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  1. Really wish it would of come out tonight before waivers errrr
  3. Could of Swore I just saw Bell and a friend walk out of the building!
  4. Bell walking in with his Camera Crew?????
  5. I'm honestly surprised someone hasn't dressed up as Bell knowing the Live Video is going on haha. Would be funny as hell
  6. Video just showed a Black guy leave from the side of building! Probably Bell right?
  7. You see the white lady smile and say hi to him? It had to be Bell and she recognized him!
  8. Can't you just see the Raiders giving him his money? Chucky always LOVED to have a run attack and with the moves they are making I can see it happening.
  9. Bell is the best receiving RB in the NFL. I think it will be much easier to have both Bell and Conner on the field than most of you are thinking.
  10. Steelers could easily play Conner and Bell at the same time! Conner and Bell on the field at the same would be a nightmare for teams and Bell would give Ben yet another pass relieve. I think we as fans are more butt hurt than the actual players and to them its all about winning! Bell comes back and Steelers win a super bowl because they figure out a way to use both Conner and Bell! That's all that matters
  11. Thanks BaBaBooey and Crizzerr
  12. He is next to last place and all three guys would start on his team.
  13. I give Ingram, Coleman, Josh Gordon for McCaffrey.... half point ppr + Return yards, Super flex so always play two QBs. my WRs(play 2): Michael Thomas, Lockett, Gordon my RBs(play 2): Fournette, Yeldon, Collins, Bell, Coleman, Ingram thoughts? Thanks
  14. Thanks man appreciate the tips