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  1. Trade Advice Needed WHIR

    I would stay put. Trading Adams and Cook really weakens your WR corps. Getting Cook back is essentially getting a RB upgrade for free. I would keep what you have and try to grab Murray as Cook insurance.
  2. Trade Deadline Upcoming

    So try to upgrade 2 players that I probably wont put in my starting lineup?
  3. Give Cooks, Get Phil Lindsay? w h i r

    I would. It’s a solid trade for both teams.
  4. Trade Deadline Upcoming

  5. Am I Nuts?

    I do think he’s safer than Fitz. One bad half and he could get yanked again for Winston
  6. Team Help 100% Whir

    I’d do option 2 if you can. A little help?
  7. Trade for T Hill or K Allen?? whir

    I’d take the Hill deal and grab Davis. A little help?
  8. Make these moves or stand pat? WHIR 1000%!!!

    I would take any of those if they were offered to you. But I would take the OBJ/Kelce one first. A little help?
  9. Ingram for Diggs

    I would take Diggs. Ingram seems to have taken a backseat to Kamara. A little help?
  10. Am I Nuts?

    I would try for another QB. I like Brees but as an earlier post said, he hasn’t put up the numbers as in years past. Is there a team that is weak at RB you could target?
  11. Olsen tonight or Kittle Monday?

    I would go with Olsen as well. A little help?
  12. Start Aaron Jones or Marlon Mack .5 PPR

    I would go with Mack. I think his role in the offense is more certain than Jones. A little help?
  13. Trade Deadline Upcoming

    I’m currently sitting at 5-4 in my 10 team non keeper. Our trade deadline is Saturday. Do I need to make any moves or does my team look like it could win my league? If I need to make a move, what should I do? 10 Team Non-Keeper 0.5 PPR QB-Aaron Rodgers RB-Ezekiel Elliott, Saquan Barkley WR-Stefon Diggs, Tyler Boyd, Josh Gordon TE-OJ Howard FL-Marlon Mack K-Harrison Butker D-Streaming Bench-Doug Martin, Duke Johnson, Josh Adams, Marvin Jones, Courtland Sutton, Trey Burton
  14. Pick A Side

    Which side for ROS in a 0.5 PPR? Juju Smith Schuster/Sony Michel or Josh Gordon/Marlon Mack
  15. Marshall worked out for Detroit today.