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  1. Pick 2....WHIR

  2. Pick 2....WHIR

    In a 0.5 PPR League, need to pick 1 RB and one flex. Who gets the call? Mike Davis Chris Ivory Jamaal Williams Mike Evans
  3. Who Would You Rather Have ROS?

    I’d say Cam because I can see him running a little more, but honestly it’s a toss up. A little help?
  4. Big Name Trade!! WHIR **

    I’d pass. I’d aim higher than Brees. A little help?
  5. I agree with this. A little help?
  6. .5ppr bye week help

    I’d roll with Woods A little help?
  7. Start Watkins, Kupp, Anderson? WHIR

    Anderson, then Kupp. A little help?
  8. Waiver priority - Juju or Doyle?

    I’d say Doyle since you need help this week. A little help?
  9. Yeah I’d say this is a pretty simple yes. A little help?
  10. Mixon for a WR

    Looking to move Joe Mixon for a WR. I currently have Mike Evans, Stefon Diggs, Keenan Allen and Robbie Anderson. We start 3 and well, 2 of them are on a bye week. I have the Dallas trio, Fournette, Aaron Jones and Mixon at RB. In a 0.5 PPR, who are some receivers to target in a straight up trade?
  11. Best defense to stream for week 9?

    It would probably help to know what team defenses are available
  12. Trade Zeke? WHIR

    Not getting suspended eh?
  13. Pick 2 QB’s

    Pick 2 for the rest of the season. 1pt for 20 yds passing, 4 pts for a passing TD Jameis Winston Philip Rivers Marcus Mariota
  14. Trade one Headache for another

  15. Trade one Headache for another