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  1. ROS bench player who would you rather have? WHIR

    Teoscar Andujar Villenueva
  2. Free Agent Help

  3. Blockbuster Trade! Thoughts? WHIR

    I’d much rather have the Harper side.
  4. Help with open roster spot.... (WHIR!)

    I would drop Hamilton for Snell. I’ve think Snell could have a big year. Thanks for your help with mine
  5. Which side wins?

  6. I would make that trade as well.
  7. 10 Team League.. Scoring is HR, RBI, AVG, OPS, SB, Runs Ryan Zimmerman Carlos Santana Miguel Cabrera Justin Smoak Yonder Alonso
  8. Trade for Bumgarner?

    I would also try Wood first. Thanks for the help with mine.
  9. Grandal vs Zunino

    When Mike Zunino went on the DL, I grabbed Yasmani Grandal off the wire to take his spot. Now that Zunino is off the DL, i don’t want to carry 2 catchers. So, who gets the drop. 10 team league Runs, AVG, HR, RBI, SB, OPS
  10. Pick One for Season

    In a 10 team league..who would you pick to carry for the rest of the season? Michael Conforto Jose Martinez Scoring Categories are Runs, AVG, HR’s, RBI’s, SB’s, OPS I also have Mookie Betts, Byron Buxton, Marcell Ozuna as my OF’s
  11. Which FA bat or P??

    Do the opposite of this
  12. Trout offer

    I would take that. You are getting the best player in the trade. And if you don’t need Schoop, you can try to move him to get an OF to offset some of what you lost with Judge or Marte
  13. Harper/Ohtani for Cespedes/Verlander

    I’d make that trade
  14. New to baseball, got an offer

    Without knowing your whole roster, I would be tempted to do Goldschmidt/Porcello for Ramirez/Kuechel. But that’s not knowing your complete roster because I’m going off of you can move Hosmer to fist and you have a weak pitching staff
  15. New to baseball, got an offer

    I can’t see your roster. Who else do you have to play 1st base? Where would you play Ramirez? Who is occupying that spot currently?