below 2nd round WR1s.
  20. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Don't take it so personally, it makes you look really soft. I gave you 5 good reasons:
  21. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    I'll give you 5 reasons why Adams will be a bust at his 2nd round ADP: 1. He has NEVER shown he can be a number 1 receiver on his team. The last time Adams had to play a bigger role in the absence of others was back in 2015, and he struggled. Not all of that was his fault - he dealt with an annoying ankle injury and was much younger, but the question we're left asking is: does he have the game to be a number 1 receiver? He's obviously a much better player now, but this is a different level of responsibility. You know what comes with the territory - being able to beat double coverage, and having a near-telepathic connection with your QB. Not surprisingly, the number 1 receiver on Green Bay in recent years, Jordy nelson, was exactly that. Which brings us to the next point: 2. He doesn't make big plays downfield and he isn't anywhere near as reliable. This is the problem with copy pasting Jordy Nelson's numbers as an expectation: ADAMS IS NOTHING LIKE JORDY NELSON. Not even close. They're completely different players. Jordy Nelson, in his prime, was a complete receiver - he could work the sideline as well as anybody, he had exceptionally good acceleration to get behind cornerbacks, and he [almost] never dropped a single ball thrown his way. Adams is great at making contested catches, he is outstanding on short to intermediate routes; maybe runs the best slant route in the league. He is a real menace after the catch, and always fights for extra yards. All well and good as a WR2, but he lacks the other qualities to be a complete receiver. 3. Receptions, how many more? He averages under 5 catches a game with Aaron rodgers at QB. This is significant, because Rodgers, like most great QBs, doesn't need to force it to his receivers. Hundley had no timing with Jordy Nelson, so he locked on Adams a bit more. Given what we've already mentioned in the first 2 points, does Adams deserve more receptions on a weekly basis? Can he stop dropping passes? Julio, Green, and Michael Thomas are central to their offense's passing game - they can do almost anything you ask, and are complete receivers. Keenan isn't as physically gifted, but he makes up for it with his phenomenal route running. Will Adams be central to Green bay's passing game? I'm not sure. Because... 4. Green Bay's offense isn't as starved of talent as people think. No, Adams won't NEED to carry the offense. Everybody and their mother knows that Green Bay like running a 3 wide receiver set. Cobb is healthy, and we know he has a good connection with Rodgers - especially in the end zone - remember the playoff game against the Giants in 2017? The other receivers are a question-mark, but they aren't lacking talent. Geronimo Allison, unknown he may be, is in his 3rd year (!) and is actually a good player. He has the ability to make big plays downfield - as we saw in THIS game against Cincinnati last year. Moore and St. Brown are pretty decent receivers themselves. Bottom line, this cupboard isn't bare and even without mentioning Jimmy Graham - there's a fair bit of talent being unjustly ignored. And this is all assuming they get some heavy usage, which may not be likely since... 5. Green Bay actually has a run game. Rodgers won't be throwing 600 passes this year. Aaron Jones terrorized the cowboys and averaged 5.5 yards a carry, and Jamaal williams is a workhorse who can play on all 3 downs. They aren't scrubs. The packers can close out games and control clock more effectively without having to throw the ball, and it makes all the more sense with Rodgers beginning to get 'up there' in age while coming off a few injuries. You know they'll run the ball in the winter months, now that they have the personnel to do so. There you have it. I'm happy to hear from other packers fans. Adams to me, is a fake WR1 - in other words, a solid WR2 masquerading as a WR1. He's a reach in the 2nd round, and frankly, i'm not too sure i'd take him over some of the receivers available in the 3rd round either. But that's a different discussion.
  22. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Sure. How many is he gonna score? 20? He'll need to. Julio gets 1400 yards every year. He's also the most physically talented WR we've seen in recent times, 2nd only to Calvin Johnson. What leads you to believe he'll outscore AJ Green, julio jones or Keenan Allen? Or even Thomas, who happens to be a target hog and reliable chain-mover for Drew Brees.
  23. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    I seriously question the knowledge of anyone that picks Adams over Julio, Thomas, Green or Keenan allen. He has done NOTHING to show that he belongs in that category of players. In the 2nd round, he's an easy DND for me. In fact, if i had to guess who'd be the biggest bust of the 2nd round - there's always a few - i'd put all my money on him. Good luck to any chump dumb enough to draft him that high.
  24. 2017 Rotoworld Forum Experts Money League

    Obviously people are a bit pissed off at the moment. I'd urge everyone involved to get a good night's sleep and then talk to each other tomorrow. I'd hope this group stays together, we've played in this league for 2 years now. Good leagues and good owners are really hard to find.