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  1. Carr vs Rodgers vs Allen?

  2. Carr vs Rodgers vs Allen?

    Who gets the start at QB? Aaron Rodgers or pick up Josh Allen or Derek Carr Standard QB scoring
  3. Trade Advice Needed WHIR

    I would stay put. Trading Adams and Cook really weakens your WR corps. Getting Cook back is essentially getting a RB upgrade for free. I would keep what you have and try to grab Murray as Cook insurance.
  4. Trade Deadline Upcoming

    So try to upgrade 2 players that I probably wont put in my starting lineup?
  5. Give Cooks, Get Phil Lindsay? w h i r

    I would. It’s a solid trade for both teams.
  6. Trade Deadline Upcoming

  7. Am I Nuts?

    I do think he’s safer than Fitz. One bad half and he could get yanked again for Winston
  8. Team Help 100% Whir

    I’d do option 2 if you can. A little help?
  9. Trade for T Hill or K Allen?? whir

    I’d take the Hill deal and grab Davis. A little help?
  10. Make these moves or stand pat? WHIR 1000%!!!

    I would take any of those if they were offered to you. But I would take the OBJ/Kelce one first. A little help?
  11. Ingram for Diggs

    I would take Diggs. Ingram seems to have taken a backseat to Kamara. A little help?
  12. Am I Nuts?

    I would try for another QB. I like Brees but as an earlier post said, he hasn’t put up the numbers as in years past. Is there a team that is weak at RB you could target?
  13. Olsen tonight or Kittle Monday?

    I would go with Olsen as well. A little help?
  14. Start Aaron Jones or Marlon Mack .5 PPR

    I would go with Mack. I think his role in the offense is more certain than Jones. A little help?
  15. Trade Deadline Upcoming

    I’m currently sitting at 5-4 in my 10 team non keeper. Our trade deadline is Saturday. Do I need to make any moves or does my team look like it could win my league? If I need to make a move, what should I do? 10 Team Non-Keeper 0.5 PPR QB-Aaron Rodgers RB-Ezekiel Elliott, Saquan Barkley WR-Stefon Diggs, Tyler Boyd, Josh Gordon TE-OJ Howard FL-Marlon Mack K-Harrison Butker D-Streaming Bench-Doug Martin, Duke Johnson, Josh Adams, Marvin Jones, Courtland Sutton, Trey Burton