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  1. Why wasnt Rams defense on CBS credited with that last TD
  2. 1 point ppr Shuffling between the 3 I need 1 Aaron Jones , Devonta Freeman, Chris Thompson
  3. Someone just picked up David Moore So available Are Ross,Samuel,and maybe Mike williams
  4. How's anyone feeling about him this week? Long over due for a big TD? Or another Dud
  5. I have tyreek hill on bye 1 ppr league,bonus long TdS Currently have Desaun Jackson in my WR 3 slot On waiver is David Moore -Seattle Samuel - Carolina So far hoping this is week Desaun bust one
  6. Tough choices But I would go brown,he has the most upside
  7. I like the deal Losing hill is tough,but I like woods alot especially since Kupp is done
  8. Bonus for long TDs Brady on bye. Was only able to grab Dak and Eli of Ww
  9. He has looked better But I think his biggest problem is the terrible play calling
  10. Always have to worry about the play calling Manning looked terrible as usual,until they opened up the offense and let him start throwing the ball down the field