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  1. I'd go with Royce here. Dion looks good but the Texans are stingy against the run and against RB catches out of the backfield. DT might not be needed much in a game that Denver should control and Sanders soaking targets. I think Freeman gets some run in this one and Denver controls the clock. If you watched the Den/Sea game Freeman looked really good, consistently dragging defenders into the second level and bulldozing for extra yards.
  2. Agree with Beasley and Amendola for the first team. Second team is a bit closer but I'd roll with Woods, Goff almost hit him for a few big gains last game.
  3. I'd do it. You're getting the best player in the trade and it gives you 3 blue chip players (MT, Gordon, Allen).
  4. I'd take White at Jax even if Burkhead and Michel both play. With Cobb you are betting on the big play against probably the strongest defense in the league, which happened to knock our Rodgers last year. Cooks looked great last week but figures to see a lot of Patrick Peterson this week and Good poves to spread the ball around. Again you're betting on the big play. White is going to see a ton of checkdowns this game, it's the same script the Pats used to beat the Jags last year. If you're projected way below your opponent maybe go Cooks/Cobb for the potential big play upside but the far safer pick is White.
  5. Thanks for your help. I would definitely run AP. As he showed us last year he can have some big games early in the season and Washington's OLine is a strength. The Colts are devoid of talent on defense and starting two rookie LBs. I think Peterson goes off for at least high end RB2 numbers. Second choice I'm taking Lewis. He has proven he is a much better option than Henry and whether it's Mariota or Gabbert he is sure to see a ton of checkdowns in this game. Dede is interesting but the volume isn't there and Pat's CBs are a strength. Godwin is off the radar with DJax healthy.
  6. 10 Team standard scoring. Need to decide on my flex between M. Lynch, C. Davis, R. Burkhead, Q. Enunwa, A. Morris, G. Kittle. Starting lineup is: QB: P. Rivers RB1: E. Elliott RB2: R. Freeman WR1: K. Allen WR2: J. Smith-Shuster TE: R. Gronkowski K: C. Boswell IDP1: C. Mosley IDP2: M. Jack IDP3: T. Edmunds (BUF)
  7. I have both Hogan and Davis on my squad also. I want nothing to do with Hogan this week. Jags D is no joke and even after losing their slot CB it's the best unit in the league. Gronk and White are the only Pats I would trust this week. Stills is a decent option but I kind of like Davis given the volume he is going to see.
  8. Allen is the best player in this trade so I think you are winning it. I like Lewis a lot this year but that offense has been so bad and there is always the threat of Hentry vulturing his TDs. I would probably accept the trade as you've then got 2 blue chip players (DJ and Keenan).
  9. I'd role with Cooper. JAX defense is no joke I just don't see any opportunity there. Cooper was called out by his coach (as was his QB for not targeting Cooper as much). I'm riding with Cooper this week if I'm you.
  10. 10 team, standard scoring league. I start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (no qb), 1 K, 3 IDP. I am streaming IDP and kickers and I need to drop 2 players to pick up my third IDP and kicker for week 2. Who would you drop out of the following: QB: Wilson, Rivers RB: Elliott, Lynch, R. Freeman, Burkhead, Morris WR: Allen, Smith-Shuster, C. Davis, Hogan, Goodwin, Enunwa TE: Gronkowski, Kittle K: FA IDP: Mosley, Jack, FA
  11. I'd take Dorsett (coming from a Hogan owner). He looked sharp last week and McDaniel moved him all over the field. Has 1st round pedigree and opportunity for lots of snaps. I like Allison too but I feel like that game was pretty flukey and Dorsett offers higher upside.
  12. Have to keep Brown and protect your #1 overall pick. Next I'd take Ware, Reid loves him and in a good offense. CJ next but that line is hurting and Cam loves to vulture TDs. Rod Smith is good but Cowboys offense is a dumpster fire. Edmonds in a terrible offense also and not that talented. Blue is just a placeholder for Foreman behind literally the worst line in football.
  13. Tough call. Gates is a proven TD hog but Rivers has a lot of weapons this year and Williams looks like the red zone target of choice. Dissly barely even got a majority of the snaps at TE but the players and coaches have been talking him up since the draft. I think I'd gamble on the unknown Drissly over the known TD dependant Gates. But don't go thinking he will get 100 and a TD every game. Would prefer Jonuu Smith or Ben Watson over either if available.
  14. Huge huge huge win brother. Johnson owner panicked after 1 week and you got one of the most talented players in the league and the best kicker. Mixon will be good but you sold high after a big game against the lowly Colts. Great trade.
  15. Pick up Smith to play this week IMO. He fits Jay Grudens offense perfectly and doesn't hurt you with turnovers. I like Russel rest of the season over Ben.