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  1. 8 category roto keeper league. Please rank the following rookies for their keeper value: Mikal Bridges Mo Bamba Collin Sexton Kevin Knox Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
  2. Depends a bit on how much money you save by dropping guys and who you think will be available. Having to fill 14 spots might be a tough task if other teams are keeping more than half their roster. I would definitely keep Cauley-Stein. I would also strongly consider Hart and somewhat consider Sabonis.
  3. I'd go Turner also. I'm a sucker for a big man with awesome FT%, and while Ayton's isn't a drag, it's not a plus like Turner's.
  4. I would go with DeRozan also. He should be the best option for this year, and Markkanen and Kuzma's upside aren't enough to go with them. Plus, hopefully you'll be able to get a better 4th keeper to replace DeRozan in the next year or two.
  5. 12 teams, keep 6, roto scoring, normal 8 categories (no TOs). I'm trying to decide on my last keeper, so far I have Jokic, Lillard, Jrue Holiday, Draymond Green, Gary Harris and Ben Simmons (who I get to keep for free this year). I'm either keeping Gordon Hayward or Jarrett Allen. Who's your vote? Thanks!
  6. What round should I draft for set-up men? My league counts for holds. It's an 8 man league.