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  1. I'd agree with the other posts in the comment. Thanks for your help with mine
  2. If you can get Rendon or Turner I'd jump on that now.
  3. Keep what you have. If you have a weak offense, I wouldn't trade your best offensive player for pitching.
  4. No keepers, 12 team.
  5. Verlander. He's got a track record of strong 2nd halves.
  6. We are 6x6. HR's, RBI's, Avg, SB's, Runs, OPS, Quality Starts, ERA, K's, WHIP, Saves, Holds are the stat categories we use
  7. It's hard to say if he's take it but it's not a bad offer at all. Would the players you are giving up be a substantial upgrade to what he has at those positions now?
  8. I'd say Renfroe at this point. CarGo hasn't shown much at all and we're almost to August.
  9. A guy in my league has been constantly asking for Aaron Judge. Our trade deadline is coming up soon so I figured I'd give him a shot. He's said he give me 2 of his players for him. I'm pretty solid in most areas but starting pitching and relievers. This is the best of his roster Cody Bellinger JD Martinez Craig Kimbrel Jon Lester Justin Verlander I have Kershaw, DeGrom, Wood, Clevinger, Quintana, and Cahill as SP's and have Herrera, Wade Davis, Andrew Miller, David Robertson, Jacob Barnes and Juan Nicasio as RP (we count holds in this league). Does he have anything worth Judge?
  10. Bump
  11. Thomas and Alshon. Jeffrey should be productive just due to the amount of looks he'll get from Cutler A little help?
  12. Moncrief and Brown.
  13. Jones and Gio. But if Cobb can't go I'd easily move either out for Adams. A little help
  14. I really don't see a match unless Ware is involved. A little help?
  15. Bump